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  1. Great choices! But how do you nominate a thread?
  2. I hereby present you with the ultimate enemy: the ravages of time:
  3. I thought the grid fins were the catch/lift points.
  4. Just like everyone else, unfortunately the thread cannot be clicked.
  5. @Dominiquini Sorry to have to do this to you but I had so snip the link to your download because you are effectively releasing a fork, which is permitted by the licence in this case but means you need to start a new thread for your fork and follow all the requirements in the add-on posting rules to keep it legal. Sorry to disappoint you, but thanks for trying to be helpful!
  6. All of them become Moon hoaxers instead. People will be people. I wish all flat earthers could take a trip to orbit.
  7. [Moderator's hat on] Some political content has been removed. It's just a game, but please don't bring politics onto our forum.
  8. Stormpilot suddenly receives an unexpected delivery: every single Calvin and Hobbes book that was ever printed. Truck after truck line up on the street to unload the many thousands of books. @AlamoVampire also turns up to demand information about what is going on. I wish for a forum that worked properly on mobile phones.
  9. A large modders convention is called, and enthusiasts from all over the globe come together thanks to their mutual love of KSP and the community. At the keynote address, linuxgurugamer holds a stirring lecture about the power of community and the importance of unity. He encourages all modders to keep their work up to date with the last version of KSP for the good of the community and spaceflight enthusiasts alike. Those in the audience are moved to tears by his emphatic presentation and all vow to start work immediately on one final update before retirement upon returning home. Unfortunately for kerbiloid, one little typo causes all mods to be reverted to 1.1.2. I wish I didn't just get ninja'd by Dientus as I was proofreading that.
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