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  1. whippity when be active again


    please I miss you

  2. Geez Louise, where the heck did you go?


    Missing you, friend. 

  3. 1434 notifications... I really need to check the forums occasionally... :0.0:

    Happy new year everyone! It's now the year of neon's atomic mass! :D 

    1. ProtoJeb21


      And the year of Argon’s atomic number. 

    2. Ultimate Steve

      Ultimate Steve

      Hey, you're back!

  4. Whoa... The forums looks... Awesome! :cool:

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    2. max_creative


      Customizable would also be really cool! 

      The only thing I don't like about the new theme is that things have changed a bit. I'm still confused whenever I see someone without an avatar, because now it isn't the gray and white Kerbal head, and it just took me about two minutes to find the Like button. :P 

    3. Lo var Lachland

      Lo var Lachland

      AUUUUGGHHHHHH!!!! I JUST got used to the old one! :mad:


      OCD, anyone? 

    4. Ultimate Steve

      Ultimate Steve

      I'm not sure, but I think they just added some of the blue back...

  5. I'm not dead! 

    *notices the 824 notifications* 

    Okay, NOW I am... :o

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    2. NSEP


      Don't worry @Ultimate Steve. When you forget or don't even care about a point in the future, it will pass by quicker than you would think.

    3. adsii1970


      I miss recess... :( The good ol' days to simply have fun with your friends...



    4. StupidAndy


      I'm in MS and I don't have recess (but I'm king of the school so eh)

  6. I'm back! And I'm not dead! 

    So, what have I missed in 626 notifications? :cool:

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    2. cratercracker


      I bet 90% of that were status updates.

    3. Shadow Wolf56

      Shadow Wolf56

      I went for ages, got 50 notifications. I thought i was awesome.


      Then you had 626 NOTIFICATIONS?!?!?!?!:confused:

    4. Lo var Lachland

      Lo var Lachland

      Holy moly. Well, I turned off status update and reply notifications, so.....

  7. 401 notifications. 


    Well, I'm back! :D 

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    2. StupidAndy
    3. Lo var Lachland

      Lo var Lachland

      And... I'm lucky if I get past 5. Wow. :(

    4. max_creative


      @Ultimate Steve I'm following 269 threads and 129 members. :P 

      @StupidAndy AAAAAAAAHHH!!! NOTIFICATIONS!!! :0.0: 

      @Lo Var Lachland I just got 54 more in about 23 hours. :confused: Notifications aren't always a good thing... :/ 

  8. Hi guys. 

    I'll be gone from Friday the 16th to Saturday the 24th in Florida! Yay! 

    Please don't ping me too much in those 8 days. Or do ping me. (Definitely going to regret saying that when I get back and check the forums... :P

    I wonder how many notifications I'm going to get? :/ 

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    2. NSEP


      See ya. Im on vacation to home, i will be here for about 96 years.

    3. The Raging Sandwich
    4. StupidAndy
  9. Hello! @qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm?
  10. Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to max_creative! Happy birthday to me! 

    I stayed up until 12:00 AM just to say that. :D 

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    2. Dman979


      Go to bed. 3 AM is way too late to stay up. :mad:

    3. max_creative


      Not really... :) 

      Okay fine. Maaaaaaaaaybe... :P 

      It's now 12:03 AM so it's not my birthday anymore... :( It is Friday though, and Friday's are (almost) always awesome! :D 

    4. NSEP


      Ha im at school. My mom and sis are going to England so im alone for a while.