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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there This is a parts pack for Kerbal Space Program v1.2.2+, to recreate the glorious Eagle Transporter (N° 3) from the 70's series "Space: 1999". It's my first "mod" and it's a work in progress, so any suggestions and feedback from you are very welcome. Hope you enjoy it. Gallery http://imgur.com/a/zgmVI Tutorial: Launching the Eagle into orbit Downloads SPACEDOCK CURSE Changelog Version 1.03: - Added the Eagle Cargo Pod, with retractable legs, bui
  2. After getting the space 1999 eagle mod I found one called Eagle One and it came with a landing pad like on the show. My question is how to get that sucker up on the mun? It's way too heavy for any boosters or combo of boosters I have and it's all one peace. So far it's stuck on the ground. For that matter once we get to the mun, how are we going to land it?
  3. Hello. We are currently investigating a failure with the Gerry Anderson Space 1999 mod available at Spacedock. The failure is associated with the cockpit falling off the eagle for no apparent reason. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Please post any difficulties here. Thank you and keep flying. Skunk Works development.
  4. I don't know if this is the right place for this, so if it's not, feel free to relocate it. The Models and mods we create at Skunk Works, will be released through the spacedock site from time to time. Most of the sci-fi models are ridiculously powered to reflect the shows they come from. They do not adhere to physics. I use the basic required add ons such as firespitter, mechjeb and so on. Some of the meshes are scratch, some modified with owners permissions. If you see a model I show an image of, be patient, it will be available soon. Currently working on the AC1
  5. Coming soon, the Eagle Transporter. All pods, medlab, passenger, vip, cargo, sky crane, over drive booster, very well balanced, 238 tons mass, up to specs for the show Space 1999. Bored with casual trips to the min? Stay tuned.
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