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  1. That would be the Throttle Controlled Avionics
  2. Maybe some other autopilots are enabled, like MJ? Disabled TCA does not process flight input state at all, so there's no physical way for it to still affect the controls.
  3. For horizontal flight it is actually recommended to turn TCA off, which may be conveniently done with an actio group. See the video on the Harrier-like VTOL handling with TCA:
  4. Not to the hatch, but to the port attached to the hatch. And that's why it has it's own RCS thrusters and reaction wheel. When you're close enough to the mined asteroid, your can undock it from the carrier, navigate it to the square port attached to the hatch and dock it there. If you have forgotten the port between mining station and the hatch, bring it along with the gateway and use KAS to attach it on site. Be sure to bring enough kerbals for the work: it's heavy. I'm also waiting for the opportunity of enough spare time to fix all issues and release it at last! BTW, only the Workshop recycles, you don't need the Assembly Line. And keep in mind that the more skilled the engines in it, the more resources you recycle from the same part.
  5. That's ok, these are my own directives for MM to disable resource converters when MKS is installed, because the mess up MKS resource pathways.
  6. @beeble42 the first log says that local size calculations produced negative scale, which made the model inverted and invisible; then the JettisonUpdater got an NRE on start; both are serious errors. But the second log has nothing erroneous or unusual, so everything should work, unless you're loading the same invisible shield: the scale is saved in the .craft. Also, do not use hangar's own resizer and the TweakScale on the same part. Won't do you good
  7. Another configuration that came to mind:
  8. True every time No, not sure; the bundling is poorly maintained. When I have time I make a PR so that their distro included the latest stuff, but more often than not g they're lagging behind. I know nothing about their patches to GC staff. It was supposed to be the "exclude redundant stuff, add your own stuff", not the "modify stuff" relationship Still, I didn't look at their patches directly yet, so can't state anything. BTW, you are using GC 2.4.1 from spacedock, not the beta from Mega, rough? The later is not compatible with KSP<1.7.2 because of the autostrut framework changes.
  9. @vossiewulf just telling what I saw in the logs is all
  10. You're running 1.7.1 with many mods that apparently are not compatible with it; to name a few: BDArmory, SSTU, KIS, Kopernucus, WBIRecycler -- all throw exceptions, some tones of them. I don't see any particular trouble with GC itself aside from the fact that it can't save the game for to some discrepancies in contact system; but with so much other exceptions around anything could go wrong. So I suggest to clean up your installation: search for all "Exception:" occurrences in the log (there's about 10k of them, but most are repetitions), see which mod causes then and either remove it, or upgrade or downgrade it to the version compatible with your KSP version. You can do it incrementally to save time.
  11. Sorry, my capacity to respond is quite limited by my job these days. What you describe looks like trouble with installation; missing dlls most likely. I'd say more from the log, but I'm in mobile for a while, so could you please zip it for me to download?
  12. The hangar should be activated (in dedicated UI window available via toolbar), the vessel should have relative speed less then 1m/s, and it should fit inside both geometrically and with other vessels that are already docked in this hangar, if any. If any of these requirements are not may, a corresponding on-screen warning is displayed. In principle it could be done using shroud module (like engines do), but I honestly don't like the idea. In any case, currently you can do something like this: Hatch>square port>square-port-adapter>[middle of the vessel with radially mounted engine blocks]<square-port-adapter<Gateway Ah, yes, there's indeed the wiki I made for the mod; asteroid hangars should be covered pretty well, as far as I remember. Unfortunately some of it may be outdated.
  13. Oh boy! I've completely forgot about that pathway when I marked the smelter deprecated I'll add the corresponding converter to ISRUs; for now you can edit the Mobile Smelter, changing category to Utility: TechRequired = specializedElectrics category = Utility
  14. Now that is weird output_log contains much more info than KSP.log, and is crucial to diagnose things. Thanks, I'll look inside... @vossiewulf for some reason you're missing 000_AT_Utils/Plugins/001_AnisotropicPartResizer.dll which is bundled with GC. You should reinstall GC from SpaceDock: Construction/download/