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  1. I have to admit I have not been around on the forums much in the last few years, but I had to come back here and just thank everyone involved in this amazing project. I downloaded this and a few mods just to pretty up the joint which is a big departure from my usual pure stock comfort zone. Looking forward to any future updates and I did kick some Canadian dollars at the team's paypall account last night, just as a token of my deep respect and appreciation.
  2. This all still work cool with KSP version 1.3?
  3. I bet if you asked the community resource people they can help you do it. But basically, if I can't refuel on the Mun, there is no way to make this an operational part of my program, and I really want to use it
  4. MajorTom69, can you include a Module Manager fix so that the IRSU can convert ore into the resources the Eagle 2 uses? Feel free to decide at what rate, but I need a way to refuel my transport on the Mun, at Moon Base Alpha... please?
  5. Does anyone have a way to MM edit the stock IRSU to refine the needed resources for the transport?
  6. I'll check when I get home but I thought I was. Will update this post with the answer. **Edit** I was using the wrong version, I have the newest version and don't get any compatibility warnings, but the focus of root part does still happen.
  7. I also get a warning that the mod is not compatible on the main start screen of KSP. Also the part focusing after stopping to camera tool. Other than that I love this mod.
  8. This mod used to be a great addition, hopefully someone can help out @linuxgurugamer .
  9. Thanks Jrod, but you are definitely getting a special thanks on my credits!
  10. Quick question, when we run credits and mod lists, who do we credit for Camera Tools?
  11. Excellent! This mod makes making videos so much better! Thanks for your hard work on this, jrodriguez!!!! (and the rest of the BDA team)
  12. I'm going from this: to this: The good news is I do have a SSTO Spaceplane that can take up around 40tons of cargo.
  13. Would it be possible to have a mod let you select the island runway and upgrade facilities there as if you were upgrading facilities at the KSC? If that is possible, could someone also allow you to upgrade other things like the old KSC found on Kerbin or the pyramid or anything else that is a feature on Kerbin?
  14. Coooool. I'll check those out, thanks for the heads up.
  15. Wren

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    This is one of my finest creations, the Zeus Heavy Lift Transport SSTO Spaceplane:
  16. Wren

    Depreciated SVE -Do Not Enter-

    Loving this, I installed and was inspired to make more vids! I hope you like it and I look forward to any updates or features added.
  17. Wren

    Retired - Please close thread.

    I just found this mod! I hope to see this continued to be updated, as I think doing something with this instead of a life support mod would still give me reason to resupply stations and bases without the life and death consequences.
  18. Wren

    [1.5.x] Strategia [v1.7.3] [2018-12-12]

    This is a really cool idea. I like mods like this that increase the depth of play without adding parts. Thanks for making this mod for us!
  19. It would be cool to have a power supply that creates EC using Liquid Fuel and Intake Air that we could use to power our early Kerbin only rovers that we can use around the KSC, and some regular type tires. Plz?
  20. Wren

    [1.0.5] StateFunding 0.3.4

    This looks amazing, great job in providing an alternative to the contract play style but supporting some sort of career mode. Subbed.
  21. Hey, just saw this highlighted on Kottabos Space Program and it looks great!
  22. Ser, the values are stock values minus the % loss by distance and speed landed. If somehow you had landed that craft while piloting it, when you click 'recover vessel' you would get the same back that is calculated by stage recovery. It doesn't cheat the system in any way. The only thing it does is not delete crafts/parts once they leave physics range and instead checks if that craft/part would have been recoverable and if so recovers it for you. Hope this better explains everything.