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  1. T-2 days: Enroute to South Carolina! Currently in West Virginia for the first time. I was also able to test the eclipse glasses, and they work perfectly.

    I won't be as active for the next week-ish, so whatever you do, DON'T spam me with notifications!

    (oh I am going to get SO many :P)

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    2. ProtoJeb21


      1.) Nope, it's more inland on a less crowded interstate. That didn't stop all those car crashes and runaway trailers.

      2.) I haven't seen these guys in years, so it definitely is a cool treat. The nests are getting less common in North Carolina, however.

      (yes I'm finally in another state)

    3. ProtoJeb21


      Okay, why is there construction work being done on major highways during the busiest travel weekend in United States history? So close to SC and now it's going to take even LONGER.

      I may have to browse dank memes to satisfy my boredom.

    4. StupidAndy


      okay your out of VA so now I'm useless

      I'm really only useful in Northern VA, even then, eh...

  2. I wasn't aware of any huge issues with 1.3.0-5, and there's no way I can fix the mod anytime soon to be compatible with the latest Kopernicus version. Just use 1.3.0-4 for now, which is the version pre-packaged with IA-Revived.
  3. Yeah, I remember that the possibility of a third planet of GJ 832 within the habitable zone was predicted last year. I hope they can find it - or maybe even more worlds!
  4. 820 megs? I thought it was only around 400!!! (maybe I should start using .dds files. I heard they take up a lot less space)
  5. PRE-RELEASE 1.2.9 UPLOADED TO SPACEDOCK This update includes all the features so far completed for the Grand Update of 1.3.0. This means that there are likely many bugs and unfinished things, so just be patient and enjoy the plethora of features currently in it. I will not be able to work on this mod for the next few weeks. This is due to my vacation to North/South Carolina, the 2017 Eclipse, and the busy end-of-summer schedule.
  6. T-3 days: The hype is building up! I'm leaving for SC tomorrow, the forecast is improving, and the eclipse is just a handfull of days away!

    1. StupidAndy


      luckily I don't have to start torture/school until I have no clue day, so I should be able to see it! :D

    2. Urses


      You Lucky boy! Much of fun and great shots

  7. I have really bad news... Just during the last day, two of my three Virginia Creeper Sphinx larvae passed away due to malnourishment, as their host plant would dry up within 24 hours. Even worse, my Pandorus Sphinx larva has died. The change in environments, caused by me not knowing where to put it after exposing it, likely killed this specimen. My other species were not doing so well either, so I released quite a few of them. The ones I set free today were the Hickory Tussock Moth, Red-Humped Prominent, and final Virginia Creeper sphinx. I set them free at the same place where I found the latter. The good news is that the populations there are doing very well. In fact, the surviving Red-Humped Prominents are HUGE now! I also saw Red-Tailed Hawk, which is always quite cool to see. Pictures coming later. As of right now, my 6 Milkweed specimens are doing nicely in a 10-gallon tank all to themselves. EDIT: Images!
  8. T-5 days: HURRY UP ALREADY!

    (so far today has been very bad, so I just can't wait to get to SC)

  9. Another system for today! This time it's the five confirmed exoplanets of Kepler-296 A, a red dwarf in a wide binary system with another small star. The planets have sizes ranging between 1.53 and 2.09 RE, which means that some will be rocky while other will have significant amounts of water and/or gas. A little overview for each planet: Kepler-296Ac (top left) is the first planet in the system and the second largest at 2 RE. It is rather similar to GJ 667Cb in terms of its environment. This has led me to believe that, like the latter, Kepler-296Ac may be a gas dwarf. The texture I used was a special Space Engine-made gas planet color map I gave to @daniel l. for his "To Boldly Go" project. Kepler-296Ab (bottom left) is the second smallest planet of the system at around 1.6 RE. Due to its "small" size and the likely strong tidal forces it may suffer, I believe this planet is a rocky world. The texture I made for it was that of a Titan-class planet in Space Engine, but I used a specific color scheme to make a desert-like world. I also removed its oceans when exporting. Kepler-296Ad (middle) is the largest planet of the system, which I believe to be a steamy oceanic world. I decided to give it a gas planet-like cloud cover that just barely shows the water below. However, I tried to go for a cloud texture that didn't hide as much of the surface, which proved to be almost impossible to do without getting a terrible result. Kepler-296Ae (top right) is one of the two habitable zone planets of the system, and is the smallest planet of Kepler-296A. As such it is very likely a rocky world. I gave it a desert-dominated texture inspired by a previous Space Engine replica of the entire system. While receiving 40% more sunlight than Earth, it may be habitable if it has a reflective cyclone on the front side made of water vapor. Such a scenario is depicted here. Kepler-296Af (bottom right) is the third-largest and most promising planet of the system. Based on its rather low stellar flux (62% that of Earth) and its large radius (1.8 RE), I made this world a half-frozen ocean planet with some water-filled areas on the back side. I tried to give it a cyclone with only three arms, but the issue that I mentioned in my Tau Ceti post struck again. Now the cyclone looks decent, but rather...weird.
  10. just gave me a good idea...what I will do is cut a cloud map in half, then map it to sphere. If not then I'll try you're idea. If none of those work, darn. UPDATE: None of the methods work. DARN.
  11. I made a composite image of the two habitable zone planets of Tau Ceti. The first (e) is a tropical/desert world barely holding onto its water, while the second (f) is a freezing world covered in icy archipelagos and cold oceans. Both have numerous impact basins due to the large asteroid/Kuiper belt in the system. Using the "Fog" tool I mentioned in my Kepler-1625b drawing, I managed to make my first-ever nebulous background for an exoplanet image. I wanted to add clouds to both worlds - I even made cloud maps for the both of them - but I ran into a problem. Due to the fact that most of each cloud map is a clear background, when mapped into a sphere it almost "overlaps" on itself. It can be best seen with my rendition of the Super-Venus EPIC 220221272e: See the issue? It doesn't look nice for the types of clouds I wanted for Tau Ceti e and f, so I decided to not include it. Darn.
  12. I've finally found out the true evil of the Fidget Spinner trend. The Dank Meme Lords (aka Reddit and 4chan) have turned it into quite a cruel meme that ticks me off almost as much as the Emoji Movie - which means I hate it a LOT. I hope people understand specifically what I'm taking about, because I don't feel it's right to directly mention it here.

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    2. electricpants


      I have no idea XD

    3. StupidAndy


      I'm not sure, because we're nerds with nothing else to do in the summer


    4. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures


      A common story here, StupidAndy.

  13. *facepalm* *facetable* *faceplanet*
  14. The crash was probably caused by how huge the mod is (over 300 kigabytes). Did you run it with KSP x64 bit?
  15. Possibly both a 2, 5, 7, 11, and 12. Because nothing is ever simple.