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The goal is to count to 100 or -100, sorta like the number game. However, instead of just adding one or subtracting one, like the number game, you can also multiply the current number by -1. This makes it so you have to be more strategic and you can't just spam posts until you eventually get to 100 or -100 because the other team could always just turn all of your spamming into their win.


  • You can make one turn per post. 
  • You can add one, subtract one, or multiply by negative one when you post. 
  • Remember to follow all forum rules. 
  • Have fun. 
  • Whenever a team wins, ping me and then you can start a new round. 


Team: Date: 

I think I'm not forgetting anything. Please tell me if I did forget something. 

GO! Okay bye. 

1 (-) 

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Last valid is @max_creative's post: -4. You can only add one, subtract one or multiply by -1 (multiplying reverses it from positive to negative and vice versa). Also -4x-2 is 8, not five.

4 (*-1)

Also every time I'm online and there's been at least three posts I'll reverse it :)

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