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  1. I thought we were on his 979th clone.
  2. Someome playing KSP2 will have a save in which a certain Kaptin James T. Kerman of the starship Enterprise will do a slingshot maneuvre too close to the sun and accidentally travel back in time.
  3. I didn't offer an opinion. I paraphrased the history of KSP production. If you read blame into that, then that's your perogative.
  4. Guys, guys, you've forgotten how it works. This is the proper procedure: 1) Developers tell the users details of some feature they are planning to work on. 2) Some users get excited, others fly into a rage because they don't want that feature, and its very suggestion is robbing developer time from other things that are absolutely objectively far more important. 3) Developers realise that the feature isn't going to work as planned for some reason and the plans change. 4) Some users: "You lied to us!" 5) Developers are more careful about their communications moving forward. 6) Some users: "You haven't told us anything in weeks, you're deliberately hiding bad news otherwise you would have said something by now!" 7) Developers: "Here's an update" 8) Some users: "That's not good enough, we were expecting you show that other thing!" 9) Developers "Here's another update." 10) Some users: "OMG YOU STILL DIDN'T SHOW THE THING! You must be lying to us again because you did that before so it is an unequivocal fact that you are liars and the only conclusion is that you have cancelled the thing I was most looking forward to, which means we, the community, were all looking forward to it." 11) Developers: "Here's another update, and it's pre-alpha, which means it's actually in-game footage!" 12) Some users: "Pre-alpha?? You've barely even started the game! I don't know what pre-alpha means but it sure sounds like you haven't done anything at all, because "alpha" is a recognised industry-wide concept that means "awful piece of junk that isn't ready for release" and "pre" means before even that. AND YOU DIDN'T MENTION THE THING! You are clearly deliberately avoiding the issue because I know for a fact that you read all my messages, so you are just lying again. We demand the thing, and we demand that you report your progress to us (especially about the thing) on a regulator basis, otherwise we will refuse to stop demanding these things! What's more, we refuse to pre-order the game until such time as a pre-order system is set up, and if you don't tell us about the thing, we won't buy the game until it's RELEASED! That'll teach ya."
  5. Hi @Askert, it looks like you accidentally posted this in the Portuguese section, so I've moved it here to Gameplay Questions in English.
  6. Since then, they have significantly increased the scope of the game, the developers moved over to a new company, and COVID-19 came. Simple.
  7. With the latest information having been just made available, this thread is no longer needed, so we'll lock this now. Please see here for the latest news on the release window:
  8. Back in my Amiga days, people would get so mad they would write in to complain to all the Amiga mags if anyone even hinted at releasing a piece of software that wouldn't run on a bog standard A500. They wanted the new-fangled 3D games, but "it requires a 68030 accelerator and 2 MB RAM expansion, are you kidding me?"
  9. It seems to be a rarity these days that people can acknowledge the feelings of others. For that, you get internet points from the Positive Forum Movement. Personally, I think multiplayer has the potential to be a lot of fun, but I fear it'll be full of griefers and will be a place where wars are fought. If the developers are spending extra time to make sure that doesn't happen, then I'll happily let them take their time. Like you, @WelshSteW, multiplayer isn't a priority for me, but I understand it's something that others have been waiting a very long time for.
  10. Or if Lenovo would release that phone they made years ago:
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