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  1. 有,都在国际版呢。中文版说实话可以凸显一个大家都不乐意看置顶。
  2. Nope it's just that we are having a bit too many projects to deal with, and it would take a bit of time to sort them all out. Progress updates will be there once we have anything special to display.
  3. We'll be using a totally different and much simpler method, I guess KSPIE modules may not work in the same way.
  4. Not really sure yet. I'm planning to limit compatibility of some parts like W.A.R.P. and Tokamak, they cannot be affected by TweakScale for the sake of balancing. Related structural parts may be limited too, still looking for a better solution.
  5. That is always on the list. Fusion propulsion is a thing. You can see that we've made a plasma thruster, which unfortunately is not designed for reaching like 100 Gs, but it will be there. For weapons we have a complete list of what to do, and what styles would fit our brand new ships better. Thx for your advice.
  6. Update Dec. 29th: We are back! Being away for a whole season, now we have quite a bit of background issues to deal with, the overall schedule will be delayed a bit longer than we thought. While all our monkeys having fun with their typewriters, let's enjoy this Brand New™ delivery box from one of Universal Fleet Solution's major suppliers.
  7. Moved to General Mod Development Help and Support section.
  8. 你看我个人资料里就有啊。不过我们现在没有直接更改官方文本的权限就是了。
  9. Current engines would be fusion-plasma driven and will have an extremely high ISP, near the level of a torchship. Heat output on the other hand will be relatively low, due to the fact that most of the heat was generated by the fusion reactor itself, not the engines.
  10. Update Aug. 10th: We're finally done with all 1st Batch (Type-A) parts! Now it's only up to how our programming process goes.
  11. You know what? This was our first priority when we planned the shield functions. It's fully compatible with stock and BDA weapons, and would have almost all features that you can imagine.
  12. Looks nice! In case you don't know, you need to click "Publish this Mod" manually after creating a new mod on SpaceDock, otherwise people would not be able to download it.
  13. We're not planning to add more weapons right now. I've once considered such weapons too, but it's not on the schedule. The plugin has not been updated to be 1.7.* compatible. If you do not need torpedoes/depth charges just delete NAS/Plugins, guns would still work properly.