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[1.05] Zaywa Solar System Pack

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This is part one of the Zaywa Solar System Pack (also my first mod!), a solar system designed specifically to have unique planets and moons. The bodies included in part 1 are Zaywa-221, Zarya-BBC, Hade, Pike, Rayne, Kepler, Sahra, Galleon, Zomg, Woh and the mysterious Planet X. Part 2 will include the rest of the moons, Borag and some fixes to the already existing planets. If you know how to solve any of the issues associated with the pack, please let me know about a solution so I can fix it. The Zaywa Solar System Pack requires Kopernicus and the latest version of Hyperedit_1.4.2 to function properly. Hyperedit is currently required to have an ocean on Zomg and to adjust the atmospheric pressure of some of the planets.

Development Thread:

Download Link (Part 1):http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/zaywa-solar-system-pack-part-1?gameCategorySlug=shareables&projectID=242342

The Zaywa Solar System currently features:

  • Binary star system.
  • A "puffy planet" (actual scientific term)
  • Amusing lore with bad puns.
  • Stock-alike naming?
  • Easter Eggs. (Hints: "What is Planet X?", "Treasure Maps", "Patience is key," "Numbers.")
  • Compatibility with most popular planet packs, including Kerbal Galaxy and most of the popular planet packs.
  • Absurdly high science values.
  • Memes.


Known Issues:

  • Incorrectly colored rims appear on most of the planets. I can't seem to figure out why this happens, though.
  • The day/night sides of the terrestrial planets do not seem to match up with Zaywa's sunlight.
  • Sahra's oceans may appear spazzy.
  • Overheating in Pike's lava oceans is often unpredictable. Land there at your own risk.

Triva Facts:

  • Woh's green coloration is actually caused by an unforeseen bug that strangely made Woh turn out better in my opinion.
  • Galleon was originally supposed to be an oddly shaped planet that got its name from the way it wobbles.
  • Most of the planets in the Zaywa pack are actually based on real-life exoplanets that have been discovered.
  • I intended to have an asteroid belt between Rayne and Kepler.
  • Zomg's atmosphere tearing ships apart is completely intentional and not an issue.

Confirmed Changes:

  • More terrestrial bodies.
  • Better ambient lighting.
  • With enough requests, I may include a silhouette of Planet X.
  • Galleon will be renamed "Palleon".
  • A new biome map for Palleon and working biome maps for most of the terrestrial bodies, including Rayne and its singular biome: Endless Ocean.
  • More moons and some lore alterations.
  • A complete makeover for Sahra, Rayne and Borag.

Special thanks to @ProtoJeb21. Without him, the Zaywa Solar System Pack would not be possible.


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Added Confirmed Changes.
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4 hours ago, 123nick said:

hey, will this work with new horizons, OPM, and trans-keptunian?

EDIT: Yes, the Zaywa Solar System Pack shouldn't interfere with any other planet packs. If it does, you can just use the required Hyperedit to fix it. Hope this helps!

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I figured out how to get a photo album to work so you guys can see my progress thus far. Planets are susceptible to getting complete makeovers between releases. The most likely candidates for makeovers at the moment are Sahra (which WILL get a makeover), Rayne and Borag in that order. Zomg may get a small set of rings in the future because it just looks naked without something besides its radius to indicate just how truly massive the planet/star is.

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Sahra's going to get a makeover.
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