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Blue Hawk Aerospace

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Blue Hawk Aerospace

Blue Hawk Aerospace is a general aviation mod that I aim to fill some of the niche roles of parts that are currently missing from the KSP modding world. Hopefully you enjoy the parts and let me know if you would like to see something added!



Part Pictures:







*The folding main wings need to be placed separately left/right, if you just mirror place them the wings will fold opposite directions. This is caused by a KSP symmetry issue and is not something that is fixable.

*All parts are tweakscale compatible

*Make sure you download the most recent update available at the download link, I will keep old downloads there also

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Updated to be compatible with BD Armory features added as part of the "v1.0.0 - Under the radar, over the horizon" update. If you are still using an older version of BD Armory do not download any future updates, they are not backwards compatible. I will keep the backwards compatible version at the download link as well as new ones so if youre running an old version simply grab the outdated download. If youre running the newest BD Armory updates, grab the newest updates. 


I am also about 100% sure there will be bugs/issues with this version, so please let me know here if there is. Thanks and enjoy!


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