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  1. If there’s any good news, Matt apparently has regained access to his channel (he just posted a new KSP video), and he mentioned on his Discord that the copyright stuff is being worked on.
  2. If anyone’s interested about what the new COPPA ruling means for YouTube, MatPat just made a video on it:
  3. Sorry, I misspoke. The issue with the new COPPA rule is that it is so vague and has such a high consequence — a $42,000 fine for mislabeling a video as child-friendly or not.
  4. YouTube is killing itself at this point. It’s trying so hard to appease massive corporations and groups like the FTC that it has completely lost sight of what it was supposed to be: a place for creators to thrive and post quality content. The more YouTube continues their poor practices or implements even worse systems (like the new COPPA rule that is probably going to demonitize most kid-friendly channels), the more creators will be leaving the site for others that don’t have corporations exploiting faulty copyright rules to get a quick buck out of someone else’s hard work. As much as I enjoy watching YouTube, it’s very likely we will see it collapse within the next few years, especially with Article 13 on the horizon. Unless YouTube has a major change and decides to be better to their creators like they used to, they’re doomed. More and more people will leave, and the problems faced by smaller (<1 mil subs) channels will almost certainly be felt by even the biggest.
  5. Matt lost his first appeal:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet Is YouTube going to answer his pleas? Of course it won’t.
  6. That’s why I put it in quotations. Once YouTube says that, you know they’re not going to give you a second thought, especially if you’re so far under 1 million subs like Matt. It’s a cheap way of letting you think they might do something when in reality they’re just going to forget you and focus on the money-making 10+ mil channels.
  7. Matt posted an update video: As you may have guessed, YouTube is doing nothing other than saying they’re going to “look into it”. SonyATV has also copyright claimed a few other videos that didn’t even have the “Dreams” song. But KSP content will continue regardless.
  8. I think it’s too old to be in r/all today. Maybe it was last night when it was nearing 10k upvotes. The next best option, surprisingly, is to make a meme about this and post it to r/Dankmemes. They sure love ripping apart companies/organizations/people that do terrible or stupid stuff (PETA saying Steve Irwin deserved his death, Disney saying no to Spider-Man being on a kid’s grave, J K Rowling giving us WAY too much Harry Potter info, etc). A good meme about YouTube’s flawed copyright system allowing for Sony to unfairly target a small creator (<500k subs) is sure to get plenty of updoots and attention. And yes, it may sound stupid that a meme could help save an entire channel from corporate exploitation, but we’ve gotta work with what we’re given.
  9. Most or all of Matt Lowne’s KSP videos have been copyright claimed for a song that is supposed to be free to use. There’s a dangerous chance his channel could be terminated and his struggles could go unnoticed because it’s so small in the grand scheme of things. However, if the Reddit post about it gets enough upvotes, it might reach r/all and bring this to the attention of the Reddit community. 

  10. I recommend as many people as possible post this around: The more upvotes, the more likely it will get to r/all and get much needed attention. Matt’s channel isn’t big enough for it alone to get people to know about this issue
  11. Welp, I’m back...except without the best of news. Most of Matt’s KSP videos were copyright claimed by SonyATV, because apparently they’re claiming this song he uses in his intros is theirs, even though it came from a collection of copyright-free songs. He explains the situation here: This really shouldn’t be happening, but you know 2019 YouTube. They care more about money and looking good for other companies than being there for creators trying to make good content.
  12. The problem with a hydrogen envelope is that it would probably trigger a runaway greenhouse effect, and/or smother the “surface” under extremely high pressures that would make almost all life impossible.
  13. On Wednesday, two separate teams of astronomers released their findings about water vapor detected in the atmosphere of the temperate Super-Earth/Mini-Neptune K2-18b. Naturally, the press went nuts with this story. I’ve seen a lot of articles calling K2-18b a “rocky” and “habitable” planet, and several annoyed astronomers in response to said articles. The thing is, even though the detection of water clouds in a small habitable zone planet is a landmark discovery, it does NOT immediately prove that K2-18b is habitable. Let’s start with the basics...which are already a little confusing. There are two sets of parameters for the host star; the first, which has been used most often and in the initial discovery and RV result papers on the planet, put K2-18 at around 39-42% the radius and mass of the Sun. The second, newer set uses Gaia and 2MASS data, and puts the star at about 47-49% the radius and mass of the Sun. This discrepancy is important because it radially changes the composition of K2-18b. All studies agree that the planet is in a 33-day orbit around a small red dwarf, gets similar sunlight as Earth, and is between 8 and 9 times the mass but is significantly less dense than Earth. Here we get into the first thing many of those news articles got wrong: K2-18b is NOT a purely rocky world. The older papers put the planet at 8-8.5 Earth masses and 2.2-2.4 Earth radii, with a density of roughly 3.5 g/cm3. This implies K2-18b has a large rocky interior, but also a significant fraction of volatiles, either a water mantle, a thin H/He envelope, or a combination of both. The H/He envelope for a planet of this size and density would be less than 1% of its total mass, likely below 0.5%. However, the newer radius estimate of 2.7x Earth (with a density down to 2.2-2.4 g/cm3) can allow for a thicker H/He up to 2-3% of the planetary mass. Even with this level of uncertainty, K2-18b can be ruled out as having a solid Earth-like surface. The detection of water vapor actually makes the chances of K2-18b habitable even worse. If the atmosphere was made of heavy molecules (N, O2, CO2, etc), water vapor would be hard to detect because such an atmosphere wouldn’t be as high up. However, a primarily hydrogen and helium atmosphere would allow for water to be detected more easily, even if it’s less than 0.1% of K2-18b’s atmospheric composition. The strong detection of water vapor means that K2-18b has retained at least most of its primordial H/He envelope, which is very bad for the development of life. One important thing to note is the exact abundance’s of water and H/He are still unknown. Could K2-18b only have a small amount of hydrogen on top of a water mantle? Sure, but it could also be a dry rocky core with a thicker H/He envelope and no chance of any sort of life. The point is, K2-18b is a pretty bad “potentially habitable” planet; it may be a great stepping stone to characterizing the atmospheres of small temperate planets, but it certainly isn’t the jackpot just yet.
  14. I guess one of my wishes has been granted: I was hoping for an LHS 1140 b like planet (a gigantic temperate Super-Earth with >2g), and one of the few planets revealed in the Q&A does seem to fit this description. No hints to whether it orbits a red dwarf or a more Sun-like star.
  15. I’m not surprised about the lack of an atmosphere; orbiting closer to a feisty red dwarf than Callisto does to Jupiter, LHS 3844b is practically staring down the gun barrel of its star, and is subjected to far greater radiation than most other red dwarf planets. What I am surprised about is its relatively cool temperature. Yes, a day side temperature of ~1100 K is high, but the planet is orbiting so close to such a dense star that I expected significant tidal forces to warm LHS 3844b to higher temperatures, probably at least 1300-1500 K. There is currently no evidence of tidal forces melting parts of the crust all around the planet; however, tidal-induced volcanism on a smaller scale cannot be ruled out. I spoke to Laura Kreidberg a few weeks ago, and she said that her analysis was not sensitive enough to detect night side temperatures below ~700 K, which means that less dramatic tidal heating would’ve gone by undetected. LHS 3844b would be an absolute nightmare to land on if someone ever makes a mod for KSP with it. It lacks an atmosphere like Tylo, but 1.) orbits very close to a star, 2.) probably has magma on the surface, 3.) is hotter than Eve, and 4.) could have up to TWICE the surface gravity of Tylo.