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What is next platform, that KSP will be ported to?

What is next platform, that KSP will be ported to?  

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  1. 1. What is next platform, that KSP will be ported to?

    • Android
    • Gameboy
    • Microwave
    • Samsung TV (It can be done in Unity)
    • Vacuum Cleaner
    • My own suggestion, that i will post below now
    • Everything

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A desktop RPG with a mere 12-page ruleset, 20 pages of data tables, an Orbital Mechanics textbook. No dice (nothing ever fails after all), but a slide ruler. The players may not use a pocket calculator until they unlock lvl2 R&D.

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As many as we can make it compatible with ;)

Windows and Mac are a given, pretty much, but building to consoles not only requires a special license, you also need to code special shaders (for Xbox at least) and some other stuff. That and changing the inputs to something that makes sense in all platforms.



It has always been the intention of Felipe to bring KSP to every gamer he can, regardless of platform.

If KSP can be played on a system Unity supports, it will be, and in time our game of choice will be a household name, when you mention the word "Kerbal" you will not be met with vacant stares, you will meet fellow players.

Kerbals everywhere.

Bring it on.

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Thank goodness I still have my FastLoad cartridge for it.

haha noob everybody knows it's L shift-O :P

Seriously... how awesome would an Android port be? I may as well just give up on real life at that point...



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The salt content of this thread should have a dietary warning. Good grief...

Myself, I wouldn't mind if the game were reworked to run in some fashion on New 3DS. That would be quite nifty, though obviously there would be some rather significant changes to be made for that to work.

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