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  1. banido... pq vc não fala mais nada do jogo q vc tava fazendo.. ಠ__ಠ
  2. I don't think so... Krakentech™ gained a lot of attention recently... It's a completely new way to play KSP. A new pack of parts specific created to be used for Krakentech™ and, if possible, some tweaks on the physics simulation to make those contraptions work a bit more smooth, will give KSP a new life... Krakentech could probably be the next DLC theme...
  3. Your flapping blades technic is the best one I know to make helicopter rotors... Specially when used in conjunction with kOS. Even Infernal Robotics have problems to make this work right.
  4. It landed in one piece... Val was the test pilot that day...
  5. I was collecting telemetry data to improve my helicopter cyclic script... I flew for too long... I had to autorotate the thing in the end... xD
  6. I removed all the reactionwheels from the K variant, reinforced the rotor and added a jRCS (Juno Reaction Control System) for Yaw control... This will prove the thing can fly w/o SAS help... Also, I improved the script with @Aphobius help... It's way more smooth and maneuverable now if you use it in conjunction with the Module Manager config on the previous post.
  7. I simply substitute the part by a stock structural girder or some other dummy part... The only problem is if the part to be replaced have multiple nodes and parts attached to it... I never had to deal with this kind of problem, but I think it's possible to change it from node to radial attachment.
  8. Or you can use this module manager cfg: @PART[airlinerCtrlSrf]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleControlSurface] { @actuatorSpeed = 250 } } Now the thing moves 10x faster...
  9. Yes... A bit slow, because the control surfaces can not move fast enough to give the force needed to maneuver like a combat helicopter... That's why AG3 toggles all the reaction wheels... to test if the cyclic is really doing something...
  10. No, RUDs are totally random... can probably be caused by a bug, because sometimes the blades hit the cargo ramp w/o visually getting close to it... Yarg had this problem with one of his designs and almost freaked out... It's not called Krakentech for any reason...
  11. Flapping blades reduce the gyroscopic precession and the blade stall when moving forward. If you watch close you can see the rotor tilting to the sides to compensate those forces, and makes the craft more maneuverable because the main craft is not completely tied to the rotor. Also, to minimize the roll when moving fast forward, try reduce the blades authority... The forward speed will give you the extra lift you need to fly. Unfortunately, the longer blades in this design is more susceptible to this problem... The original flapping blades design was a really good tech demo: unfortunately, the original creator removed it from kerbalx...
  12. This one have 2 variants Stock: kOS: kOS variant uses a set of scripts to enable full cyclic controls, enabling the helicopter to be way more responsive/maneuverable.
  13. Something I always wanted was a way to enable crafts with missing parts to load by removing those parts from the craft file. Is it possible? I was able to do it manually before, but an automated way can be very handy...
  14. em homenagem póstuma ao q um dia foi um subforum vivo e saudável... banido...