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Found 13 results

  1. A replacement for stock engine particle FX. If you are tired of seeing the same old effects, HotRockets is for you! Note: SmokeScreen + ModuleManager are required dependencies. Download the legacy version here (compatible with KSP 1.1): Download HotRockets Note that HotRockets is primarily my set of replacements for stock engines. I no longer support FX packs for mod engines, but you are able to use the HotRockets assets for your mods. Many mods now make use of HotRockets assets to improve engine FX; some will add support for mod engines, and some have additional fea
  2. I have a problem... I tired everything but I can't solve it.The particles don't stay on their place.I want a normal engine plume. [noparse] //Ren1 //d_s___3 PART { name = ds3_engine_Ren1 module = Part author = d_s___3 mesh = Ren1-M scale = 1 rescaleFactor = 1 node_stack_top = 0.0, 0.1, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1 node_stack_bottom = 0.0, -0.5, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 1 fx_smokeTrail_light = 0.0, -1.6, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, running TechRequired = nuclearPropulsion entryCost = 450000 cost = 9000 category = Engine subcategory = 0 title = Ren1 manufa
  3. Hello to whoever may be reading this. As you may know by the title, I would like some help in installing a mod, or updating the mod to use myself. It is a rather old mod under the name of HotRockets! Particle FX Replacement. This mod was an engine effects replacer, and has not been updated since 1.1. This mod was one of my personal favorites, and it broke in version 1.2 and upwards. Whenever i try to install it, either i get permanent engine effects showing in the wrong location (E.G. Jet engine thrust effects firing sideways from the engine) or no effects at all. As i stated, this is one of m
  4. I want to create new FX (like rocket flames), but I don't know how. Can I use GIMP? Is there a specific file format I need to use?
  5. Does anyone know how to add sounds to specific parts? I ask this cause I have a single hull ship with integrated landing gear, the ship has a custom engine sound, but I can't seem to get how to add a sound. Suggestions? For now I use the old siren mod, and swap the sound for mine. Kinda clunky, but it works.
  6. Space effects? Hey guys,i've been working in a mod last days, called Star trek 2063 Warp mod... The engines already work, them can co really fast than light... now i wonder, how do i make effects just like reentry in space? Just like that... Or like this, but blue and in space? cmon guys, help me, im not a real nice modder like you are... Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, After taking a lengthy absence from KSP I decided to start playing again. The last version I played was probably 1.1. Current version is 1.3.1. I've began to notice some issues with some of my aircraft, who'se aerodynamical aerodynamical effects are, well, a bit over the top. At first I thought the problems were caused by my mods, so I removed those. After that did not fix the problem I've reinstalled KSP by removing the entire folder except for my save games and screenshots. This did not fix the problem either. The one thing that removes the pro
  8. BDARMORY FX NOT WORKING PLS HELP my ksp is 1.3.0 and i have downlloaded all de bdarmory mods with kchan but the mods dont function as ive expected the effects of most bombs do not work
  9. Hi, I've had a Mod in 1.0.5 that added "Spark Emitters" they're parts which spray Sparks everywhere at launch (Like this: https://goo.gl/images/Yu9efs ) So I searched for the mod for ages but didn't seem to find it, so does anyone know the mod or something similar? Thanks in advance!
  10. How do you use the "EngineFX" module in an engine config with multiple nozzles? I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks
  11. Hello, I've been wtaching some ksp vids today, and I've seen in some of these vids that engines, while in space, make some weird thrust particles; they actually expand, not like the inline fx particles of the stock fx system. I suppose it comes from a plugin, a mod, so anyone know the name of it? these particles are so beautiful.. Thanks
  12. I'm creating an engine switcher, and now I'm looking af switch the effects along with engine stats. Now I've run into en issue where the fx does not update properly from "OnLoad()" event. Basically what I do is Load settings from custom module Identify engine module to change Use ConfigNode to replace values regarding Fx in the engine Load the new values to the engine. I only have one update function, which is called by the OnLoad() event as well as by my switch button in the right click menu. However, when loading (or starting) a flight scene, the animation is
  13. Hi all, I'm having an issue with RCS effects pretty much disappearing in 1.0.5. Routed the issue to Realism Overhaul, so I tried a fresh install of KSP and CKAN installed RO with its dependancies, with no fix. Taken a screenshot with and without RO installed: http://imgur.com/8Nx5IY7 The FX don't completely disappear, but appear to be stuck on the 'lowest throttle' animation. I think it might be something to do with the RCSFX Module being incorporated into stock? I tried a load of troubleshooting but i can't seem to pin it down, The FX only come back when i remove RealFuels
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