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  1. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    @sarbian Hmm, yeah the link looks broken. That's odd. Was it this post?
  2. Goat

  3. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    This is the meaning of the EULA. Your personal data is safe.
  4. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    That doesn't apply to you, obviously, because you never gave it to them. Just the same as the bit about prizes doesn't apply to you because you never won anything and there are no competitions. See?
  5. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Should be fixed now, hopefully
  6. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    OK I take it all back. We're all doomed.
  7. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    For those who are concerned about the "You're not allowed to copy it" clause, it was in the old EULA as well, but the FAQ on the main page says: Other questions are answered there as well: Source:
  8. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Gotcha. Yes that was unfortunate indeed.
  9. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    @scimas, don't worry man, I'm on your side. Sorry if it appeared as though I was putting words in your mouth - it wasn't intentional. If you would like to see the terms again for screenshots etc, you can go to the top of the page and click "Guidelines". P. S. I made a small edit to your post to make it in line with those guidelines (PM me if you don't get what I mean)
  10. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    @severedsolo with names like that, context is everything. Fanny Kerman as a name in an innocent setting should be absolutely fine. But if someone starts making dirty jokes about them, that will be absolutely not OK.
  11. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Sounds like a job for... Is it a bird? a plane? No, it's @ManeTI!
  12. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Ah right, in that case I understand what the concern was all about. The add-on rules have not been changed since November 2017, and the only change back then was to add 1.1 about including other licensed work with your add-on. But you weren't to know that until agreeing to the terms. Yes, I can see that must have been disturbing. Heh, I never noticed that. Thanks for pointing it out - I will pass that along
  13. Asteroids 2.4 Now Open Source

    @frizzank has kindly provided new download links, which have been added to the OP. He also says:
  14. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Are you referring to the links at the bottom of the page - these ones? None of those are rules you must read and agree to in order to access the forums. Or do you mean at the top of the page? Those links lead off-site, and I'd be very surprised if they didn't work without first agreeing to the guidelines. Also, just to confirm that the forum rules that you all just agreed to haven't changed - they just refer to TakeTwo instead of Squad. EDIT: I guess you missed the outcry before they clarified that They previously also had an "All Your Stuff Are Belong To Us" clause.
  15. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Yes I understand. I was merely pointing out that so far, Squad hasn't taken a bunch of MIT-licensed mods and started selling them, even though they are legally allowed to. I'm not sure why they would start doing that, and I'm also quite sure that any change to the EULA doesn't trump the license you choose for your mod.