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  1. if it is working for 1.1 thane the titel should be changed from [1.02] KW Rocketry v2.7 to [1.1] KW Rocketry v2.7 it is really annoying that many mods witch are working for a specific KSP version have outdated titles
  2. That "reload all" is exactly what I want it avoid is there a way to only reload a specific folder? (cause some mods don't like to be reloaded) thanks
  3. Well i have a very old / longtime played game running so unistall some mods is not possible ... just site here and wait for Faarks return from deep space - - - Updated - - - That's not enough for high moded installs also LOD with DTX would be even more epic .. means to add moooorr mods
  4. pls update cant play my game anymore without LOD
  5. that's normal and has nothing to do with LOD you need 6 GHZ CPU to play a 300 Part ship with out getting a yellow timer Note: if you use more Mods (Plugins) the performance of KSP goes down and down and down. That's what Time Control do is slows down time to keep FPS
  6. well deleted Partcatalog and converted all tgas to png, runs very good now even in VAB and converting also saved 400 mb GameData folder size from ~1.8 gb to ~1.4 gb
  7. well i have no crash reports to send... but what is about V2.3?
  8. you can also rename your ksp folder and reinstall it from steam .. so you can play diffrent versions (moded or unmoded) just launch the game from the KSP.exe in the folder(s)
  9. I,m at 1080 textures and if I don't scroll to fast and much, and wait till a texturs are loade befor scrolling to another page in VAB I can play stabel moste time, but I hit saveship bouttom now much more.... In-flight I haven't any problem noticed.
  10. ok playinge KSP with 32 bit system is very bad ... you have to buy a new PC
  11. Is there not a way to add a skybox without texturreplacer or another plugin just by replacing a file in the datafolder or something like that?
  12. Yes so be it meanwhile I have found a solution for the VAB problem (8GB or more System RAM recommended) -just copy your KSP folder -delete LOD in the copy -install ATM to the copy -open both savgame folders in background -start both installations (two ksp instances 8 gb systemram recommended) don't forget to turn of "simulat in background" in the KSP settings or the minimized instance will use CPU power -build ships in the ATM version save them -tab to desktop and copy saves from ATM KSP folder to LOD KSP folder -launch and play in the LDO instance...... Profit from beautiful HD textures
  13. ... But another question how is LOD compatible with ATM? Because as many I understand ATM generates it's own texture's and don't changes the original files, so does LOD detect ATM and loads it's files or does it just bypass ATM and loads the original files?
  14. The problem with ATM is that I have much mods and I have to use so hard comprising that my KSP looks really ugly and it reduces the fun of playing and even with ATM Im reaching the Ram limit soon if I don't want even more ugliness, don't get my wrong ATM is a great tool but I think LOD has the potential to be the better solution in future, I don't know maybe rbray89 will join the development of LOD He knows a lot about texture's and his Visual Mod looks great uncompressed . Also I'm now thinking about (since LOD is out) installing HD texture's for everything possible with LOD it could be work in the near future hopefully...... and by the way I noticed performance boost with LOD compeering it with ATM, the whole game runs smother, when in VAB or flying (after main texture loading is finished)
  15. I think it is clear that the changinge size of the texturs while you stretch a part could caus some troubel..... but for real i think this is detail work for later you should concentrate on the basic functionality first
  16. I only installed it and run taskmanger on my second monitor and noticed that with out it ksp usualy crashes at reachning ~3,3 gb and with the patch it crashes around ~3,7 gb Edit: a virus was not found, also I have found this tool some time ago someweher in the KSP forum or a other offical ksp related forum
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