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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys. Im new here . I've been playing KSP for about 22 hours now and It was amazing and I love it so much. So I pick this one contract and its called World's First contract. I've done a lot of World's First contract such as launching the first rocket,Orbiting kerbin and escape the atmosphere. But this one contract that don't understand.Which is the "Return to Kerbin from Orbit". Click "Note" and it says " Slow Down a vessel in orbit and return it to the surface to achieve this goal" . How? What kind of ship should I design? Thank you
  2. how to install mods? just wondering
  3. how to enable cheats ex, infinite fuel or is it a mod?
  4. Hello dear KSP Community! I'm talking to everyone here on this forum, You are amazing. KSP has created a community of great people, who help each other out and create AMAZING content, which enriches the gaming experience. Kerbal Space Program with mods for life support, additional planets and many other things is the best game I have ever played. And I'm playing it still, after more than 5 years and over 1000 hours on the clock. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU! There are awesome mods out there which I'm using, but there are some things that I still miss, that I wish somebody make a mod for, and still nothing. I was thinking about some habbitats for kerbals, like maybe 5m x 20m big habbitats for space stations and interplanetary ships, and some stock-ish engines, which are missing, like the vaccum versions of "Swiwel" or vaccum versions of "Vector" with improved vaccum ISP and decreased surface ISP, with bigger nozzles like in real life engines. I have some ideas, and I have descend modeling skills in Blender so creating a model for an engine or interior for a habitat won't be a problem. The only thing I don't know is - where to start? Are there any tutorials how to mod? Maybe some speciffic forum threads? Or could anyone just give me an istruction how to convert an engine model from blender to ksp format, how to write a cfg which will implement it into a game with the parameters i want? Basically I'm asking HOW TO MOD. Thank You for any answers, I will post some renderings of the ideas I have soon