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  1. Of all the mods I wanna see ported over the KSP 2, this is probably second on the list (first being MechJeb, because I can't fly worth a damn, and I'm too impatient to learn).
  2. And just after you posted that, KSP was updated to 1.7.3.
  3. Yes, it's out! Now Kopernicus can be updated!
  4. You. Are. A lifesaver. Couldn't have asked for a better birthday present (actually I could, but I'll take anything since my party isn't until Sunday). So, thanks for that, man!
  5. I can't log in to the KSP Wiki. Here's what happens: my information is auto-filled, so I enter my correct password, then a text box comes up saying that "the Terms" were updated on March 6, 2018. So I agree, but it resets the fields, and gives me an incorrect password error. So I try again, but even though I agreed, THE BOX ASKING ME TO AGREE TO THE TERMS STILL COMES UP. And this didn't just start today. It's been going on for a YEAR. I can log on to the wiki on my phone, but not my desktop. Why has this bug not been caught and fixed?
  6. Do you plan to add Pads 34 and 37? This would aid in simulating the early Apollo flights.
  7. I've been trying to use Kustom Kerbals in 1.7.2. My goal is to make Kerbals representing NASA astronauts. There's just one problem, though: Kustom Kerbals hasn't been updated since 1.2.2. I downloaded a version recompiled for 1.4-ish off GitHub. Both versions have various errors: the 1.2.2 version doesn't create a Kerbal no matter how many times I press the spawn button, and the 1.4 version will spawn a Kerbal, but with a random name (I tried to spawn Alan Shepard, but all I got was a warning saying he already existed, and it instead spawned a Kerbal with the Kerman surname). Do
  8. 32-bit should've never even been an option in the first place. For people who love modding the game such as myself, getting the dreaded File Access Error hung over our heads, to the point I had to divide my mods into two installs: one for a Kerbin playthrough, and one for a pseudo-Earth playthrough. When 64-bit came out, the nightmare was over.
  9. First of all, this will be a boon for BDB. Now we'll be able to properly simulate the surface experiments deployed on the Apollo missions. Second, sorry Infernal Robotics. You've been rendered obsolete. Finally, I'm so glad I'm a Steam user, because it's easier for me to get this DLC through Steam than the Squad Store.
  10. 15 - Cobble together some surplus Apollo hardware and adapt the CM to use the APAS system 11 is very, very unlikely to happen. China isn't part of the ISS program, and China also hates America. Why would it assist a space station with American assets?
  11. Has anyone tried rebalancing this mod for a stock-size solar system? It's impossible to resize it right now because Kopernicus hasn't been updated for 1.4.4.
  12. Took me almost a year to find out about this. God, I should fire up KSP sometime soon...
  13. I second this. The petal adapter also seems a bit wider than the Service Module. That, and I still can't find the sweet spot for getting a CSM to orbit atop a Saturn IB. And with my alternate timeline, the Saturn INT-20 (later renamed the Saturn II) isn't introduced until 1975, debuting on Apollo 38. Even though I know a BDB INT-20 can orbit a CSM no problem, I'm still at Apollo 1, so it doesn't make sense for an INT-20 to be used this early, especially before the S-IC has been tested on Apollo 4.
  14. I did some investigation, and it actually happens when I try decoupling the LM from the SLA. The issue only seems to affect the version for the Saturn IB, and I have no idea why. It may be because the decoupler force is too much, or the landing legs of the LEM clip through the bottom of the SLA, and bad collision detection is causing the legs to collide with the SLA. I'll try experimenting further with the LM and SLA. EDIT: I can now confirm it's caused by the contact sensor probes on the Descent Stage colliding with the SLA.
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