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Found 3 results

  1. So I copied the rear_hover and hover cfg from the Lynx parts that are part of a rover mod into a new folder as new titled parts. Near the middle is "max thrust" and "thrust speed" and when I attempt to change the value to be higher; it will not reflect in game. I can change the scale to 0.25 as I wanted, can change the electric charge used, even the description; but the thrust will not change. There is no min thrust anywhere. Also in the cfg files the thrust says 80, but in game it is 100? And on the second engine it says 130\\80. Where can I actually change the value of thrust and
  2. Engines, Engine Plates, Locked Autostruts etc. When you merge two vessels in the editor this might happen after seperation during flight: https://imgur.com/a/6CzwGYi The solution/workourand is to always open first in the editor the upper/highest stage/part of your vessel then merge the later stages/other vessels under it.(The grandparent autostruts go up and not down). https://imgur.com/a/1Ne8p2E Please report this in bugtracker .I made an account but i have no idea how to do it .
  3. Hey, Just like the title suggests, I think a fuel toggle should be included with the engine plates. Side note, and most likely to my own stupidity, for some reason the engineer's log says that when I install the engine plate, that it is the wrong direction, but I seriously can't figure out how to get rid of the message! Use an engine plate and check the log... I'm not crazy! Man I hope not. Space Monkey
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