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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to the forums, I think my question could in this section since it deals with physics and experimentation. I'm trying to do some test on the Mun about conservation of energy, TLDR at the bottom So I'm applying a problem from a dynamics workbook, which is that supposing that a lunar module can safely land on the Moon if the magnitude of it's vertical velocity at impact is no greater than 5 m/s, at what height can the LM land if it has a vertical velocity of 2 m/s downward or vertical, I already have the answer for the workbook problem (6.4814 m )but when trying it out on KS
  2. (Firstly, let me add a disclaimer that I'm writing this late at night based on a rambling note I made on my phone at like 1am the night before, so bear with me if this starts to lose coherence.) Something I've found rather dissatisfying about the base-game science system (ignoring career, which I have other issues with) is that there's generally no point, mechanics-wise, to keeping a scientific mission in its final orbit after you fire off all your experiments. No reason to keep that first crewed orbiter in orbit for more than it takes to click "save crew report", no reason to go for an o
  3. I put it in here (instead of the general suggestions forum), because it is an expansion specific suggestion. I think it is not only useful, but absolutely necessary, to implement some kind of slider where you can adjust the time intervbals in which you get notification messages about new science points that are generated by your ground experiments. At the moment I have 3 ground experimental setups running on Mun (in order to fulfill a Goo Experiment Contract) and get spammed with messages informing me that the experiment added around 0.033 - 0.007 science points to my science point p
  4. I accepted a contract recently, it requires to do some experiments, but I can't find the corresponding parts and operations. What mod does the contract belong to???? It says:"Research Materials Exposure Space Study at Kerbin: Transport experiment to Kerbin, Satisfy all experiment conditions (check experiment for detail), Complete experiment, land or splash completed experiment in Kerbin
  5. Good day! We are looking for the best aerodynamic model, in passing figuring out the properties and characteristics of certain parts in KSP 1.2.1. Finding the golden mean between minimalistic craft and one large fairing is a very important aspect of the game. At this time, I've written a series of video experiments for you to see firsthand the effectiveness of different models. These five KSPeriments relate to Kerbin. How to make the perfect craft? Let's find out! I'm going to regularly update this thread with new videos. B
  6. Image - Example comparison of the proposed modules, to show how I imagine their size. I've had this idea developing in my mind for quite some time now, and I think I'm finally ready to present it in its complete form. This proposal would make significant changes to the way science works, but mostly by adding new things. Science collection in general will feel very familiar to KSP players, but it will be more streamlined and balanced, and make more sense. More total science will be available to collect--I won't show a revamp of the research tree but I'll touch upon some ideas
  7. I'm sure we've all considered at some point that the way science works in KSP can be a bit... dull In the game, you can send a probe to a planet in orbit or on the ground, use your instruments once, and your done, aside from occasional contracts. This idea is meant to allow more long term and in depth science experiments, both from already existing parts, and perhaps adding a few new ones. The idea is that you could do short or long term reading in a planet's orbit or surface. Let's say, we want a map on the variances on Duna's gravity, or the surface temperature at a location
  8. I am making some science parts and I want to make them use resources to operate. For example: Rodent Research, uses five rodents. How can I do that?
  9. Cant figure which mod is causing this one. I think that I know what is provoking the science experiments not to work, or option to do science to not appear (when right click on a science experiment, capsule, or anything science related). So I think that one of the mods is causing science parts to duplicate an infinite amount of times... I checked in the science tree and noticed that every selection that had a science part in it, had it copied a lot of times in the little window that shows what parts will the node unlock. I dont know which mod is doing this... someone please h
  10. Mods like DMagic Orbital Science are absolutely awesome, but they don't fit with the rest of the stock experiments because they are based off of real life devices and instruments on existing/under construction/planning spacecraft. Stock instruments like the Mystery Goo, Science Jr. and the Negative Gravioli Detector aren't based off of any existing scientific instruments, and are therefore more "Kerbal" and therefore wacky. The silly science reports are always enjoyable (except for the infamous "You record observations about the situation." one that is used 25+ times, which I hate) and fit the
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