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Found 8 results

  1. What is Expanding the Horizons (ETH)? ETH is my take on the apollo program if a lot of AAP concepts and mission ideas (and some of my own ideas) actually existed in my kerbalized way along with many other blessed (or cursed) things! In my timeline Apollo 7 is the first Munar Landing after multiple failures and quick attempts to beat the Soviets to the Mun. Recently Apollo 14 landed on the Mun after month long delays and Skylab-4 is prepping for launch (since a lot of the Apollo stuff is repetitive I'll start this forum at Skylab-4-2) The year as of starting this thread is 1971 and hopes are high for NASA Scientist and the Space Community as a whole. I am open to criticism since I usually screw up things and screenshots will be very novice as I practice camera controls. Current Year: 1973
  2. Hey everyone! This is my first post on the forums, but I hope you all like this idea! The basic idea here is that I create alternate history scenarios, but only pertaining to one mission. Each scenario will be its own separate AH, so there will be no need to read through all the scenarios for context! I may do AHs of AHs in the future (wink wink), but it all comes down to the support of the community here! I hope y'all enjoy this, and I can't wait to finish the first Mini Alt-Hist!
  3. Hi all, this is my first post on the forums but I'd like to bring to you something I have been working on for a while. This is One Giant Leap, an alternate history of not only the Space/Moon Race, but into the Shuttle era and Space Exploration as a whole. KSP is the medium through which I'm telling this so I felt putting it here was more suitable. I'll start at the beginning and try to keep this updated (hopefully). August 7th, 1964: The Giant Has Better Things To Do. By 3 votes, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution is blocked in Congress, thousands of protestors had gathered on Capitol Hill to protest the fact that this bill had even made it this far. But their efforts were not in vain, President Johnson would not get the authority "to take any measures he believed were necessary to retaliate and to promote the maintenance of international peace and security in southeast Asia." In other words, the United States will not intervene in Vietnam, instead, the United States will look upwards, to the stars, peaceful exploration, for the good of mankind. Although the Soviets had a head-start, placing Yuri Gagarin into space on April 12th, 1961, the US was quick to respond, sending Alan Shepard into space not a month later on May 5th, 1961. Despite the delays and setbacks, NASA is hopeful the fledgling Gemini program will finally pull the US ahead of the Soviet Union, shifting the balance of power in the Space Race. But in the distance, Apollo looms, the late President Kennedy's goal has not been forgotten, the United States will put a man on The Moon before the end of the 1960s. Dawn of Gemini: The Titan II GLV launches the first Gemini spacecraft on Gemini 1, marking the beginning of NASA's new crewed spaceflight program.
  4. not sure how to start this but here are the basics, i started working on this because i saw a gap in alt histories. most focused on apollo and the space shuttle, or around that time range, i however wanted to look into how nasa's constellation program and ISS program could have played out differently which made me mess around with concepts for a few months and finally without double checking things leading me to just post some stuff, i hope you enjoy and criticize me because i know you will
  5. Hello, my name is Autochrome. I know this forum has a great community, so I thought I might put this modern alternate history server out there because we are looking for kind people to help build it more. This hub of alternate history discusses the early 20th century, the world wars, and the Cold War/beyond scenarios in different channels. We are going to host events and make daily alternate history scenario questions, so it would be really appreciated by me and the people on the server if you joined. https://discord.gg/aK4U9PryQN (If the link doesn't work, just PM me and I'll invite you if needed)
  6. Odyssey, a rewritten history of Mankind's cosmic existence The Main Story Ever sense I gained the confidence in my ksp content I always wanted to make some form of series based on a different outcome of space exploration, including the constant conflicts between the proper way to conduct space exploration. With this I made a series that will hopefully be a new take on the exploration into the Stars and how not only the United States, but how the world would progress in space exploration. Notable People @Talverd Who Made Chasing Dreams which without a doubt is one of my biggest inspirations for this, especially shuttle missions @AmateurAstronaut1969 who recreated Space Station Freedom and gave me many ideas on how to make the future space station within this series and such @Jay The Amazing Toaster For their Series remaking the Constellation program Every mod dev such as @CobaltWolf @Zorg @Invaderchaos who made BDB, truly a cornerstone of ksp mods, and without BDB none of this would've been possible Launch Schedule (Will probably Never be 100%, things change) Note while I have the basic idea on how this will go, and made almost most of the first launches. It will take a long time to fully complete the mission. So stay tuned for another couple of days or so before the first mission is complete, though keep in mind I'm starting school soon and will probably be busy with alot of things. My main goal for this month is to finish the 60s and get them posted.
  7. From Ground To Sky By SixAndAHalfMen From Ground To Sky Is an Alternate History verging after the Apollo 17 Mission. Instead of the apollo program ending and skylab starting with George McGovern winning the 1972 election and shortly later increasing NASA's budget. After NASA's sizeable budget increase, the main objective is to put a sustained human presence on the moon. which brings us to... 1973 WIP
  8. I have a storyline planned out and plan to work on the first clip once bdb drops its next update as it involves skylab's launch if you guys are interested heres my insta i have a few teaser images and a clip. https://www.instagram.com/evan_hates_rocketry/?hl=en
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