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  1. Unity has some basic refraction support if you know how to. I do not. So here's a link to an existing shader. [URL="http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=Refraction"]http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=Refraction[/URL]
  2. suggestion! perhaps we could find a way to check the frequency of tweets involving KSP (I dont use twitter, so dont ask me.) and every time a tweet is made, you get some more fuel/ engines become more powerful/BOTH!!!/ETC.
  3. I have my "inch forward' bound to one, it needs to break the back gears, and then push the torso forward. it works, its just damn annoying, also, it explodes if you mess up at speed, so there's that too.
  4. I know, I am just trying to make a caterpillar drive with IR, and I cant grip the ground because the gear toggles, rather than pulsing on and off as they are needed
  5. I mean, when you bind landing gear brakes to action group one, it toggles, rather than braking, and releasing (unbreaking?) when I let go of said key.
  6. my god, I think I just [redacted],lemme get the tissues aside, this look BEAUTIFUL
  7. can planets affect each other? because if so, vall will be ejected from orbit in a few days-one week (what is vall's orbital period?) - - - Updated - - - can planets affect each other? because if so, vall will be ejected from orbit in a few days-one week (what is vall's orbital period?)
  8. something here.. irritates me, the edges aren't "straight" they look like they were cut out in paint by hand and pasted over... explain? also BahamutoD's Drills drills, that is important, did you even ask?
  9. is this basically better than starting manned: not flowerchild edition? not trying to be rude, just asking
  10. could I ask if you could add hotrockets modules to the jet engines? for those who wish to use said mod
  11. correction, drag the gamedata folder to your ksp root directory, if it asks if you want to replace anything, press yes
  12. drag the MP_nazari folder into your gamedata folder
  13. I think I broked it http://imgur.com/a/BNp4t config paste http://pastebin.com/AjRTm8R6
  14. how would one implement smoke collision, and if it is as complex as it sounds, is it possible to only make it collide with the planets?
  15. can the hue of a part be edited while in flight? I was wondering because in westpoint bridge builder, the struts change from red to blue based on contractive forces, and I was curious if the same effect can be achieved in ksp.
  16. do these particles collide with meshes? because I like the idea of tooons of smoke billowing out onto the launch pad during my lifter stage
  17. is it possible to make the cable "wrap" around objects? like tying a rope to a rock and swinging it around a pole?
  18. may I make a suggestion? an option for a sort of paint scratching?, like sort of a wear and tear effect, preferably a layer on the paint? EXAMPLE (not exactly like this, doesnt have to be around the edges, but you see what I mean)
  19. the current bottleneck is the models, the rest is done, I am the modeller, but, shadow wont send me any damned concept ar... no... sketches so I cannot do crap, I am not a very creative person
  20. motion blur as a (default off) config option would be neat
  21. I was wondering, why does the water launch system put me over the water, then teleports my plane to the runway and krackens it?
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