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  1. Ok fine. I can’t reply to THAT, so 10/10 CHRISTMASSSS IS ALMOST HEREREE free movies
  2. Shall we start a Pol to see what people want?
  3. I was, but I stepped down because of real-life responsibilities. I couldn't devote enough time and emotional energy to volunteer here very much anymore, so I felt that it was best to relinquish my role as lead moderator rather than just have it as a title. Please see back a couple of pages for a long discussion about why we will never be able to answer questions like that. Long story short: no answer does not mean "yes". Sal is just a really great guy who devoted more time to this community than pretty much anyone. He was eventually hired and led the QA team, later also taking over the role of lead moderator when @KasperVld left. Few, if any, of us put our heart and soul into this forum like Sal did. See this thread for information about where he went:
  4. Sure thing. Thanks for hosting it for all this time!
  5. Yeah, what the heck, @CatastrophicFailure? Get with the times, man.
  6. What do you mean, an African or a European forum?
  7. No, it's to be taken as a "we couldn't talk about it whether it is a yes or a no." Do not try to read between the lines here. The only answer we have ever been, or ever will be able to give here is no answer, because we have all agreed to an NDA legally binding us to confidentiality.