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  1. Will do. (If it ever happens. )
  2. I'm in the design stage of a 3D printed ship. I'm planning on making it a warship and taking it to Lake Michigan, [East bay] in the summers.
  3. X-Plane 11 FTW!
  4. I still play occassionaly, but I play other games before WT.
  5. Not sure if my "Journal Of Jedediah Kerman" story counts.
  6. I'm planning on getting one.... In a long time. However, my local library offers a free 3D printer for public use. All you need is some training. "mind BLOWN"
  7. Used to.
  8. Whoa whoa whoa, YOU made that?
  9. Heading to Nashville. Never been there.
  10. "Jeb, press the button. NO! Not that button! The othe..... Dangit. Flight, lock the doors. Jeb's done it again." ~Gene Kerman August 14th: A new mission has been planned. The KSC will now send a rover to Duna within the next 2 years. Not much else happened. I'm on vacation south of the KSC. ~Jeb
  11. Please try to.
  12. I' miss on vacation too. Don't sweat it mate.
  13. @Smokey the Bear: I am "currently" at one of those Great Lakes! (Vacation with relatives)
  14. Is it too hard to understand mine? I think we all know good 'ol Jeb.
  15. Did this come about from my challenge? or was this original? I like the idea, nevertheless.