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  1. KSP Challenge: Visit Eve's atmosphere!

    This is one challenge that I will definitely be able to do. Why? I'm already designing a manned Eve mission in my SCIENCE!!! mode save. It's called Ausra Station, and it may just work for this challenge. Ausra is going to be a very...interesting station. It will be delivered to Eve in a two-part manned interplanetary craft. The main part of the station - which is a science lab with experiments, probe control, RCS, and solar panels - will be launched in between an engine module with 4-6 km/s of dV and a crew control module. When the ship gets to a stable Eve orbit, the two parts of the return vessel with undock with it and allow the station to move itself out. Then the two return vessel modules will re-dock and be ready to head back home. My original design had a 1-seat Cupola capsule for the control module, but I will have to replace that with that 3-seat Apollo-like capsule for this mission. Also, to complete this challenge, I will need to add an inflatable heat shield to the craft and TWO descent probes to be dropped off during atmospheric entry. Another thing to note: there will be two "bars" with solar panels that will be docked to the craft in Low-Kerbin Orbit after launch. I have some screenshots of the work-in-progress station and the Trans-Eve vessel that I hyperedited into orbit for a quick test (don't worry, I reverted the flight afterwards). Because of the extra weight that will be added to the craft, I will need to edit the engine stage to have enough dV to compensate. However, the station-return vessel combo craft will have about 4 km/s of dV once in LKO, which may be a bit...excessive. I'm thinking of maybe doing a Gilly landing and/or a Duna flyby to burn off my excess fuel.
  2. [WIP] Upsilon Kandromedae System

    You know, I should probably release what I have of the mod soon...
  3. Looks like I’m going to have to release version 1.3.0a soon. It’ll have working configs and stellar brightness curves, and will work for KSP 1.3.1 and Kopernicus 1.3.1-6. It’s essentially just going to be what I have done so far for the full 1.3.0 version of the mod, minus EVE and Scatterer (those are still in dev). Keep in mind that 1.3.0a will be nowhere near a complete, finished update.
  4. A lot of systems found by me and others on Exoplanet Explorers have been validated by Mayo et al., so expect a huge post covering them sometime today or tomorrow. I will also be presenting more interesting new finds as well, including a new five-planet system.
  5. Around 100 newly validated K2 planets! Several of my systems (EPIC 201528828, EPIC 212157262, EPIC 228801451) have been validated as actual multi-planetary systems!

    1. Spaceception



      Were any of them potentially habitable?

    2. ProtoJeb21


      Only bright stars were targeted in this study, which meant NO red dwarfs, which also means no potentially habitable candidates. But I figured out that I may be able to use the VESPA code mentioned in the paper to validate planet candidates on my own. 

  6. Something terrible happened in Florida today. I won’t specifically mention it in case the mods gets mad, but it is horrific how stuff like this is so common and so often done by teenagers. What do they find in this that makes it worth their time? Why do they find such terrible actions “satisfying”? My condolences go out to the families of the deceased, the 3000+ people immediately impacted by the event, and the thousands of other people in the community. No one deserves to be impacted by such a tragedy, and I can say that from a firsthand experience. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NSEP


      How can anything take pleasure in ruining bassicly anything alive? I will never understand that.

    3. NSEP


      I mean, really. How? Whenever i even think about altering a person's life in some way, i feel bad. 

      Some people are different i geuss?

    4. dundun92


      Apparently, they probably played too many shooting video games. 

  7. Weather Chat Megathread

    There’s a rapidly intensifying Category 4 equivalent tropical cyclone named Gita about to hit a tiny island nation in the South Pacific basin. Winds are currently at 145 mph with a central pressure of 930 mbar. It’s now the strongest tropical cyclone of 2018 so far, surpassing the 130 mph winds of Cyclone Cebile and the 940 mbar pressur of Cyclone Berguitta, both in the South West Indian Ocean basin.
  8. Say hello to Kepler-145b and K2-66b, two Mega-Earth exoplanets that were completely overlooked by the media. I honestly don't know how - they put K2-56b and pre-2017 Kepler-10c to SHAME. Kepler-145b is a so-called Supermassive Terrestrial Planet (SMTP) with almost 40 times the mass of Earth. It has over 5 times Earth's surface gravity and is likely made of rock and iron, with enormous internal pressures. K2-66b is also quite massive at about 22 time Earth's mass. Its density implies a mainly rocky composition with a small iron core and a thin steam atmosphere. Then again, thin is relative, as the atmosphere could be about 500 km thick with some amounts of metal oxides and hydroxides either on the surface or in the atmosphere.

  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    The dv value I posted was for the main vessel after its Moho transfer burn. I managed to get it into orbit between the time of this post and my last one, but barely any fuel was left. I could only get Hermes II in a heavily eccentric, polar orbit.
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    My giant Hermes II craft has 3,634 m/s of Delta-v in the main to-and-from Moho stage. Is that enough for a Moho orbital insertion and a return to Kerbin? Also, I realized that the Hermes II lander only has 536 m/s of Delta-v, which isn't enough for a Moho landing...on its own. I have an idea that could work.
  11. A nice quick video about the system, originally uploaded by NASA’s YouTube channel.
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    The past few days have been really bad. Not because of how I'm sick, but because of how little success I've had since my last big post here. I began constructing new equipment and vehicles for Minmus Base, and while they looked good on paper, almost all of them smashed into problems at orbit velocity...almost quite literally for a few. First I tried to launch Mivie Kerman's new transport vessel, the AMDRV (Advances Minmus Delivery/Return Vehicle) Montu II, but the huge mass of the craft posed quite the challenge for getting it into orbit. The first launch went well enough, but the lifter couldn't get the craft into a stable orbit. I then designed a far more powerful lifter, but it proved too unstable, causing the Montu II to be ripped apart at about 25 km up. I removed one of the giant fuel tanks in the lifter and launched again. Everything seemed to be going well...until just after a successful orbital insertion. Somehow, even with the craft's engines off, its apoapsis was increased and its periapsis decreasing. All control was lost, and when Mivie EVA'd, focus was kept on the craft. Eventually, it was put on a collision course with Kerbin, so I had no choice but to blow it up before reverting flight. After all this I gave in and launched a typical MDRV. Until I can figure out how the hell to get Montu II into orbit without breaking physics, this will have to do. Next I designed a skycrane/hovercraft to help transport modules and equipment for Minmus Base. It was designed similar to the skycrane used by Kerbal Space Command, because it looked like it could work quite well for my outpost. After some tests came the launch. Guess how well it turned out? Badly. I tried launching it thrice, and during all three times the spacecraft could not keep itself stable. I didn't get any screenshots of the failures, though. Following SIX failures, I decided to work on a Minmus Base rover and more advanced base connectors made of structural fuel tanks. The rover came out fine (it will need some adjustments), but the base connectors proved extremely difficult to pull off. I created a mock scenario where the rover would have to dock a base connector with a Minmus Base module with its landing gear undeployed. The rover was able to easily move around the connectors, but for some odd reason, whenever the module and connector would dock, part of the connector - including the docking port - would explode. I then tried a new connector module made of empty SRBs, but that ended up being WAY too heavy to move. Finally, I made a connector out of four inline crew cabins, and it worked. Yay! Unfortunately, I only got screenshots of the first design. Next time I'm able to play KSP, I will need to make sure EVERYTHING that I presented here is able to work properly, then send them all to Minmus with some extra cargo. I'm hoping to bring as many as 8 base connectors on that third MDRV, but it may be too much for it to handle. 2-4 should work. I will also need to perform a correction burn for Hermes II to make sure its Moho periapsis is at about 15 km, following @eddiew's advice.
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    I have a quick question: My enormous Hermes II spacecraft is heading towards a Moho encounter from an eccentric solar orbit. While it does have a huge storage of liquid fuel and 8 nuclear engines, I want to be as efficient as possible to make sure Hermes II can deliver its gathered science back into Kerbin orbit. What should my initial Moho capture orbit be in order to use the least amount of fuel possible?
  14. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Got a snow day (barely any snow but a LOT of ice and slush), had 9,001 failed rocket launches (okay not that much), started fixing up the Wikipedia pages for the TRAPPIST-1 planets, and found out my foster cat wants to eat Tide Pods.
  15. Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion thread

    I’m pretty sure it’s because of the time period this movie takes place in. Looks to be at least 10 years before A New Hope.