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  1. Not likely. We need to play some tricks on physics and I'm afraid that interacting with other vessels at warp would become a bit dangerous.
  2. Dec. 2 Update: This effect does not represent the final outcome.
  3. Hello but you didn't really publish your mod on SpaceDock, please check twice. You need to click "Publish This Mod" or something else on your page to make it available. Also you need to put your license in OP. Please choose one before the first release.
  4. I guess it's clear enough in OP: Also we're using vessels built with B9HX parts for test purposes, UFS would be easily compatible with B9HX too.
  5. 并不啊,要是好看的东西,不故意使用debug(尤其是以此为傲)的就OK。说明白就可以了。
  6. 帮你编辑过去了。以后发帖建议直接编辑原贴,这样看着整洁一些,还可以善用Spoiler(编辑器眼睛图标)。 终于算是有人来中文区了,欣慰。要不要把这个链接转去贴吧分享一下?吸引点人过来。
  7. That's because of the bloom option from KS3P. It should look like this when you don't have KS3P or that option on: (idle) (flash when being fired upon)
  8. 能看是能看的,就是这个图床压缩略图看着非常蛋疼。实名推荐imgchr。
  9. I'm caring about if it would be possible for mods to call a specific animation in flight?
  10. Nope, actually we're developing our own FTL drive methods.
  11. Working on something special.
  12. This could be dealt with some third-party coding, but I guess it would be useful to someone else too. Would you consider that?
  13. Nov. 7 Update: E.V.A.D.E. Emergency Vessel Anti-Defunctionalization Engine, a.k.a. E.V.A.D.E., was a design recovered from the ruins of our former lead engineer's home, after a "suspicious explosion" and his disappearance. This device, as far as we know, could build up an extremely strong unmodulated subspace field, so strong that it would drag anything attached to it into a hidden dimension, through which everything gets thrown into a random point in universe, in infinite void or in the core of a dying star. We've done some necessary calibrations to make it safer, but be careful anyway. Warranty void if anyone hits anything upon arrival.
  14. Yeah we're considering to make two versions, stock shaders and Textures Unlimited. Depends on how we could handle the new stock highlight shader though, I'd prefer a better performance rather than lagging while looking awesome.