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Found 7 results

  1. AURORA ADVANCED SYSTEM EXPOLORATION PROGRAM Hi there folks today I wanted to talk about a space program I put together in the past 3 weeks. Its an advanced space program so dont expect to see starter ships I mean I have already went to duna and used nuclear engines etc so this one is gonna be little bit sci-fi style but not too far fetched. My main goal is simple create a mother ship which can carry landing ships and make countless trips to anywhere you without refuling it for a very very long time in order for me to do that I need 500k DeltaV or maybe more think this as a build and fo
  2. Gemini to the Mun Mission Report, Story and Events Concuring Gemini XVI, the KAS Mun Landing Prolouge: It is May, 1968, and KAS's Kerbollo program is falling backward. New intel has shown that the Krussians have developed a rocket capable of sending one Kerbal to the surface of the Mun. The Krussians had the early lead, however, ever since they conducted the first rendezvous and docking, they were now leading the competition. This new rocket developed by the Krussians would be a fatal blow. It is 3:43, and Martin Kerman storms
  3. ☆☆☆CLICK HERE OR HERE FOR MY LATEST MISSION REPORT☆☆☆ I started a new career game (v1.2) and put all reward slider (Funds, Science and Reputation) at 10%. My goal: to unlock the entire tech tree with the difficulty on ultra hard mode! Mission reports 1. Introduction (this post) 2. Minmus, Mun and Duna Flyby 3. Visiting Gilly and Cash Cowing Minmus 4. Visting several biomes on Duna with a drone 5. Jeb and Bobs' radical adventure to Bop and Pol 6. Biome hopping Mun with new equipment 7. Biome hopping Vall
  4. I made this little page on what I found orbiting. Come back later to see more, except with Kerbonuats involved (for doing research on the area I'm showing you guys). https://goo.gl/photos/V5jaYAkN8WCWNv5b6 Sorry about the external link, I couldn't figure out how to get it into the post. It wouldn't let me... Kerbals coming soon!
  5. Hi, where should I send the crash report? thanks
  6. I finally decided to ask a question that was annoying me since ~0.18: If I have multiple science reports in 1 part, then I click "review" in right-click menu and then I must do something about each of them (i.e. keep/discard/transmit). Say, I found and transmitted the only report I wanted, how to quickly close that window without clicking "keep" for each report (vessel switching/EVA doesn't count)?
  7. Hey, guys, quick one... The User Interface that appears after completing an experiment (Such as a Crew Report, an EVA Report, a Materials Bay, etc.,) can we get the ability to move that window back? As of right now, it can't be moved, and it pops up right in the middle of the screen, which is a horrible place for it, especially if you're having to manually rapid-fire a bunch of experiments. Also, I second the previous motion to get a "Close" [X] on the window.
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