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Found 15 results

  1. For a few days now, I haven't been able to deploy solar panels. If I right click them, nothing happens. If I go to action groups and select a deployable solar panel, there's no option to deploy them. If I right click ANY solar panel (even the ones that aren't deployable), nothing shows up. HELP!!!!
  2. Hey all. It happened again I warped and the ship was in that one orientation where the panels are in the shade resulting in a dead ship. Could we get some way for the ship to orient itself to position a "Master Panel" in the sun bellow say 10% or 10 units or open to sugestions. It could be done with special intelligent panels. Maybe a new improved probe core that would open new items on the solar panel menu. <Solar Panel Override Control Wheels> <Below> <10%>. IDK. Whatever make sense. Thanks, ME
  3. Set of parts for help in long cruise ship building, Includes 2.5m foldable centrifuge, 2.5m and 3.75m hubs and inline 3.75m solar panels. Inside MM patch for CTT, USI-LS and Snacks Suggestions for balance or criticism for the model are welcome Thanks to @landeTLS for explanation on how import the object in Unity DOWNLOAD SpaceDock GitHub TACLS Support Alternative cfg by @Deimos Rast CLS support by @panarchist TweakScale Patch by @nebuchadnezzar LICENSE CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Changelog
  4. I hope someone can help me sort this out. I am running a stockish V1.3 and the only mods are helpers such as kerb-eng, mech jeb etc and visual enhancements. I wanted to upgrade the appearance of the game and it was working fine until I did that. I followed the recommended list of visual upgrades that one of the dev's had on his page. Of course drawing blank on who that was lol. After installing stock visual enhancements with low resolution textures, Distant Object 1.9, Planet Shine, module manager 2.8dll, EVE and scatterer 0.0300. The first issue was the Planetshine is not compatible with V1.3. That was the only warning or error message. When playing the mods all seem to work fine. There is a noticeable visual improvement of course. The problem shows up in the behaviors of any solar panels. They will deploy and track but will never show any charging at all. All solar panels now have this behavior. So to play the game I have to enable unlimited electricity. What I am hoping is that someone knows which part of the mods might be the root cause of this. I would still like to use as much of that list as I can so I haven't just deleted the mod files to "fix". I had noticed a error in the debug when I was enabling the electricity. I think it was talking about an unregistered object.
  5. Hi, I don't know why but I can't open solar panel with right click. I have try to add action group and I have the same issue. Do you have solution ? see the following screen shot Thanks & Regards,
  6. Hi, im wondering wether i should put all the solar panels for the Magnetoplasmadynamic's needs. Im considering overcovering the spaceplane with flat solar panels or just the typical Gigantors XL Would the plane oversuffer from drag if i overcover it with the flat solar panels?
  7. Hello, I am looking for mod which give me bigger solar panle(automatic sun tracking). Anyone heard with such mod? It is one option. Second is more complicated. It is possible to use electrical rotor from Infernal robotic mod to attach to him cluster of solar panels and it will be tracking sun? Of course with rotor from IR didnt work, but maybe with some modification? Someone do it? Or maybe it is a mod what I am looking for? I do some pictures to better understanding. And my imagine of rotor: PS. On Kerbin when sun is at noon solar panel generate the most energy flow. When angle is changing (to sunrise or sunset) energy flow drops. It happend on Gigantor XL Solar Array. In no atmosphere bodies(Minmus test) enegry flow dont change until sun cover by ground. PS. 2. I'm sorry for my English. I hope that you understand what I am talkig about
  8. Hi, I'm new to modding and decided to make a test solar panel to see how sun tracking works, but it doesn't rotate correctly. I've gone through the forum and found out that: 1. " raycastTransformName doesn't aim the panel, the object you specify as the rotator does. " 2. " The object set as solarPivot will rotate along its local Y axis and make its local Z+ axis face the sun. " I get the idea, but whatever I do, the edges of the panel face the sun and rotate incorrectly. I've been at it for a few hours now and can't figure it out, I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help!
  9. I need help! Every time I expend one specific solar panel on a rocket, it expends but it doesnt move after it has been extendet. It always says that it stuck in any part of the rocket, its always a other with a new launch. The other one works. Sorry if my English isnt so good im German. Please help me!
  10. It looks like solar panels are fixed in Kopernicus 1.1.2 making this mod no longer necessary. I'll leave this up for anyone still on older versions of Kopernicus but I don't have plans to update this mod. I've put together a plugin to replace the RTG solar panel fix in Galactic Neighborhood. This should also work for solar panels in other Kopernicus mods that have stars other than the stock Sun/Kerbol. What this does: Uses a ModuleManager patch to install a plugin on all parts implementing ModuleDeployableSolarPanel (All solar panels at this time I believe) and give them a one over r2 EC generation based on the original panel generation specs and the luminosity of the local star. Warnings: This is an alpha version and though I've tested it on my system under a base Galactic Neighborhood install I can't guarantee it won't trash you save - please don't use on a game you care about. That said I have done some basic testing and this hasn't spammed my output log. Installation: Standard install - copy the folder into your KSP directory - should end up with the following structure: GameData\KSI\KSolarPanel. If you're using Sigma88's RTG fix you'll want to disable that. Easiest way would be to change the cfg extension on the patch to something else: GameData\GalacticNeighborhood\Configs\Core\solarpanelsFix.cfg to GameData\GalacticNeighborhood\Configs\Core\solarpanelsFix.txt If this is not disabled you will have a constant EC production from the solar panel regardless of light conditions. Obligatory picture: This was taken 0.02 AU from K-stor Bb (companion to the blue star in background - Galactic Neighborhood). Notice the crazy high EC - normally the probe would have melted - unfortunately this patch doesn't fix the lack of heat issues. Download Here. Source is included in the download. License CC BY-SA Any trouble reports would be welcome.
  11. Hello, Problem: Sadness caused by horrific vibration of vessels caused by ridiculous wobbling of OX-4L 1x6 solar panels. SAS disengaged I spent an enjoyable session adding solar panels to my LKO station using the smaller not retractable panels (gigantors not unlocked yet), docked my tug and left Jeb to admire his handywork. Next session I 'fly'my station from the docking station and watch in horror as the neat banks of panels start to wobble uncontrollably looking like they should tear off. The station is torquing about 2 or 3 axis by the look of it, rotating and looking like it wants to rip itself apart. If I undock the arms (girders, I-beams, clamp-o-trons each end) carrying the solar arrays the station settles down whilst the solar arrays move away still wobbling ridiculously taking my happiness with them I have recreated this at the launchpad as well. Not a problem when first deployed, only when I return to the vessel. No control input or SAS in either case. I've never seen this before and searched the forums and google but came up blank. I've investigated and come up blank, has anyone got any ideas? Modded 1.1.3. Thanks, - Thanks bewing for pointing me to a related known bug in the tracker
  12. I'm having trouble with the new creation of the solar panels, if earlier (in my opinion to version 1.0), they were clearly how to do, but now in the cfg are just. MODULE { name = ModuleDeployableSolarPanel animationName = ... resourceName = ElectricCharge chargeRate = 99.99 } } Opening the stock model, I noticed that they were standing on sunPivot, but did not help, there may be a trigger for ??? It would be interesting to know, did not find the information, perhaps badly. THX.
  13. In the flight-UI, have a button for toggling all solar panels. We already have some auto-action groups for gears, lights, brakes, abort, RCS, and a solar panel one is highly necessary. I know this has been suggested many times, but it will be again and again until it's added. And also, cabin lights should be toggled by the lights action group.
  14. I possible design a 2 axis solar panel and make it work ? With 1 suncatcher for Y axis and 1 suncatcher parent to Y axis for X axis ?