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  1. Yeah checked it, that was my fault and it should be 16inchSHS. Would be fixed in next version.
  2. No that would be impossible under current BDAc system. I personally like the idea, but due to current situation, seems that it would be only a dream.
  3. I'll look into that. Since BDAc had a major update, we may provide a new version soon.
  4. 不要开刚性连接,开自动加固,不要焊接。
  5. 那个还没完成,是咱参加做的,就做了个半成品,大概是不会加进来。你要是有空也可以去帮忙补全一下。
  6. I guess that's an issue with KJR, since I don't use KJR myself and with stock auto-strut it's totally okay. Can you try that and see if it works? 另外如果是国人直接跟我说中文也行,比较好解决问题。
  7. 这个是翻译阶段性问题,我们已经提交了相应的修正。其实就是“紧急逃生” (Abort) 动作组。
  8. 英文不行咱个人还是建议不要干这事了,为了务求准确,建议学学再来 另外看了一下,你回的那个mod已经有人做中文了,这故事真悲伤……
  9. I guess what he meant is that he actually got a penalty of 25% in orbit in game, not theoretically. To be honest I'm confused too, so I guess it'd take some time to get solved.
  10. Chinese localization done
  11. I don't really like a TweakScale support for NAS to be honest, but that'd be easy. @PART[NAS_*]:HAS[!MODULE[TweakScale]] { MODULE { name = TweakScale type = free } } Create a blank Module Manager cfg file and paste this in, then it would work. If it doesn't just delete the MM cache files.
  12. This is fantastic. Can't wait to have an actual fleet battle.
  13. Messing around with this mod and NAS weapons recently, and built some cool stuff
  14. All languages completed, waiting for new parts. We actually have a new part in progress, but that would be next time. Updatelog (FIX) - "Crossroads" * Special thanks to forum user Next_Star_Industries ,for his help with Russian localization! Tweaked size of torpedo/DC settings UI. Significantly optimized gun and torpedo sound effects (which caused slightly larger file sizes). Rechecked existing localization files and corrected a few spelling mistakes. Added localization support to Russian.