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  1. Hi allista,

    I'm experiencing an error which at a glance appears to be connected to the AT_Utils mod. I can't find a thread on these forums for the mod; where should I contact you for support? 


    1. allista


      Hi, the best place would be on GitHub, because AT_Utils is a shared library for all my mods:

      Other logical choice is a forum thread dedicated to a mod that uses AT_Utils and shows the symptoms that you've tracked down to AT_Utils.

  2. [1.3.1] Configurable Containers

    Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 Released on 2017-12-20 Compatibility patch for MM-3.+ Download
  3. And FSengineBladed inherits FSengine, which is not related to ModuleEngines at all, but uses IThrustProvider which is a stock(?) interface new to me. Though I doubt TCA can use IThrustProvider instead of ModuleEngines, because it has to tap into velocity and atmosphere curves, thrust limiters and so on.
  4. [1.3.1] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    Thanks, will fix that. FYI, TCA balances RCS the same way it balances engines; this helps a lot when the CoM shifts, or if it's impossible to balance RCS in the first place. But there's no user configuration, so most people don't even know TCA does this
  5. This may be caused by the new MM that has changed its syntax all of a sudden. This, for example, has broken Configurable Containers. TCA patches are simpler, but if they're not applied for some reason, TCA won't work at all. Another common reason for TCA to not recognize an engine is if it uses a thruster-module that does not inherit from the stock ModuleEngines.
  6. [1.3.1] Configurable Containers

    Thanks everyone for the help here! I have my hands full right now, so I really appreciate it Willrelease a version with this patch tonight.
  7. [1.3.1] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    That's an interesting idea, but modules are only a part of the configuration; other parts should not, in general, be merged. Take engine profiles for example. Also, if you can upgrade modules by docking, why not OTA? The "story" behind immutable modules is that a module may require not only the software, but also some hardware. And that upgrading the mainframe may brick the thing; and you wouldn't want that in deep space. Or in an LKO, for that matter
  8. [1.3.1] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    Hm... Modules cannot be changed in flight purely to increase game difficulty; technically this would require some work, yes, but not that much. More importantly, there's a general problem of docking two TCA-capable vessels (KIS or not). Each has its own config, but only one could be used. Current architecture doesn't quite support this use case; so that's what I'll be working on: one should be able to switch between control modules with TCA, and the ships have to remember their configs when undocked.
  9. @Rivvik, also, when you deem your part config finished, you can share it with me so that I could include it into Hangar as MM patch that is active when KIS is installed. I imagine others may find it useful as well
  10. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    That's simple: your active vessel is too far from the kit. By default, KSP unpacks vessels at 200m from active vessel and packs them at 2.3km. So you need to switch to the kit, than back, then try to launch it. EDIT: vessels are also packed for time warp.
  11. You may also want to decrease the mass/cost of the part and the base CoM offset and jettison force of the fairings.
  12. That's the problem then. But you can make a smaller new part by simply copying its .cfg and changing the MODEL.scale (and removing the AnisotropicPartResizer MODULE). Oh yes, it is, especially on Linux
  13. Hangar Alternatives

    Thanks! @kerbalfreak, to be honest, I don't like neither the textures nor the models myself. But I'm no artist or designer, so this is really as far as I can get without spending weeks and months on learning the craft and years upon years on developing artistic imagination which I'm totally lacking Naturally, I would welcome any help on the matter: all texture sources and .blend files are available in Hangar's repo, so you can retexture/redesign anything and propose it to the public in the mod's thread. As for the bugs, they're inevitable in a complex project with a single developer. No code review, testing done by the developer, and with KSP there's no CI. So as with any plugin, there's only two things you can do about bugs: report them and wait when I have enough spare time to fix them, or fix them yourself and make a pull-request.
  14. [1.3.1] Hangar

    This looks to be the same problem as with Kerbal Foundries tractors. Compared to v1.3.0 the Metric class in AT_Utils (which calculates the dimensions and convex hull of the vessel) started to include both MeshFilter and SkinnedMeshRenderer in calculation. So the bug is probably there. I see the vessel that you're trying to pack into hangar is all (or almost) stock. Could you share the .craft file so that I could test the code with it?