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  1. I'm playing on Mac, I expect people like me will just ignore KSP2 until it's ported. Sad really.
  2. In school I was taught that the plural of spacecraft was spacecraft.
  3. welcome! Nice to see a fellow michigander!
  4. sorry, I assumed folks would successfully interpret my humour.
  5. but where was she for the past 5 years?
  6. Try using launch clamps, and elevate the vehicle slightly above the launch platform surface. This fixed it for me.
  7. May your next computer enjoy a longer life. However to be a bit more serious, I found that reducing graphic settings helps. I run KSP on a 2019 MacBook Pro, and also on a 2011 iMac. Both computers can handle RO/RSS easily IF I reduce the graphics settings. I don't need 4k graphics presentations to visualise what going on. It would be nice in the future, but for now it's fine. One day I will obtain an ultimate windows gaming PC, but until then it's reduced settings...
  8. Perhaps they are hinting at new terrain features. Or it might be poor choice of words. One is to hope for and the other is for placing a bet on.
  9. Any thoughts as to if and/or when CKAN will be compiled for macOS beyond 32 bit? It's not a deal breaker or an issue - just a question.
  10. I'll see your "console first" and raise you with a "Mac OS only" straight flush - BAM!
  11. WDIDIKSPT? I waited for a Dev blog update.
  12. reading this entire sequence of messages in this thread is likely even more entertaining as the actual Mod itself! Regardless, I will try this mod and then consider how best to describe it at some point in the future.
  13. K.S.P. or M.A.S.H. ??? Stop the bleeding and get it back into action regardless of other lingering issues. EDIT: Regardless, a fix is a fix.
  14. That which was never born cannot die, and that which can never die will live forever in our false memories or threads like these.
  15. Well said. Also, people forget that all software has bugs even after passing a QA process. Also, QA in present times now includes community input - and game that arrises from a community/early-access mode retains many aspect of its earlier community QA approach. We should all continue to support community bug identification and documentation - its all in our best interest.
  16. Cool! So, it's a switch (Or a DLC - thank you @DStaal) so there is no player barrier in this hypothetical scenario We should likely assume that the switch/DLC includes the necessary parameter changes to parts/contracts/science. Oh and BTW, your "100% Sure-ness Prediction Capability" is not functioning correctly - see last paragraph... Now, just for clarity - when you say that the problem is player barriers, and then you say that if it is a switch then it wouldn't be a barrier, but the switch would never be used - are you saying that this solution is actually a barrier if a player chooses not to use it? This is not a criticism, it's just that I am not following your line of logic. And also just for clarity - then you state that because of parts, ST would have to delay KSP2 "further". Have any delays been announced? Just curious, because I haven't read anything about that (But I'm not on the forum nearly as much as most, so it might be my fault for not being up to date) And lastly, for the record, I personally don't care when KSP2 is delivered. The concept looks great, the gameplay is not defined enough for me to have an opinion and frankly, It looks like the player engagement model is exactly the same as KSP. In my opinion, ST really need to come up with something that is extra special and therefore my expectation is that they would take the necessary time. Thank for taking the time to respond my previous post - much appreciated!
  17. Clarity is most effective when established up front. The OP is confusing.
  18. Currently the restocked and restocked+ links via the GitHub are identical - slightly confusing
  19. Fo clarification, my perspective would be that any RSS option conceived fro the base game would entirely optional and perhaps a difficulty setting prior to starting a new game. It would NOT be a barrier to new players
  20. I'm thinking of the original lost in space series from the mid-1960s. And I do not care what KSP versions ultimately exist. So to be clear, there are three LOS media entities out there: 1) The 1960's TV series (amazing except for the vegetable episode - which on another level could actually be the finest piece of television Sci-fi ever produced - depending on the viewer's perspective of course) 2) The Movie (with Matt Leblanc as the only redeemable element) 3) A modern series (is it Netflix? whatever...) which is also rather good (the actor who plays Will Robinson is well deserving all praise, he's great - also he's likely the closest to being Kerbal sized) so... as they say in olden-times, "Pick your poison"...
  21. Do it. the implementation mechanism can be debated, obviously. I disagree regarding to reliance of mods on this subject. I think KSP should provide a “base” RSS that can support a wide range of part mods. you all will likely oppose me, but that’s ok.
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