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Found 12 results

  1. Galera, criei um server DMP online pra quem quiser jogar KSP 1.3 multiplayer. Está em modo carreira para testes, pois antigamente os contratos eram compartilhados e agora parecem não serem mais. A intenção é que façamos nossa carreira online, com interação/colaboração e mais diversão. Quem quiser participar, basta baixar a última versão do cliente Dark Multi Player Lá mesmo vcs encontram o servidor KSP Brasil, mas deixarei aqui os dados para conexão: Endereço: Porta: 6702 É permitido utilizar mods, recomendo KWRocketry + SimpleAdjustableFairings, DMagic, TAC-LS (em testes, talvez seja retirado para compatibilidade stock), KIS + KAS, K2Pod e SETIprobes. Não são obrigatórios, quem quiser jogar sem mods poderá, mas perderão certa interação com os usuários. Assim como podem acrescentar outros mods, desde que não quebrem o sistema Kerbal original (RSS ou qualquer outra modificação do sistema que não seja apenas visual). Qualquer dúvida ou comentário, só postar. []'s
  2. I've never played the game with the DMP mod so please forgive me if I'm way off here... I've been looking at several you tube videos from people using dmp and i never find any cool dogfight scenes, which would in mho be one of the great things to experience while using this mod. also, i can tell that dmp can be rather laggy and shaky while planes are in the atmosphere. so that could explain why dogfights a no go with the current version of the mod. I've heard that in orbit, the movement of ships is less laggy and shaky with DMP. so wouldn't it be possible to perform enjoyable lagless dogfights in space? the dynamics and fighting mechanics would probably be pretty different from a dogfight in atmosphere but i guess it could be fun? right? has anybody tried this before?
  3. I was looking at amp servers and nobody was ever on there. so I was wondering does no body use dmp? or am I looking at the wrong server.
  4. kerbal 1.2.2 mods: mechjeb Newest File: MechJeb 2.6.0 for KSP 1.2.2 KAS Newest File: KAS v0.6.2 KIS Newest File: KIS v1.4.3 DMP version 2.4.2 I want to create and manage a server (career) with the DMP multiplayer mod, but I don't know somethings: *How can I change difficulty "advanced" and "basic" options for all players in the server? You know, custom "funds rewards", "plasma backout", and so on. *I dont know how to create a copy of my server to backup or move to another computer. Just have to copy the server install folder? It seems that some data is saved on the main game folder. As you see I would like to know, in general, the data folder scheme. Edit: Oh, and the config file also has this option. # modControl - Enable mod control. # # WARNING: Only consider turning off mod control for private servers. # # The game will constantly complain about missing parts if there are missing mods. # # Valid values are: # DISABLED # ENABLED_STOP_INVALID_PART_SYNC # ENABLED_STOP_INVALID_PART_LAUNCH modControl=DISABLED But I don't know how to config the modcontrol. I have read somewhere that in game settings you can get a code for your mods installed or something, but I suspect that that info was old. Sorry for my bad english, and thanks in advance
  5. I am trying to create a multi-player game for my students where they can all work on the same space station - creating, launching, flying, and docking components for the space station. Is this possible with the DarkMultiPlayer (DMP) mod and server. We have DMP working on a non-EDU version, but cannot get it to show up in the EDU version. I appreciate any assistance anyone can provide.
  6. Are there any war servers out there that have active players on for us to dogfight battle or destroy with hyperedit kax airplanes plus and bd armoury or procedural dynamics
  7. When people try to connect to my modded DMP server with the right mods and no whitelist, they get this error: "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it." Please help me. Ask for files if you need them.
  8. The title says it all pretty much... Btw, I'm only looking for like 3-4 Players so the Adress ETC will be given in PMs once said person has setup the sever...and PM'd me it! Backup People who can make a sever are also appreciated! Thanks to who ever contributes to this amazing cause!
  9. Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've found myself in quite a special situation and I was hoping some linux users could help me out here. I have a mid range PC I'm trying to run a DMP server on and the server runs well, it works fine. As of right now I use TMUX to run the server outside of the terminal window The problem comes in when I try to run the server headless. I use putty to SSH into my server and the server ONLY allows NEW connections when putty is connected. If I or anyone else connects before I close the SSH window the connection is maintained. The specific error that DMP spits out is "handshake error: invalid username". This post was kind of jumbled so if I can provide any info that might help please just ask. I hope that someone here can help. Thanks everyone.
  10. DMP

    Would Anyone like to Join A DMP 1.1 No Mods With Me Say Yes And I Will Give Code
  11. i was curious if there is teamspeak for ksp know, with mods and making ships, and air/spacecraft and chat at the same time.... i was also wondering if theres any teamspeak members out there that also wanted to join my server on dmp... also, if it has a password, please let me know in the server i made (world of kerships)...thank you in advance!
  12. HELLOOOO! My name is coolbloxxie, I'm fairly new to this mod "Dark Multiplayer" but I managed to set up a server. It's Western Australian and it'll be up 24/7 unless something happens. Add it to your list (on the mod) by starting your game, clicking "ADD" and entering these details; IP: PORT: 6702 Basic Rules: The only cheats allowed are as followed. Infinite RCS, Infinite Eva, Ignore Max Temp, Hyperedit. Don't have DMP Client? Download it here! Want to make a server yourself? Download it here! I take absolutely NO credit for DMP or mods we use. I, Coolbloxxie, am the owner of the server.