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  1. I fly IVA... I even made a custom IVA for the MK3 pod...
  2. You can use docking ports on structure that needs to close a loop in the tree branch... in the editor it will remain disconnected, but it will load docked and form a strong connection. Just don't abuse it too much because a large number of same-vessel docking can trigger that bug where docking ports are unable to undock.
  3. TTS? not a good idea... We will type "plant the flag" and kerbals will probably say "Hanna banana!"
  4. Multiplayer can be more like a co-op mode with a limited number of players. The host can be the one with timewarp privileges. And the possibility for multiple players managing the same craft, so one player can be the pilot and others can manage fuel/science or navigation (maneuver nodes, map view info, etc). and I'm sure the most fun part will be each player controlling a kerbal in EVA...
  5. procedural tanks wih fixed radius, with the option to set length, fuel type and texture. And multiplayer. And robotic parts...
  6. banido... pq vc não fala mais nada do jogo q vc tava fazendo.. ಠ__ಠ
  7. I don't think so... Krakentech™ gained a lot of attention recently... It's a completely new way to play KSP. A new pack of parts specific created to be used for Krakentech™ and, if possible, some tweaks on the physics simulation to make those contraptions work a bit more smooth, will give KSP a new life... Krakentech could probably be the next DLC theme...
  8. Your flapping blades technic is the best one I know to make helicopter rotors... Specially when used in conjunction with kOS. Even Infernal Robotics have problems to make this work right.
  9. It landed in one piece... Val was the test pilot that day...
  10. I was collecting telemetry data to improve my helicopter cyclic script... I flew for too long... I had to autorotate the thing in the end... xD https://github.com/luizopiloto/kOS-Scripts/blob/master/turbo/Hue-H7K_Lynx_20180509.csv
  11. I removed all the reactionwheels from the K variant, reinforced the rotor and added a jRCS (Juno Reaction Control System) for Yaw control... This will prove the thing can fly w/o SAS help... Also, I improved the script with @Aphobius help... It's way more smooth and maneuverable now if you use it in conjunction with the Module Manager config on the previous post.
  12. I simply substitute the part by a stock structural girder or some other dummy part... The only problem is if the part to be replaced have multiple nodes and parts attached to it... I never had to deal with this kind of problem, but I think it's possible to change it from node to radial attachment.
  13. Or you can use this module manager cfg: @PART[airlinerCtrlSrf]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleControlSurface] { @actuatorSpeed = 250 } } Now the thing moves 10x faster...
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