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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Bughunters! The bugtracker has a feature you can use to upvote reports and thus help us order the issues by user relevance (Upvotes). How is it used? Simple. Just enter a project in the bugtracker and click on “Issues” in the menu bar. Select a bug or feedback of your choice, go to the “My vote” section and click on the upward arrow symbol. That’s it, you’ve upvoted a bug. You can also sort the issues by upvotes. Above the “Issues” columns, you’ll see a couple of dropdown menus; unfold the “Options” menu. Under the “Available Columns” list box look for “Votes Up” and add it to the “Selected Columns” by clicking on the rightwards arrow. Click on apply. . That’s it! Now you can click on the “Votes Up” Column and sort them accordingly. With this feature you can help us to find relevant bugs you think are important. Let’s the hunting begin! Happy launchings!
  2. So, after all of the "Make sure to post to the bugtracker" talk these mods do, I thought, "Maybe I can find some progress in the bugtracker". Nope. Not even an updated status for the XBox1 enhanced release. The bugtracker still has it noted that there are no confirmed bugs! Really? I want to stay away, but I just can't help ranting about how awful the support on this forum (from anyone other than other frustrated members) and with squad in general has been. So would a "mod" or someone "in the know" explain why nothing is updated on this site that we've been directed to as our best source of "current progress"? Is this confirmation that Squad has submitted a game to the XBox Live market without making a good faith effort to fix a breach of contract? Or are Squad and the "Forum Support Goons" really just expecting console gamers to transfer data from their consoles, convert digital medias, and upload it to a non-updating bugtracker so that a fix can be released sometime in Neveruary? And they won't be compensated for their time either? Is this the behavior we should be proud of from developers? Do you really support this, forum mods?
  3. After a warp, mission completion, or landing, no UI available. Vessel still flyable; cannot "switch to", return to SC, TS, or Main menu. Cannot save. Xbox1s If anyone is looking for this issue in the bug tracker, I think I've found it (hopefully someone is working on it) Currently I'm trying to upload a clip (hopefully I don't run out of time before work) from my career save. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/17040 Here's a link to the capture. 10 minutes of "good to go" before no UI available. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AmOeLxKX2kDzgVV_D84EB8XGg53F
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