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  1. Here's my F-4B Phantom II stock replica, enjoy! McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II Parts (w/Drop Tanks):178 Weight: 31.25t Length: 14.9m Top Speed (asl): 330m/s my other american aircraft As a side note, I’d highly recommend you only drop the tanks when not exerting any G’s on the craft, since the landing gear on the drop tanks are autostrut-locked to the rest of the plane, it appears to screw up the wing part positioning and somewhat ruins the aerodynamics.
  2. Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II STOVL Parts: 254 Length: 12.4 Weight: 26.5t Download _____________________________________________________________________________________________ To take off vertically: -Set throttle to 75-90% -Press AG2 and AG3 to set the plane into STOVL mode -Press AG4 to engage the Lift-fan turbines -Stage to start the Jet engine my other american aircraft
  3. Yes, but since using thrust exhaust diversion ports on the wings for roll stabilization is not possible, certain control axes are assisted with reaction wheels. The main issue I encountered was the difference in engine spool-up time between the rotors and jet engines, but I think I've gotten it to be as clean as I can. Edit: I'm gonna try to do this so no reaction wheels are used
  4. WIP F-35B VTOL it was very tricky trying balance the jet-lift fan engines settings for VTOL, but it actually hovers pretty nicely. Just have to make it prettier now...
  5. This craft is beautiful, how long did you spend on it?
  6. very impressive what kind of fps did you get taking that screenshot with all of the airliners?
  7. @katateochi I'm having a slight problem with thumbnails... every thumbnail without an actual craft visible is mine Here's what it looks like from another user:
  8. Bell AH-1Z Helicopter Made with stock and breaking ground dlc parts Parts: 235 Length: 14.3m (with rotors) Weight: 17.99t Top Speed: ~45m/s AH-1Z on KerbalX ________________________________________________________________________
  9. Model has been updated to more closely resemble the Mi-24. Fuselage and tail shortened, wings extended, rotors extended, etc.