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  1. 你看我个人资料里就有啊。不过我们现在没有直接更改官方文本的权限就是了。
  2. Current engines would be fusion-plasma driven and will have an extremely high ISP, near the level of a torchship. Heat output on the other hand will be relatively low, due to the fact that most of the heat was generated by the fusion reactor itself, not the engines.
  3. Update Aug. 10th: We're finally done with all 1st Batch (Type-A) parts! Now it's only up to how our programming process goes.
  4. You know what? This was our first priority when we planned the shield functions. It's fully compatible with stock and BDA weapons, and would have almost all features that you can imagine.
  5. Looks nice! In case you don't know, you need to click "Publish this Mod" manually after creating a new mod on SpaceDock, otherwise people would not be able to download it.
  6. We're not planning to add more weapons right now. I've once considered such weapons too, but it's not on the schedule. The plugin has not been updated to be 1.7.* compatible. If you do not need torpedoes/depth charges just delete NAS/Plugins, guns would still work properly.
  7. DO NOT USE CAL ANY MORE I should have mentioned this in highlight. It's obsolete and incompatible now, and it may cause issues.
  8. Update Apr. 1: This. Is. Not. A. Joke. Pushing on the polishing process.
  9. 你可能没有理解这个帖子的意思或者根本没有看1L。这个帖子是“有能力翻译的人来这里为需要翻译的mod提供翻译”的地方,不是我或者管理组其他人来做。 简单来说就是mod必须要遵守原作者或现维护者提供的license(授权协议),要你开源就要开源,要你禁止商用就要禁止商用,禁止你更改就禁止你更改。Hullcam VDS Continued使用GPLv3协议,是强制开源并使用相同协议分发的,你如果没有任何提供源码的意思就编译出来发布当然就是违反规则的,建议在做这些工作之前先了解一下规矩。
  10. 您好,这里是提供翻译不是给你翻译的地方。 还有管理组已经在注意你了,编译dll文件而不提供源码毫无疑问是违反版规的。请看完mod投稿规则部分。
  11. Update Mar. 6: Trying simple constructions, to find out what else we need to add. Completion of all textures are still on the way.