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Found 3 results

  1. License: CC-BY-SA-4.0 Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/3096/S.R.C Hi. Welcome to S.R.C , Shiny Retro Cyber. A small collection of metalic shiny pieces with both fun and useful things. The oldest parts I was never sure what to release them with so this is why this mod exists. The oldest are my nose cone cargo bays, inspired by the space craft in the James Bond movie "You only Live Twice" where the ship sneaks up on a space capsule and encloses it. 3 sizes times 3 styles and 3 sizes of cargo tube to allow for extending the open ended ones. Then we have my most recent creation. A one Kerbal, retro style rocket. It has 4 pieces. A Cockpit the size of the stock Mk1 pod, a middle that contains the fuel, the air intakes and the RCS system. A dual mode engine that works like the Stock Rapier engine and a nose cone for the pod that contains a parachute.(best set to full spread and 5000 metres as the ship is very streamlined and hard to slow) The cockpit also has a decoupler so that if you haven't been able to slow enough on re-entry you have a chance of getting rid of your extra weight to give you a chance. Then we have my Cyber Truck and Cyber Quad bike that I made a while ago, now thanks to my value adding mind they have been upgraded with a Cyber Jet Ski, an extending ramp rack that goes on the truck roof and docks the Cyber Ski so that you can extend the ramp, undock and slide it down into the water. You can then go back up the ramp and redock when your finished. And in the last few hours I added something I have wanted to make for a while but didn't fully understand how till recently. The Cyber truck now has a choice of wheel that transitions into a hover mode like in "Back to the Future". You fly directions by leaning like a helicopter. Be warned to increase throttle very slowly on take off or you will shoot very fast into the air. The truck has no buoyancy so that it can back into the water to launch the Ski, so it sinks like a stone. As such except for going to space, the Cyber vehicles have land, sea, under sea and air travel covered. The truck tail gate lowers and extends to load the Quad and there is a floor magnet that clicks in to the bed to secure the quad for transport. Remember that wheels need to be attached then rotated clockwise 90 degrees to work. With the transitioning wheels if after you attach and turn the first you go in and set up it's transition control, then clone it for the rest, all your wheels will be set up. Due to a quirk when undocking it is best to lower the Ski Reaction Wheel autority down to 40%. Typing Shiny in the parts panel will bring everything up. I hope that covers it. Have fun.
  2. https://geektimes.ru/post/295911/ As we know, Mayak wasn’t the only craft to siffer a goof-up. During the cubesat drop in 600 km orbit, a total of 10 payloads ended up suffering complete or gradual loss of power. None of the other oaylods were affected. The Mayak team has upgraded its official mock-up with flight-grade electronics and ran it through a full set of vibration tests with no issues. They’ve slowly excluded all other internal issues - although they’re desperately trying to not claim that, since it implicates Roscosmos. The observed electrical faults match the description of damage by a cloud of photodissociating hydrazine, which could be produced if there was a valve or catalyst bed problem - which would not have crippled the Fregat tug, since it performed several burns afterwards. ...which prompted Lenta.ru to accuse Roscosmos of launching Cubesats on an inherently unfit platform.
  3. Hello guys ! I'm currently working with @HuXTUS on a part. Adding a diffuse and a bump/normal map is very easy but what's up about specular ? Shaders have no slot for that. I just found an 1 year old discussion about that : Is it still the way to add specular ? And moreover, does someone has a great tutorial on how to add this alpha channel to the diffuse (not sure it works with JPG and PNG should be a mess for the game, no ?) Hope to see some help quickly Thanks
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