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  1. How does the width of the legs help avoid the problems of landing on regolith?
  2. Practical Engineering just released a fascinating video giving insight into a problem SpaceX had with their launch pad, and I have a whole new level of respect for anyone able to actually land on another planet/moon!
  3. No, I would never do that (or would I?). Let's just agree that the English language - especially written English - is a hopeless mess, but it has been a pleasure to derail the thread because of it.
  4. Oh absolutely! Do whatever your instructor/supervisor tells you to do, and follow the required style guide if you are writing for a journal. Well, that depends on who you're writing for - another institution might require the fourth dot.
  5. There seems to be disagreement online (who would have thought?). If you're writing a scholarly paper, there should be a style guide you need to stick to, otherwise, most information I can find online is that there should be a period at the end if you're American https://www.grammarly.com/blog/ellipsis/ but that seems less common in the UK. Look closely at the very last example in that link. There's at least one more on the same page. EDIT: Even the other link uses four....
  6. Unless there are alternative rules (I haven't checked), an ellipsis would normally be followed by a full stop (a period for those who speak alternative English) when ending a sentence.
  7. @Alexoff, I would love to know how game development works in your mind. Do you imagine an entire team all working continuously on a single part non-stop until it is ready, and then move on to the next one? Can you think of any other possible reason why we are only now getting to see the final model?
  8. Ah I see those rods extending through to the inside now, thanks! I'm still unsure what is it that moves it back and forth, though.
  9. It's Beautiful! But I'm having difficulty seeing where the extending pistons retract into. They seem to just magically extend and retract, no? Probably not important.
  10. Yes, that is what pedant means, as far as I know.
  11. A few years ago, the word we don't allow on this forum for the German army in WWII was automatically changed to "bad person". The word filter was later changed to "pedant". Moderators can edit their own posts without the edit being visible, though I usually tick the box to make the edit visible. In this case, I forgot about the change to "pedant" when I typed my joke and made a quick edit within seconds and figured nobody had had a chance to read it yet so no need to tick the box. Oh well.
  12. Hehe, welcome to the grammar pedant thread.
  13. I did not call anyone out, and I did not point at any specific comment. If you think I am annoyed at anyone, you are mistaken. This isn't the place to discuss that though, but feel free to take it up in a PM with me if there's anything you want clarified or if you disagree.
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