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Found 4 results

  1. As some of you may have seen on the thread "show off your screenshots" I like to made mission patches, I decided to show you my collection here; I use photoshop for the design and Indesign for kerbonauts names. A patch takes me approximately between 2 and 4 hours (find the design, colors...), for my inspiration it mostly comes from the screenshots I make or with real mission patches. I started to create patches a year ago, so you can see my progression with style and photoshop skills Patches complete family Missions descriptions below : Other patches and projects: My "S&G" Simple & Generic project patches consists in doing simplist patches for KSC ground constructions and planets of Kerbol system, it's available for free on Dropbox! Click on the image ! As some of you noticed, I started to make some illustration besides of the patches : No idea where to go for you holidays ? Let you charm by one of the destination proposed here, trip proposed by our two main contractors : Tantares, BDB, Contares and Coyote industries ! Don't hesitate to give your mind on my patches or suggestions, as you can see I'm not a native english speaker so if you see some english faults in my poster please tell me! Thanks for reading ! All my work is License by CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 You like my work and you want to offer me a drink ? You're welcome! :
  2. I will start. And let's give ourselves some constructive constructive criticism.
  3. A twitter header for my twitter.. lol? Which one is better?
  4. RainDreamer

    Need a crash course on photoshop

    So I am about to graduate from university and is going to apply for internships at a few places, and some of them have "be able to use Photoshop" as a plus (not required) for their consideration. Now, I have a little experience in photo manipulation using a similar free program called, so I am not going in completely blind, but Photoshop is an immensely more powerful tool, so I will need some crash course to guide me around and practice a bit. Google has been very helpful, and in fact, too helpful, as it gives me a ton of options and I have no idea which I should take to make most of my time. I still have like a month or so for handing in applications, but I could use that to practice other employable skills. Anyone, in their experience, know a good place to find resources for practical professional use of Photoshop? It doesn't have to be super high level manipulation, as I am not applying for a designer job, just a PR/Marketing Intern, and likely have to do at most basic photo manipulation.