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  1. This ought to count for something. Unfortunately, even after extensive testing, this Shuttle could not lift the 40-ton payload. However, if it squeezed in a little, it could play hide-and-go-seek within the 40-ton payload's fuel tanks. Nevertheless, this Shuttle does what is asked of it: it flies up, it flies down, and it can carry massive payloads of over a tenth of a ton in the process. Completely stock, too, so that's nice. Bagel
  2. Known because I've seen some of your "nitpicks" and they're actually surprisingly fair.
  3. Good Lord, this thread brings back memories. I feel old and hobbly now. I've never met some of the people getting to the 1k-point mark now, because I haven't been active on the Forum for a little while. But that's a good thing! It means that there's young blood coming in and making some awesome new stuff. Welcome to all the new members. As for lack-of-updates, I'll PM Endersmens and see when he's next able to run the algorithm (I can definitely type up some friendly descriptions, and I'm sure others would be happy to join too). 'Twould be nice.
  4. Whoa, I remember your old username. Back from a lurk, eh?

    1. BagelRabbit


      I've been mostly lurking for a long while. Been meaning to unlurk for almost as long, but... life happened, I suppose? 

    2. monstah


      What was your previous avatar? I remember the name but not it. Something blue?

    3. BagelRabbit


      Yep, it was a picture of a rocket I launched. Apparently it was saved on another computer and I can't find it. There's a video of one of its launches here though: 



  5. Hey Badie? I know there's an unofficial weekly challenge on Reddit every week whose winner gets a firm handshake and a spot o' gold. Perhaps it would be worth connecting this series of challenges to the Reddit series somehow? I agree that more rules may be needed in the future. However, all of the statements you've made have been accusatory in nature (and directly in opposition to the Challenge Submission Guide). It seems like you really dislike the concept of weekly challenges and you're trying to figure out a way to justify it. This doesn't seem like a good approach to things. Again drawing off of Reddit: they generally give a brief but complete set of rules. This would probably be a good thing to do in the future, although the current challenge is still easily understandable and I don't think anyone has really "cheated" yet. Finally, from what I read, this is a very informal challenge which has no single winner and no prize given. The real objective of the challenge seems to be building community and showcasing good work. And if this is the objective of the challenge, you're already failing. Bagel
  6. As a KSPTV streamer and someone who sorta jumped on the livestream event at the last minute: Things may take awhile to arrive, and they may turn up after KriSPmas -- er, Christmas -- is over. Nevertheless, if one of KSP's official accounts has received your address, it should only be a matter of time before you have a plushy of your very own. I... think the packages may not have been sent until the KriSPmas event concluded, which potentially pushed things back a few days? That's my best guess as to why it isn't coming as soon as you'd think. That being said, if the Kerbal plush hasn't come by New Years' Day, PM me personally or reach out to SQUAD again. We'll get something worked out. Bagel
  7. KSP isn't a game about explosions, but if it didn't have explosions, many beginning players would see no reason to continue. That's the long and short of it IMO. Congrats to the KSP team for the award nomination!
  8. Hi! I'm in a KSP Weekly, which is pretty cool. I'm really looking forward to the improved collider mechanics, and I'm glad SQUAD's taking the time to address them! Also, congrats to the Hallogreen winners, y'all definitely deserved it -Bagel
  9. Hello, This name change has been needed for a long, long time. I've always decided against it for some reason... but now that I've stepped up a rung on the KSP ladder, I feel this is necessary. I wish for my name to be changed to "BagelRabbit." Thanks! -Bagel
  10. Hello everyone! I'm UpsilonAerospace, and I'm back on the Forums. At last. It's been months since I put out a substantive post. Perhaps, in the back of your minds, some of you were wondering where I went. A tl;dr version reads as follows: Went to other college; was pressed for time; didn't have the opportunity to post often; gradually drifted away. Many old friends are still here, and there are a some great new people I'd love to get acquainted with. I may not be the most active poster but I'll try to show off some crafts, artworks, and the like. It's good to be here! Upsilon
  11. I'm live and am annoying all of the people in stream, who want to see me streaming instead of typing. Hopefully they won't revolt.
  12. Hello, all! I’m Upsilon, but I go by BagelRabbit on YouTube and Twitch. And I’m in a bit of a quandary. I started streaming several months ago to show off the creation of some of my more ridiculous builds. Creating things like VTOL chickens, dragons with falcons strapped to the back, or flying goats? It’s all in a day’s work. I’ve had a lot of fun on Twitch, and some people even like my streams! People like TheReadPanda, DasValdez, and MatoroIgnika seem to think I’m pretty cool… which is nice, I guess? Recently, I scored a discount on a ticket to TwitchCon. However, I’ll still need to pay some money for the convention pass. And for plane tickets. And hotel rooms. And food. And… well, you get the point. I’m a poor college student who cannot currently earn the funds required. That’s where you come in! PRESENTING: ~~~ To raise funds, I’m going on a 12-plus-hour streaming extravaganza. There will be music and dance(?), jokes about bread, craft that look exquisite but barely function, and all manners of frivolities! Some other streamers may make cameo appearances. Best of all, there will be giveaways. Are you ready for this? Of course you are. The Goal: $270 The Time: 2am-2pm EDT TOMORROW, 9/3/2016 If you want to come and donate, I will send you thank-you cards made of paper for each donation! If you want to come and enjoy yourself, it’s going to be a fun ride. If you want to blankly stare at a wall for twelve hours and miss out on the stream, I won’t complain. I will feel bad for you though. Join me by clicking the link below! ==> twitch.tv/bagelrabbit <== Let’s do this.
  13. Space-based telescopes have several flaws: their smaller size; their difficulty to fix; their inability to have various astronomical instruments added or subtracted as they become available, broken, or outdated; and their greater cost relative to Earth-based observatories. In visible wavelengths, adaptive optics have progressed well enough that many large observatories have better clarity than the HST. The Keck, pretty much all of the observatories at Cerro Paranal, and many other large telescopes are currently seeing better, and doing far more research, than Hubble. The analogy PB666 made breaks down when you consider that adaptive optics were envisioned before the Hubble was launched, surpassed the Hubble within a few years, and are now used widely for scientific research. The Hubble has been relegated to taking pretty pictures and working with frequencies not easily visible on Earth. The JWST will do the same. Telescopes that take in light our atmosphere blocks (UV, X-ray, gamma-ray, IR, microwave) definitely have their place in space. Telescopes that take in visible or radio wavelengths, however, are far better suited to Earth. This is why another large visible-light space telescope will almost certainly never happen. As for SLS/Orion: I really, honestly don't care how long it takes. As long as it isn't cancelled, I'll be pleased. Depending on what happens in politics/allocation of resources within NASA though, I'm not sure that's going to happen. (I won't go into politics except to say that it occasionally prevents some decent ideas from happening.) -Upsilon
  14. I will first note that being angry towards groups of people will inherently make them less likely to consider your ideas, no matter how valid your ideas actually are. That being said, I very much doubt the validity of most of your points. Point #1: Suppose you were a kid (which you're not) at one of those really garish arcades. Your mother needs to convert some money into tokens for you and your brother to use on the games. She goes up to one of the token converter machines and drops in a dollar (or whatever currency you use). Your brother scoops up the tokens and runs off. She puts in another dollar... and this one sticks. Your mother tries for several minutes to get the bill unstuck, and you finally get the tokens you wanted. You can either wait patiently for your tokens, or you can throw a temper tantrum. You are choosing the latter. Even if the machine (Sony) is known to occasionally be sticky, it's not really your mother's (SQUAD/Flying Tiger's) fault if something gets clogged up. And trying to ask for a discount is silly. Points #2 and #3: I am almost positive, based on your post, that you know more than I do about porting things to game consoles. I am absolutely positive that Flying Tiger knows more than you do about these sorts of ports. This is not because you aren't good at this sort of thing (though you may not be; I have zero knowledge of your experience or lack thereof). Rather, it is because Flying Tiger has made a job out of porting things since the days of the Game Boy and the original PlayStation. Should camera inversion be a thing? Definitely! But pretty much everything else you say is questionable at best, due to a nice ol' application of Occam's Razor. Frankly, I don't find it believable that Flying Tiger had the opportunity to easily add a number of features, and then didn't because "they didn't want to." You seem inclined to believe that the company circumvented some easy systems by replacing them with difficult ones. I find it much more believable that something prevented them from taking the easy way out. (I don't know what that something would be, but I've found that simple solutions occasionally cause things to break in complex ways.) Keep in mind, too, that the console versions are still a work in progress. I have no doubt that some features will be improved upon. I was amused by the end of your post. You first stated that you don't really want to play the game if it's this buggy (if so, then why are you making such a big fuss about release dates and getting it now? These things may well be worked out later.) Then you insultingly accuse Flying Tiger and SQUAD of ineptitude and then promptly say that they don't listen to their fanbase. IMO, SQUAD is doing a pretty good job of listening to their fanbase because the majority of it is more polite and courteous than you. Thus ends my small rant. I apologize in advance for any irritation I was showing. -Upsilon
  15. I believe this fits most of the challenge submission guidelines...? I can definitely fly a mission where all of the bits survive intact; it may just take a few attempts. -Upsilon
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