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  1. Hello, I was wondering if there was a mod that could take some of the grind out of resetting parachutes. I have an engineer aboard, but I don't want to have to EVA her out to the nose of the craft to reset all the chutes one by one.
  2. Ok, this is a really complicated question, but I'll do my best to make it clear. I've built myself a plane with a downward facing cargo bay (called henceforth carrier). It's purpose is to carry a few probe cores, outfitted with parachutes, a small battery, and some science gear, and drop them into different biomes for data collection (called henceforth pods). The idea being I can record data and collect science from many biomes with fewer missions launched, and also very quickly, since the carrier pushes right up to the edge of mach 1, fully loaded. So far so good. I fly off with one pod in the carriers belly, and an action group to detach the pod, deploy its chute, and turn off its hibernation all at once. I let it go at about 3,000m, everything looks peachy. I can't switch to the probe, since I'm flying in atmosphere, so I watch its altitude and speed from map view. It holds at about 175m/s all the way into the ground. After much tinkering with drogue chutes, differing altitudes and states of probe hibernation, I decide that what needs to happen is I need my control to follow the pod when it detaches instead of the plane. That way I can see what's really happening with the parachutes, and once its landed I can switch back to the plane and keep flying. I had toyed a little with the Stratolauncher (stock), so I figured this would work well. I converted all my action groups into a staging setup, since that's how the Stratolauncher (stock), is set up, and I thought it would work. Same deal as before. How do I get this to work? How can I designate to the editor that I'd like the staging to follow the probe pod out the belly, instead of the plane all the way? Or is there another solution I'm not seeing? I'd include the .craft file of the carrier as it stands right now, but I'm not sure how to attach a .craft. I'd appreciate a concise explanation of that as well if you feel the need to see the plane. Thank you!
  3. I have done a bit of searching on this and can only find archived posts on this issue. Mods I have installed: FAR, B9, NKD, OPT, ISFS, KAX, Proc. wings (B9 and stock), BD armory, BD mk22 plugin, Airplane Plus, Firespiter, Tweak scale and module manager. Whenever I equip the parachutes, they don't show up in staging, or otherwise. If I need to provide more information, please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Ok, I'm experimenting with manual part welding to make custom spacecraft out of existing parts, and I thought I'd weld a Mk1 parachute into a descnt pod I'm making out of a nosecone from MRS. All I've done is include the part MODEL and all the chute modules from the Mk1 .cfg. Well, the chute can be operated like normal, it shows up on the staging stack, the deploy parameters can be adjusted, and it does deploy when staged. The problem is that it doesn't work like normal. When semi-deployed, the pod and chute turned to near horizontal and actually started climbing. The F12 aero overlay showed a strong body-lift line from the pod. After a while the pod started descending again, but when the chute fully deployed, it turned to a 45-degree angle, with the overlay showing equal-length drag and body lift lines 90 degrees apart. The pod never got into the usual vertical retrograde-pointing position. Putting a regular separate Mk1 chute on top of the pod works just fine, so there's something about welding one into a pod that's screwing things up, and I don't know what it could be.
  5. I made an add-on like this in the very early days of KSP for personal use, so I thought I may as well update it for 1.2 and release it to anyone else who might want it. This is a pack of parachutes based on the designs of model rocket parachutes over the years - predominately from the Estes company. Parachutes are functionally identical to the stock mk1 parachute aside from also being radially attachable. -Estes Red (10") parachute -Estes Orange (12") parachute -Estes Purple (18") parachute -Estes 'Retro' parachute -Quest Yellow+Red parachute Image Gallery: Changelog: v1.1 (1/23/17) -added Quest Yellow+Red parachute. -parachutes are now radially attachable v1.0 -initial release Pick it up here: https://spacedock.info/mod/1033/Estes Parachute Pack Source: https://github.com/narhiril/Estes-Model-Rocket-Parachutes (also available on CKAN) Licensed under
  6. So I was in the Kerbal X and I followed this Tutorial. I achieved orbit and tried to land. I opened my parachute at 15,000 meters and it was fine until it was about to open at 1433 meters and it flew off. I was only going 100m/s when it flew off and I don't understand why. I did everything in the tutorial right and I added 5000 meters because I was coming down on mountains. I crashed at 1331 meters. In the summary it said: Structural Failure on linkage between M16-XL Parachute and MK1-2 Commandpod. I didn't edit the ship at all.
  7. Hello, i wish i could equip jebediah kerman with a flashlight, rubber boat or a simple parachute. Maybe even a radio for sending crew reports to a nearby vessel. There's a lot of small stuff that can make the adventure deeper.
  8. Hello! Got a problem today on fresh reinstall of KSP 1.1.3 (1289), which I was able to solve myself - but I think I must publish so that someone encountering it will spare himself the time. Symptoms: Parachutes refuse to work. Any parachutes. Attached to any capsule. Anywhere. Be it stock KerbalX, or MK1 dropped from height. The Aerodynamics overlay shows them not working at all. It became so crazy, that I designed a high altitude rocket-plane just to show how crazy the situation is. http://imgur.com/a/kLRh2 Here is a scenario to reproduce the problem, nothing extraordinary: 1) Installed KSP - did not start it yet! (important) 2) Installed Module Manager (2.6.25, current), Kerbal Engineer Redux (1.1.1, current) and Docking Port Alignment Indicator (6.4, current) 3) Started KSP I have tried to remove: - Unity3d settings directory in /home/ - physics.cfg and settings.cfg I have tried to restart the game and sandbox mode. I have played around with vsync on/off and physics settings. To no avail. Solution! 1) Remove the game completely 2) Install it again 3) Run KSP before adding any other mods 4) After at least one run - add the mods. Now the parachutes suddenly WORK. It looks like one of these three mods corrupts parachutes data or does something that leads to that - if KSP never run before.
  9. I have a lander on return from Mun. The game is saved on the final approach. There is not enough dV left to abort the landing. It's an aerobreaking maneuver directly from Munar ejection. Peri is 27km, I can bring that up to 32 or so. Apo before atmo is 8M or something like that. This is by far not the most aggressive aerobreaking I've ever done. I've flown this mission before, and came in on basically this return trajectory from Mun once before. I've taken this lander to minmus and come back home in a similar, more aggressive fashion. Two things are different this time: 1) I'm using a nose-mounted basic chute instead of a pair of radial mounted chutes. 2) This rocket inexplicably decided to become unstable during liftoff and lean towards 270 (it did not do this on prior launches). There are no additional asymmetries introduced, so I have no idea why that was other than, FNAR, the command capsule's reaction wheels toggled themselves off. (I discovered this after successfully wrestling the thing into orbit.) On re-entry, however, around 20km altitude, well before I ever let my hand NEAR the spacebar, the parachute is mysteriously 'destroyed by aero forces and/or heat.' At NO POINT does the part give me a heat bar. The housing for the parachute is still there, there is no explosion or anything, but the chute chamber vanishes. This has never happened to me before EXCEPT if I were to deploy the chute while the indicator was red (which it is). Why is my chute suddenly destroyed? The vehicle is just the pod, chute, and heat shield. SAS is off, the vehicle is stable and the heat shield is pointed in the right direction. I see no visual heat effect on the chute, nor is there any discoloration of the chute housing suggesting overheating is taking place. Valentina needs y'all's brains.
  10. Hey guys I was wondering if a developer would be able to shed light on the Indicated Air Speed or Mach value(s) that determine(s) the 'safe to deploy' indicators from Safe | Risky | Unsafe. This is for a control panel I've been working on, and I'd love to be able to accurately reflect what's happening on screen on my panel Many thanks in advance!
  11. Hi! I've been having some issues with the parachute for FASA's Apollo parts for some time now and it really annoys me. The chute is always fully opened when I add the part and during the whole flight. I'll add a picture. The chute always stays exactly the same as in the picture during the whole flights. How do I solve this?
  12. I am having this problem when I want to land on Duna but when I go to deploy my Mk16 XL parachute it does not want to deploy. Not even the drag chute wants to deploy. I am assuming this has to do something either with the parachute or with the atmosphere of Duna. Please help me on this topic. Thanks!!
  13. Right now I descend on a quite shallow entry trajectory, dropping through 10 km height (terrain altitude) with around 830 m/s speed. I retroburn to reduce speed to 420 m/s, that is when myMk12-R Radial-Mount Drogue Chutes appear safe to deploy . Cutting off the engines and the SAS, the drogue chutes decrease my speed below 210 m/s, which then gives a for the Mk2-R Radial-Mount Parachute . Activating them (to enable the needed braking to slow it to reasonable 10 or so m/s) does nothing. The chute deploy sound is audible, but neither are they visible nor does the speed decrease further as expected. What is going on?
  14. I played KSP heavily a year to a year and a half ago then took an extended break. trying to get back into it and some things have changed since last I played. For some reason my parachute is consistently breaking during my ascent....any tips or ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Never had this problem in the past.
  15. I send a tourist back in a single command pod with a parachute already armed so i don't need a kerbonaut. I noticed I can still adjust the deploy pressure of the parachute during reentry is this a bug.
  16. I have had many broken planes hopelessly plummeting toward Kerbin, and I wished the Kerbals inside had EVA parachutes. Not the round parachutes, but the parachutes that most everyone uses anymore. I believe that type is a parafoil, right?
  17. We get a lot of players believing that their parachutes have been destroyed during launch, so I made this to help explain.
  18. Exact same setup each time: MK1 capsule, interstage fairing on top, parachute on bottom node. I can launch the EXACT SAME SHIP three times in a row, and at least once I am guaranteed to kill a Kerbal. Problem is simple: I move the parachute to the bottom of the stack, pull the ripcord at 1000 meters and cross my fingers. I will either hear "click click click" as I frantically tap the spacebar or that satisfying ruffle as the chute actually opens. Even if I manage to right click and actually click the "deploy chute" button, it simply will not open. It's not shredding, tearing off, etc. It simply either opens or does not, under the exact same conditions, with the exact same craft. Anybody else seen this?
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