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  1. I have actually never heard of using the camera that way. What a brilliant idea, and what a shame it can't be done anymore! Welcome to the community, @Zanaten, I hope to see more cool ideas and projects from you in the future
  2. Mods in Stock

    Some posts removed because they were a little rude. I said to prove me RIGHT not prove me wrong.
  3. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    Do we know if the Unity upgrades could do anything about the wheels and landing gear so we don't have to rely on autostruts?
  4. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    Sorry if I misrepresented you. I have only seen you post about the art quality. But of course, most of us appreciate quality in all areas of the game.
  5. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    There are surprisingly few people who think of this. Thanks for pointing it out, I think it's very important.
  6. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    I don't know, either. I'm looking forward to finding out
  7. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    @passinglurker I guess it's a question of what they choose to prioritise. Different people have widely polarised views as to what they view as important. I get the impression that the graphics are very important to you and others, but for many people, an engine update is much more interesting. It's a simple matter of differing priorities.
  8. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    I really love the astronomy news in these weeklies. It's always a highlight for me.
  9. Development Update for Consoles!

    @page3of8, here's the latest one
  10. Forum devs and moderators :)

    That post successfully puts into words why this is the first forum I ever stuck around in Oh, and moved to Kerbal Network because I'm evil
  11. Nobody has done anything wrong here, but we have decided to close this thread to keep the discussion all in one place. A thread about what mods we don't want in stock will invariably include comments about what we do want in stock, and vice versa. So this topic has been closed in favour of the other one.
  12. Development Update for Consoles!

    Are you sure about that? KSP was supposed to be pulled from the console stores months ago.
  13. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    Just a little jiggle from time to time. Nothing terribly odd. It would have been interesting to leave it there and timewarp... I'll have to experiment with that another time, but I have a hunch it will just clip and explode.
  14. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    ...and 23 more science
  15. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    Hmmmm... Challenge accepted. See you in a few months