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  1. It seems that removing CC did the trick, thanks again! Now I just have to free up few hundreds of hours to play with atomics, cryo and FFT stuff..))
  2. I'd make a bet also on small to large part connection around where payload connected to decoupler, had similar problem when heavy and long payload started wobbling so much it actually clipped through fairing. So: 1. Add autostrut from part below first decoupler to grandpart/core in order to make this connection less wobbly. 2. Make sure you have reaction wheel around center of mass, perhaps on top of booster and below fairing to have enough control. 3. Check centers of mass and drag in VAB and add some fins to make sure center of drag is somewhat below CoM (not too much or you'll have troubles making gravity turn). 4. Add autostrut to root on main engine to reduce wobble caused by long craft. 5. If you're using side boosters - add autostrut to grandparent to booster itself + autostrut to root to nosecone if it's used and it's quite useful to and regular strut to tie each booster/SRB to its neighbor (i.e. from middle of SRB straight left and right to next SRBs) - that last part saved me from weird oscillations which were causing SRBs to start flying on their own. Optional: maybe engine gimbal is overreacting and causing trouble, may be addressed by limiting gimbal. By altitude of 6 km I can guess you may also be accelerating a bit too much (and going supersonic a bit early, while still in dense atmosphere, which causes aerodynamic troubles) and/or you may pushing angle of attack too early too much (4-5 degrees is usually safe).
  3. If I remember it right, you may mod (alt in Windows)+click when placing kit into inventory to place full stack instead of just 1. Also there is a tiny mod that auto fills all free spaces in parts with inventory space with repair kits on lauch ([1.11.2] FruitKocktail).
  4. My problem exactly. As soon as I get carried away by "why waste time", that save is as good as abandoned, there will be 10-20 ongoing missions in the end and I won't even remember what I had in mind when I sent them So it's better to play it mission by mission, fun and real time has more priority than in-game time, especially taking into account there are no important deadlines in this game.
  5. It's enough to plant 1 flag now to get this achievement for every green lad in physics range (no more need for UN style flag alley on Mun). Also, taking into account KSP isn't actually for grind (after 1000+ hours I'm sure of that), there is a great small mod [1.9.1] Kerbalnaut Training: Field Training Laboratory (FTL) & Field Training Facility (FTF) (works nice with MK2 expansion mod, which adds MK2 lab capable of squeezing in 4 kerbals instead of just 2) - generally you just build science station around Kerbin/Mun/Minmus, send crew there, provide enough power and hit "train button". They'll be trained and well tanned after a year or so, you can just pick them up on the way out with some crewed mission.
  6. Interesting. Before adding cryotanks+atomics I had possibility to use both B9 switch (i.e. just choose LF+O/Mono/etc by switch) and also had CC button to customize tank. After adding cryotanks+atomics I still seem to have CC button, but that B9 switch is gone (for stock parts and mk2 expansions tanks at least), at the same time cryotanks have their B9 switch as intended. Will try to remove CC, perhaps it will solve the issue.
  7. Modlist (btw, installing tanks only didn't cause the issue; then cryoengines - still ok, but after adding atomics fuel switch disappeared for whole bunch of tanks (mainly stock ones); so it's not about FFT, but somehow related to atomics): KSP.log (dropbox) ModuleManager.ConfigCache Many thanks for you attention!
  8. Just encountered this (I guess) bug: I had NF mod pack + mk2 expansions, all tanks had switches to choose fuel type in VAB. As soon as I've installed Cryotanks (with engines, atomics and FFT), switch appears only for cryo tanks and it's not showing up for regular tanks, structural/tank mk2 parts, etc. Nothing else was changed (besides installing dependencies like waterfall, space dust and system heat, but I don't think they have anything to do with tanks). I've deleted MM's cache just in case and made clean reinstall of B9 and dependent mods (including all mentioned above) via CKAN (previously deleted CKAN's cache), but it didn't help. Removing Cryo tanks (and above dependent mods) resolved issue, now those parts have fuel switch again. Any ideas how to make them all work together? Really want to play with those FFT engines, but breaking other parts isn't a good way to start
  9. Sorry about necromancy, but I've just ran into same story Parts that were dropped out of inventory in construction mode (and appear to be deployed, though they are not) need to be put back into storage container or directly to suit inventory (I just have the fact that there is not enough space for science part and jetpack) and then deployed by exiting construction mode and right-clicking active kerbal and clicking on small "deploy" button in part's icon corner. It's really annoying, because I managed to pick those parts back only in construction mode, which seems to be available only when controlling engineer and the fact that for some reason I can drop part to the ground only in this engineer-restricted mode. I.e. if I want to drop stuff out of scientist's pockets to clear space for science module, game just doesn't allow me to drop it on the ground (while engineer can do this easily; guess it will eventually lead to some mass protests by pilots end scientists).
  10. For this reason (and also because I'm lazy) I've started designing landing missions in a bit different way: lander is also a return vessel (depending on mass, I may not even decouple service parts on return to Kerbin and land it as is, reusability rules), while orbiter part is generally a big pack of tanks (and solar panels/reactors if needed) with docking port. So after establishing orbit around target body, I just leave this baggage of spare fuel in orbit, then pick it up again on way back. Lander's engine(s) are also used for propulsion in space. Saves a lot of parts and operations, IMO. Also, if orbiter stage has detachable tanks, they can be used for planet bombardment after installation of ground seismic unit
  11. Had weird issue with Advanced Transfer: Started on circular (ish) orbit just above Minmus orbit, selected Eve, got porkchop selection, selected, say "departure in 3 days, ETA something, dV=3000 m/s". Great, creating maneuver node and see that it's in ~36 days instead of 3 and burn's dV is ~6000 instead of 3000. Trajectory was actually aiming for encounter with target with chosen altitude (and achieved trajectory was surprisingly similar to predicted, despite 1 hour burn), but dV and departure time difference in created node was strange. Where should I start digging? Don't think this could be craft-related issue.
  12. Small addition: tanks with higher priority (i.e. larger number) will drain first. Alt+click modifies number by 10 instead of 1 (useful if you have complex staging that KSP doesn't recognize well and puts wrong priorities). Also, using crossfeed and priority saves part count (though slapping fuel lines everywhere is quicker, of course).
  13. Instead of wasting time and snacks in time warp, you can set up maneuver node to raise Ap to reach Mun orbit and then move node along current orbit till you get an intercept
  14. Tried beta, dry mass seem to be in order; no resource amount is shown in description in part list (maybe it's due to several available sizes of each part, where each contains different amount of resource).
  15. In such cases usually a button to execute experiment flashed in SA's window. Also, I had enough time to manually execute telescope's experiment (and not only once), while there was no prompt for telescope is SA window.
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