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  1. TCA was not yet updated for KSP 1.9, and, by experience with all previous KSP upgrades, this means that something ought to be broken. We all have to wait until my work permits me to attend the issue
  2. Not at the moment: haven't have time since the end of the year to even look in the direction of KSP, or any other game for that matter Thanks, noted. Yeah, I'll figure it out
  3. You need the PyKSPutils library installed: Then you clone CC repo, open the and edit the 262 line to point to your KSP folder. Then you run it with python3, and it generates all the patches it's configured for, if corresponding mods are installed. If it's too much trouble, let me just generate new patches as part of the 1.9.0 compatibility update. P.S. it's better to ping me on discord these days.
  4. TCA is all about engines and their thrust. T-SAS means Thrust-SAS, and T+ means "point the ship so that it's total thrust could propel it towards the target" So when you select a controller part as reference (control from here) it doesn't change where the total thrust points. But there was a bug that caused T+/- and other related attitude cues to missfunction in the absence of active engines. I remember fixing it, but it could be that the fix had not yet reached a release. Thank you for kind words Good point. That would be equivalent to waiting for a particular launch time; though I'm not sure what is the reference direction for the LAN in KSP is; especially in general. The orbital velocity of the celestial body?
  5. Do they use the stock ModuleEngine/FX to generate thrust? If so, they should be accounted for, though, as @Beetlecat rightly mentioned, TCA cannot control their thrust. Note, that TCA was not updated for 1.9.0 yet, do if you're playing this version, TCA is likely broken. I wouldn't count on TCA to be working with new major release without adaptation and recompilation.
  6. That's not a bug per se, but rather a technical debt on my part. From the code point of view the stage is just a collection of parts with the same stage index. There's no simple and clear way to know what the activation of the next stage would do: would some parts be separated by decouplers? If so, which ones? And what if (as is often with asparagus staging) all engines are activated at the same stage, and the next stages only separate the empty boosters? To answer all these questions one needs to build a pretty comprehensive model of the vessel. That's what MJ does using a whole bunch of classes that re-describe vessel structure, simulate fuel flow and stage separation. In TCA I got lazy (or rather preferred to use resources on different things) and simply assume that the vessel is built using asparagus or linear staging; which actually covers almost all cases. But that is a different matter. With mods that simulate engine failures even properly (yea, I mean linear or asparagus again) designed vessel would unnecessarily activate the next stage. The problem (as you have already guessed) is that to fix this I would have to pull in and adapt the staging simulation code from MJ or some other mod, or, heavens forbid, develop it from scratch Fortunately, the gain would be not only the compatibility with engine-failing mods, but much more accurate predictions of to-orbit/from-orbit flight trajectories and multi-stage maneuvers. So I'm not against it. It's just a good bit of work. While this should be relatively simple, it would only be needed for modded games that add this limitation. But it would require additional UI elements and code. Which should somehow be hidden/inactivated when engines may be reignited infinitely...
  7. Hi, could you explain in more detail? Some screenshots may also help to understand the situation.
  8. Thanks a ton for the info!!! @FreeThinker if so, could you please correct your patches so that they are disabled only if the "ConfigurableContainers/Parts" folder exists?
  9. @pmborg thanks a lot for your help, I couldn't manage to reply myself these days. @firegun you're right, it is confusing. And not intended of course. The problem is in the way MM manges the NEEDS directives. If you look at the IFS patches, they require the absence of "ConfigurableContainers", which actually means any of "folder with this name in Game Data" or "ConfigurableContainers.dll anywhere whatsoever", and there's no way to distinguish. And the difference between the CC-core and CC-full is that the former provides the .dll and the folder, while the later adds part patches to actually install CC functionality. And it is the later that should prevent IFS to also patch parts...
  10. Thanks for the report. This is obviously a regression that should be easy to fix.
  11. Version 2.6.0 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 Released on 2019-12-21 Added Magnetic Forklift It is a utility part that makes handling of containers and other cargo more easy, compared to using docking ports or the Klaw. It operates like the magnetic damper in Orbital Assembly Space, but it has several controls in PAW that allow to actively manipulate the cargo (see the video). It can also dock with the grabbed cargo (if it has a properly oriented docking port) for long hauls. But beware the energy consumption while using it: moving heavy cargo with electromagnets costs a lot of EC. Recycler: traversing vessel part tree using parent/children instead of Attach Nodes. This handles any vessel structure, including some non-standard attach techniques like that used by Universal Storage. <= @ChrisF0001 Various fixes and adaptations to AT_Utils API changes. Download
  12. Version 3.5.0 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 Released on 2019-12-21 Magnetic Dampers All hangars except for VTOL and fairings now have the ATMagneticDamper module. It can be switched on/off even remotely. Its attenuation can also be changed in PAW in flight. Orbital hangars also have attractors, i.e. they not only damp velocity of vessels within their premises, but can also pull them in and dock them inside automatically. The polarity of the attractor could be changed remotely, so a vessel launched from an orbital hangar can order the hangar to push it slowly outside. Much like with the "Launch with Punch" option, but the vessel is physically controlled all the way by the hangar. Damper works in Time Warp, so a vessel that is left inside the hangar's docking space will not fly though its walls anymore. The damper is controlled by the hangar in that it is automatically activated on launch and, in case of the orbital hangars, on hangar activation. This helps a lot with launching heavy-with-many-parts rovers and planes that tend to jump on their wheels and explode. Should also help with sliding issues mentioned on the forum. Hagar window remembers its visibility per vessel. When Configurable Containers are installed, the Universal Fuel Tank is added to fuel tanks. It is basically the Procedural Adapter with Tank Manager and LFO tanks by default. Rover Lander and Mk3 Hangar both spawn vessels at the floor now. No more falling from the center of the hangar. Updated the Square Heatshields' configs to be more stock-like Moved Square Heatshields to Thermal category Moved non-ground and non-inflatible hangars to Payload category Fixed the problem with Hangar Gateway that was missing the storage in mined asteroids after game reloading or vessel switching (found by @bcqJC). Fixed the problem with exploding vessels, when launched in very tight quarters, i.e. with some parts of the launched vessel mere centimeters away from the hangar walls. Fixed directions of RCS plumes on the Hangar Gateway Fixed costs of square heatshield Fixed the problem with automatic game saves before vessel spawning. Various fixes and adaptations to AT_Utils API changes. Download Here's a little demonstration on twitch. No time for proper video, sorry.
  13. Version 2.4.8 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 Released on 2019-12-21 Hangar patch: Added a procedural fuel tank made from Procedural Adapter Corrected LH2O ratio in CryoEngines tank config Added CryoCooling variant of LH2O tank config Fixed InvalidOperationException on tank add/remove Download
  14. Version 3.6.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 Released on 2019-12-21 Added RCS Rotation option (Advanced Tab) to disable the use of RCS for attitude control. Sometimes you have enough control authority from reaction wheels and only want to use RCS as thrusters for translation. When using Bearing Control or Cruise mode the Forward Direction is shown even if the main window is collapsed Fixed attitude control in orbit for vessels without engines Various small fixes Download
  15. @Dzarin here, see for yourself