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KSP - Walker


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Bubbadevlin Presents

The Stock Walker


As far as i know, this is the first successful walker in KSP without mods. It however is extremely complex with 6 separate moving parts in the entire craft, and over 500 parts. It is powered by 20, yes 20, basic jet engines in a turboprop configuration. It uses landing gear for their incredibly high durability and break strength as feet. The walker can currently only run for about 5 minutes on its 800 liquid fuel, and carries only one Kerbal.

To turn you must use the hotkeys 1 and 2. Hotkey 1 turns left, and 2 right. These hotkeys raise large landing gears, which prevent one foot from hitting the ground, causing the other side to move forward faster. This was the only way I could make it turn, but it also means that the turns are highly inaccurate and laggy.

Here is a quick video of me driving it around.

This craft does work, however I cannot tell you how many times i crashed during the development, and even at lowest settings KSP

runs at 2 FPS when I am driving it. Use at your own risk

The pre-flight setup is fairly complex and here are the steps.

1)Activate breaks and decouple the first stage

2)Deactivate breaks and decouple the second stage

3) Throttle up the engines and activate them. Wait until they spool up, this will usually take about 1 minute.

4) After this period the walker will start moving forward. It should be fairly stable, with a speed of roughly 8 m/s

DOWNLOAD - But prepare for lagzilla

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Wait, Mediafire has ads? Living without AdBlock must be hell.

Rune. I pity those who don't know about it, seriously.

Then pity me Rune.. Thanks for letting us know about it.

I am trying to move everything to KerbalX. Then we can bask in Kats magnificence.

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Thanks everyone!, and MajorJim, turning on the wheel breaks means that the feet dont just slide, and have grip.

Odd that you have to request access, sorry everyone!

That's what I thought, does it makes things better? In my head movies it seemed to make a positive difference.

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Well without the breaks on they would not move, and just kinda moonwalk in place. I used landing gear as well because they were so durable.

Also i should have fixed the download, darn google

I see what I did.. It looked like the brakes where off in the vid because its focused on a part without wheels. Whoops.

Keep refining it dude. Is miniaturization possible?

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Thanks for fixing the download. I have just tried it and I think you should be thoroughly proud of this beast you have created! It actually ran surprisingly well on my PC. I like how you have made the smaller bearings and might emulate them as they work better than similar ones I have tried. I note you have stacked some of the jets onto each other. Does that work? I would have thought the front jet blocks all the ones behind it. Also, if you want to get more power, the blades the jets push on have to be further away from the centre of rotation, although that does lead to space limitations. You can also disable all the brakes on the bearing wheels.

Amazing job! I liked the music too but I half wonder if you should have used Chariots of Fire. :D

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Thanks again to everyone!, also Rthsome, note that the video is sped up x2, so it really only goes 8 m/s, although comparatively i guess that is quick..

And yes redshift the clipped jet engines do work, there is a small "sensing" buffer to when the jets realize they are blocked, as long as you keep within that, it works fine.

Yes i am sure it could be miniaturized, but it would be hard considering the size of the landing gear, i really just went for stability in the design process

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