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  1. Not that far into career to produce your kits on site, are you? Many KSP players just consider engineering challenges to be fun And in the days I used to use the ELP myself it felt quite cheaty. Don't know how its mechanics changed since. Anyways, to each their own It doesn't change the fact that a wharf is not a shipyard. They don't build cars in garages, not anymore Thanks for the report. Itdoes look like a bug, because everything is ok with your setup. Could you share the .sfs and the mod list (preferably .ckan)?
  2. Well, you can always build in the custom-made, single-use shipyard using Global Construction As for the integration of Hangars with any construction framework -- I thought about it many times; but it would be very tricky, as hangar's internal space is meant to contain stored ships, so it is only usable as a shipyard if a hangar is empty and, vice versa, if something is built inside, you shouldn't be able to store anything. If you think about it, it actually makes sense: consider the difference between a berth in a port or a dry dock for a small boat inside of a big one; and the monstrous floating shipyard It would be cool to use hangars for repairs, if such a thing existed in a any meaningful way in KSP. But not for ship building, IMO.
  3. Looked through the code. It actually should work without problems! Why not use the "Control From Here" of the Construction port? I always dock orbital containers that way with the help of an alignment indicator. It's in orbit I struggle with containers the most. So what I make is a thing that helps to grab/move/attach a container without the need to dock; and without the risk of accidentally spinning it. It's like a magnet bottle for a container that holds it within some volume. It is also able to attract/repulse objects with variable force, so you can grab a container from the ground in the gravity field, then place it gently elsewhere. If anything, it it works almost like the Gravity Gun from Half Life 2
  4. So, @ChrisF0001, I've played with your test craft; and indeed, US Cores make something very peculiar with attach nodes with their USNodeSwitch module. Fortunately, whatever the nodes, the part tree as defined by Part.parent+Part.children always includes all the parts of a vessel; so now I traverse the vessel via part tree rather than via attach nodes. This works with your test craft and, I hope, should with anything else.
  5. I always wanted to make my own docking autopilot in TCA
  6. Can't picture that How the container is attached to the station? Through its docking port, or through the Klaw? If former, it should undock prior to resizing. If later... don't know, haven't tested it. I wonder why -- they're ordinary stock ModuleDockingNode instances. Well, at least the port on the ground container. The NamedDockingPort modules is a simplest derivative of the ModuleDockingNode, so any code that looks for the later will also find the former and won't see the difference. I've worked a lot on the concept of a magnetic "fork lifter" that can grab and hold a container without docking with it (and thus without the need to maneuver precisely); and it works surprisingly well. Later I'll post a demo video of how it looks like. Would appreciate your comments. Now that is strange! --- I'm currently testing this all myself. Will soon be back with the report...
  7. Great! And the .sfs? That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out Well, an assembly line can assemble a kit inside ground container within assembly space (if it fits in it, of course). But it shouldn't be possible to do it with docked ground container. Anyways, how do you dock the ground container, if it only has one docking port? Ok, via double-port adapter like this... [container]->[port-por]<-station ... but then if you try to set the kit to it to assemble, it'll resize and undock everything from itself. But then you could redock? Need to play with this scenario. Many times I tried to invent something more convenient for transportation. Maybe use the Klaw? That would still require to land it on top though; but with TCA it's not a problem. I'm thinking about making the ATMagneticDumper (a module that holds spawned containers inside assembly space in orbit) into a transportation solution. Or one can use KAS, or Konstruction...
  8. I honestly doubt it. It is actually vice versa: the container looks through its construction port and walks through AttachNodes and ModuleDockingPorts recursively until it finds both assembly and construction workshops (or until the tree ends). Then it sets its status as assembly/construction ready. I don't remember now why it's done in the "wrong" direction; because only the container knows through which port it is docked, probably. That is unintended!!! Meanwhile, could you, please, share the save and the .ckan mod list (if you're CKAN user, otherwise just listing of the GameData). I'll try to replicate it.
  9. The legitimate reasons for not being present in construction kit list are: * Docked via the wrong port * Assembly of the kit was not complete I reckon it's time to look at the save + mod list...
  10. SpaceDock has all the versions from the beginning: check the "Changelog" tab on the mod's page. What you describe is most likely the installation went wrong. Reinstall from SpaceDock and see if it fixes the issue.
  11. If you're looking for a way to transfer the plane with the mothership, you may just fly the plane slowly into the activated hangar (I would still recommend you to use the space inflatable hangar as it has crew+resources transfer), so that the hangar would store it inside itself for the transit. Then, when you need it again, spawn it and fly away. Let me compose a small demo...
  12. CKAN SSL problem solved itself out, so I was able to install everything from CKAN and, after that, separately from SpaceDock. In both cases everything works fine now. Including container detection after undocking/redocking to the station via a distant docking port that is 4 parts away from the construction workshop.
  13. Finally was able to install all mods with CKAN from scratch. Everything works fine O_o
  14. No, everything is fine with the releases, if you use SD archives. But it looks like CKAN somehow slips you the older version or something like that. Try reinstalling manually from SpaceDock, and I'll try to find out what happened with CKAN installation process...
  15. @linuxgurugamer, @ChrisF0001, @LTQ90, @bokrif I'm currently unable to download anything from CKAN due to SSL error that wasn't there yesterday. I suggest to reinstall everything manually from SpaceDock, which is the only source of truth for my mods. @ChrisF0001 if it wouldn't work after reinstall from SD, we need to debug this further, as I've checked everything pretty thoroughly before updating.