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  1. BDAc has received a series of major updates after 1.3, so NAS is no longer compatible with older versions.
  2. Might be caused by low system specs or 32-bit OS/KSP. I guess either should be the case.
  3. Flaks are set to automatically change the detonation distances. They do have a pre-set distance in case shells didn't reach any target.
  4. Known issue, tested and solved, would be fixed in next update. Thx for the feedback anyway
  5. 1. So far only missiles/bombs have a variable drag option, which could make a flare stay longer in the air. 2. Idk if cluster bombs have such a function like drag chutes... but firework launchers are possible with current BDAc. 3. I heard that @harpwner had been working on weapons like napalm and phosphorus bombs, seems it would need some different damaging methods.
  6. Parts have a larger crash tolerance under water - only SLW and AA weapons can have a proximity fuze - SLW type does not provide any visual aiming method - I had to use BOMB type. That's the basic explanation. Anyhow the solution is now under test and seems it works not bad, so that's gonna be fixed in next update if things go on well. The manually aiming issue is a long-existed problem, which happens when you are not actually pointing at target vessel, but the terrain behind. This would become much more obvious at sea, since you are aiming at the seabed far away. Either let AI handle it, or do it more precisely.
  7. Sure. Now all necessary functions are complete, we're still polishing details. It may come a little late.
  8. Log: We guess some more decorative elements would be cool... what do you think?
  9. You can try SM Marine too, which I'd personally recommend. And that's how the Sten is supposed to work now. I'm looking into that and maybe try a different way of operating in next update.
  10. All parts work fine for me so far, I guess that's safe enough to say it's compatible
  11. I've already posted a request, like more than half a year ago, and just got forgotten afterwards. I guess it would be quicker to do all the inheriting stuff, anyway thx to y'all.
  12. But torpedoes don't have any proper aiming mark now... I know it wouldn't cause any trouble to guided torpedoes, but for unguided types that would be a fatal flaw, that's why I'm giving my aerial torps an unguided bomb type. And proximity fuses would only work with AAMs and SLW type weapons, while I cannot actually set my own aerial torpedoes to SLW type when no aiming method could be used. I guess this is a long-existed issue? Also the default impact tolerance definition is here: if(TimeIndex > 0.5f) { if(torpedo) { if(vessel.altitude > 0) { part.crashTolerance = waterImpactTolerance; } else { part.crashTolerance = 1; } } else { part.crashTolerance = 1; } } Seems that it would only affect torpedoes and is actually quite simple. What I need is either a lower impact tolerance, or an aiming mark for at least unguided torpedoes. IMO the latter one would be a better solution, while it would take more effort.
  13. I think I've told you guys not to release this damn monster...
  14. Build a ship with a deeper waterline. Also it's a known issue that torpedoes would bounce off curved surfaces, I'd get a solution next time. EDIT: Tried multiple times and couldn't get any useful solution. If only BDAc set default crash tolerance of torpedoes to a lower value like 0.2... No. Just... no.