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Found 9 results

  1. @RoninFrog is doing another challenge! So he needs a spot to dump all his stuff so it doesn't clutter the challenge thread! This challenge is the... It is a pretty intense challenge covering the first ten years of the game, with launch mass limits, life support, rocket construction time, and transfer window management. Hm! First, I need to create the save I will be using. "Game difficulty settings: 'Enable Comm Network' ON, 'Re-entry heating' 100%. Advanced settings: 'Part pressure limits' ON, 'Part g-force limits' ON, 'Kerbal g-force limits' ON." Okay, I've never played with part G-force limits and I don't even know what 'Part pressure limits' does, so here goes, I guess! Unexciting screenshot of game settings: Here's a collection of all the crafts launched: So here's what's up next. I need a Standard Launch Vehicle to loft my payloads to orbit. "One prototype of the heavy lifter ... will be ready with payload for launch pad roll-out on Day 40. New lifters will be delivered on a regular, fixed schedule." The schedule is calculated as one launch vehicle every "NPM (Nominal Mass Payload) * 6" days. The first Duna launch window is in 220 days, so if I want to launch two payloads, I will nead a NPM of 30 tons. Now it's time for designing! First two payload designs: First launch setting out for Minmus: Well, that's all for today! Tomorrow I will hopefully land on Minmus and refuel, if all goes well.
  2. I'm trying my darndest to get this thing complete. The requirements are: enough space for 5 kerbals, an antenna, a docking port, and the ability to generate power. So I built it (added a MPL because why not), landed, BUT forgot the docking port. luckily I had an engineer on it so I sent an unkerbaled supply ship up with a docking port jr. Welded the docking port on and...nothin'. I even made sure to have 5 Kerbals on board because the wording was iffy about whether they needed to be there or not. All notes checked off, but it won't complete. also I have a screenshot but it seems I can only add a photo from a url. Any advise on how to share the photo here is also appreciated.
  3. Heya, I'm sharing with you some of Valentina's adventures, mostly flown and documented by my friend @Pouicpouic Episode 1 & 2 This first two parts are about boating on Kerbin and Laythe, the second one was hiding a few surprises in its cargobays .. : D Those missions were designed and flown exclusively by pouic After that, we decided to share our crafts and designing-style to land an outpost on the Mun, with rovers and stuff to have fun around .. Here's what happenned ! The biggest structure above the cliff is intended to provide a better view to kerbals sitting on the edge, because why no, its holidayyyyyyys. The sledges were created out of a stupid idea (really?) and it worked out perfectly ! The two buildings in the end will be detailled later . This second part, still on the Mun, is Valentina having fun in a very sturdy rover Hope you enjoyed
  4. I've designed this base for fun a few days ago and I was surprised to see it could compete on InSight challenge (rank 4 - unlimited !). As usual I've tried to come up with creative ideas and various modules to assemble a good-looking outpost, hope you'll enjoy it, too ! This outpost is made of 3 large habitations modules, one extended lab with full science experiments, a workshop with a drill and electricity storage, and a "power tube" with 8 large solar arrays. It also comes with a heavy rover to make some science on the field ! Overall this base is packed with 55 Kerbals and is designed for long-term stay. Here's how I deployed it : Chapter 1 : Launch The outpost is contained inside multiple fairings, above a descent stage, which itself sits above a Rhino transfer stage. There are 6 heavy lifters around this central core providing a high thrust (1.5G) and more than 3k dV so it's also a SSTO of some sort. Chapter 2 : On way to Duna ! Chapter 3 : Deploying stuff around, preparing to land Heres RoundSat 1 which is released just after capture. SurveyScan and main Relay is also detached. Chapter 4 : Ready to land ! Not seen on those pictures : RoundSat2 was detached just before retroburning the mothership to allow a sufficient communication along the descent. Chapter 5 : Undocking all the goodies Because Scarab would have lots of troubles to assemble the base on a slope, I had to persuade the whole craft to get low enough to reach a plane surface. Good thing I put a massive tank for those Thuds ! Scarab is set up under a module before it detach. Central core is installed a little away from the craft to allow easy modules installation. Now for the most fragile modules of all, not sure if the airbrakes helped but they sure looks professionnal. Final module is the workshop. Chapter 6 : Base is online and ready to partyyyyyyyy--- make science ! Someone said champagne ?!
  5. Hi, I recently began the project of creating a mining station in one of the craters of the Mun. a complete one, with mining modules, tank modules, and power modules. Of course, I had to launch each part separately and assemble them on the Mun. and there comes the trouble: when I asemble more than a few parts (mining, tank and power), as soon as the last part is docked, the entire outpost starts twisting and wiggling and jumping and then of course... exploding... I still don't understand why, I turned off every SAS, it still behaves completely randomly, so I end up with no mining station Any suggestion welcome ! Thanks in advance
  6. This is just a tip for people who might be having the extreme frustration I was having. If you get a mission to build an outpost and it has the requirement "the outpost must be on motorized wheels" and it's not getting met, try driving around. I was testing my mobile base at KSC and the requirement wasn't getting checked off, even though the base was clearly on wheels and very mobile. I decided to drive off the launch pad and tour around KSC to see what happens, and as soon as I left the launch pad, the requirement got met. Hope this helps somebody.
  7. Hey, i have a core module of a Minmus base but i am never offered a contract to add a new module to it. I'm pretty sure that in 1.0 or 1.0.5 the contract system was overhauled, so that you would receive a contract to add a new module to your station or outpost. Should i just be patient or there is something wrong?
  8. Landed the core module of my new Minmus Base, sent Valentina outside, destroyed 3 of the 4 solar panels and realised i didn't bring a ladder. Kill me.
  9. A contract mission came up, and one that involved something I was actually using for a change. I was tasked with expanding 'Minmus Base One', adding a second research lab and increasing its capacity from five to fourteen. I decided to make the new base module on wheels, so it could drive up to the existing tower and connect to the low-level docking ports. I also installed uprated solar arrays, as the base was a bit lacking in power generation. (images appear to be in the wrong order here, correct on Imgur itself...) http://imgur.com/a/1XjRW
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