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  1. DLC is for some small parts, like the pod beneath the air intake and the attachment rails under the wings. Just gotta get creative with the small pieces, and use other parts in unconventional ways. I try not to get too crazy so the craft is actually fun to use, but some specific models I like to spend more effort on :)
  2. MiG-29 is in there, haven't built anything new in a bit but I've been considering a MiG-25 for some time
  3. One of my favorite aircraft the Dassault Rafale ‘M’ variant with basic markings from aircraft ‘15’ c/n 31, under French Flottille 12F Les Lascars Flags necessary for canards and other decals: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t2etdiusj9ngm2g/AACtC4Gn2gLOW5tKb1-6VY2Pa?dl=0 The flight performance of this Rafale was designed to be slightly slower acceleration, top speed, and less agility vs the Eurofighter Typhoon, but has a slightly better AoA authority. Includes minor details for SPECTRA integrated defensive aids. More about Flottille 12F from Wiki: Flottille 12F is a combat unit of the French Naval Aeronautics created on August 1, 1948. Its primary mission is hunting / interception. Still active, it is the first air unit in the world to have been equipped with Dassault Rafale, today numbering 14 in line. The 12F flotilla and its sister flotilla 11F , also operational on Rafale, are the only naval air units in the world to implement a nuclear attack capability as part of the Force Aéronavale Nucléaire (FANu) component of the French nuclear forces. Suresnes has been the sponsor city of the 12F flotilla since September 14, 2022. The Rafale was first introduced into Flottille 12F in 2001. source: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flottille_12F Dassault Rafale M '15' Parts: 474 Length: 11.7m Weight: 23.82t Top Speed (asl): 314 m/s KerbalX Link
  4. very well, especially on the rudder axis considering it has all moving tailerons and is basically a giant wing. pretty easy to drift midflight but is still very controllable
  5. Eurofighter Typhoon EF-2000 "31+44" of the German Luftwaffe Parts: 363 Length: 11.3m Weight: 22.46t Top Speed (asl): 313 m/s KerbalX Eurofighter Typhoon FGR.4 "ZK231" of No. 6 Squadron RAF Parts: 366 Length: 11.3m Weight: 22.46t Top Speed (asl): 313 m/s KerbalX
  6. Here's my rendition of the most advanced version of the F-16, featuring Hellenic airforce roundels Details Parts (no external load): 345 Parts (w/external load): 395 Length: 12.7m Weight: 28.8t Top Speed (asl): 315m/s KerbalX Link
  7. Sukhoi Su-57 Felon Stock+DLC replica Parts: 329 Length: 17.0m Weight: 55t Top Speed (asl): 350m/s KerbalX
  8. Stock + Making History/Breaking Ground DLC F-35A/B replicas F-35A Details Parts: 256 Length: 12.73m Weight: 31.6t Top Speed (asl): 313m/s KerbalX F-35B Details Parts: 342 Length: 12.69m Weight: 31.72t Top Speed (asl): 287m/s Check the KerbalX page for instructions on how to perform a VTOL liftoff KerbalX
  9. Stock replica of the F-16C Fighting Falcon/Viper Parts (no Ext Load): 281 Length: 12.5m Weight (no Ext Fuel): 22.5t Top Speed (asl): 326m/s KerbalX
  10. Stock replica of the Russian Sukhoi Su-35S "Flanker-E" From Wikipedia: "In 2003, Sukhoi embarked on a second modernization of the Su-27 to serve as an interim aircraft awaiting the development of the Sukhoi PAK FA (Su-57) program. Also known as the Su-35, this version has a redesigned cockpit and weapons-control system and features thrust-vectoring engines in place of the canards. The type made its first flight in February 2008. Although it was designed for export, the Russian Air Force became the launch customer in 2009, with the production version designated Su-35S. " Length: 17.6m Mass: 34.47t Parts: 278 Top Speed (ASL): 380m/s KerbalX
  11. McDonnell Douglas F-4E "Phantom II" Parts: 231 Weight: 26.36t Length: 15.7m Top Speed (asl): 317m/s F-4E Phantom II on KerbalX The E variant of the phantom was an upgrade over previous models of the Phantom, including a built-in M61 Vulcan and an elongated nose to fit the new AN/APQ-120 radar. The F-4E became the leading variant of the phantom, with almost 1,400 produced. This craft has functional airbrakes and drop tanks, and is completely stock. Enjoy!
  12. Very impressive control scheme and the craft itself is fantastically built Great job!
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