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  1. Lo Var Lachland

    Journal of Jebediah Kerman. (Missions as told by a Kerbal.)

    What, the whole thing? Why thanks!
  2. Lo Var Lachland

    Rate the location....

    Location: To listen to me whine? 0/10 What are you whining about? I don't want to listen to that. NEVER.
  3. Lo Var Lachland

    We Who Witnessed [Chapter VI-"Juliet"]

  4. Lo Var Lachland

    We Who Witnessed [Chapter VI-"Juliet"]

  5. Lo Var Lachland

    We Who Witnessed [Chapter VI-"Juliet"]

    Chapter VI "Juliet" The rain made a plink plink sound on the roof of the silver sedan as it sat, idling, on the side of the road. The Woman inside it sat inside nonchalantly, scrolling through her phone notifications, most from guys who had failed to court her in the past, and now were coming around for a second try. As she opened her social media account, a phone call came through, scaring her on the dimly-lit evening. "Hello? This is Juliet...What? No. No, you can meet me tomorrow at noon. I need to go somewh...What? When? No. I said NO. Hello? Hello?" Hanging up, Juliet sighed and continued to flip through the alerts. Finishing off her third beer, she tossed it into the passenger seat and continued to allow the phone to consume her on this rainy but very mellow night. In her car were various things, mostly alcohol and old drive-through meals. Juliet was a beautiful blonde, 5 feet 6 inches tall, with freckles and a thin body. Most people would call her perfect. Not far away, in the wind and continuous rain, stood a man with a black umbrella watching Juliet's car. He was wearing a strange shirt, resembling that of a Nyan Cat. It was a 2D view of a cat wearing a jetpack, surrounded by a blue background of the stars. Standing with raindrops pouring down the side of his umbrella, he stared at the silver car, now made more reflective from all the water on the surface of the metal. Writing in a pad, (which was now soaked) the man struggled to get the ink to stay. Finally, after a audible "humph," the gentleman backed off into the darkness. Juliet however, put her car in drive and began rolling, unaware of how drunk she was. As she rounded the corner of the nearby intersection, she found herself face to face with a large truck slamming on it's horn and trying to skid to a stop. That was the last thing she saw. The next thing she saw, was a hot sun staring her in the eyes. Closing them quickly to avoid the burning, Juliet turned over to find herself on a beach next to a large ocean. The waves made a loud crashing sound, and various shorebirds ran across the sand, looking for grubs and small creatures. Long grass swayed in the gentle breeze on this beautiful sunny day. The blue of the sky was disrupted by various blots of white clouds. Slowly sitting up, sand falling out of her clothes, Juliet stared out to sea. The water was choppy but looked good enough to swim in. She considered taking a dip, but figured it wouldn't be worth it at this moment. Glancing down, she realized she was still wearing the clothes that she had on before this happened. Checking her pocket, she realized her phone was still in her car. Looking behind her, she was alarmed to find the first half of her vehicle buried in the sand. From the hood to the back of the front seats was sitting, quite randomly, in the middle of a sand dune. The engine was smoking, and the entire front was crushed, like it had slammed into a brick wall. Juliet strolled to the car, now with flames licking out of the oil tank. She decided she HAD to get her phone, so she ran to the drivers side, covered her mouth with the sleeve of her jacket, and opened the door. Groping in the now blackened interior, she suddenly felt a smooth metal rectangle, and hauled it out of the center console. Jumping backwards, Juliet hacked as smoke filled her lungs. Throwing her arm on top of her chest, she lay down in the soft sand and stared into the sky. Tomford looked out of the window of his aircraft as it slowly lumbered over the desert. In the distance, he spotted a thick plume of black smoke rising into the clouds. "KSC Center, this is Kessna Romeo Delta Foxtrot Niner Zero Seven. I'm approaching Kermanton and I see smoke coming from the coast. Have any aircraft been reported missing?" "Negative, RDF907. All aircraft have completed their flight plans or reported back. Check it out for us, will ya?" Tomford swung his plane to the west and headed closer to the large column of thick dark smog. As he approached he noticed that there was a large hunk of metal burning near a woman, who was waving to him. "RDF907, center. I found a victim of something. I don't know if it's a pane or something. I bet it's an aircraft that went down, but from what you told me it doesn't make sense." Juliet was waving her hands as profusely as she could, and the plane circling her dipped it's wings to signal that she had been spotted. After a few hours, a ship appeared on the horizon and shortly after that a helicopter approached, its white and orange colors shining in the sun. As it hovered over her it spit sand in all directions, and Juliet had to shield her face from the debris. It drifted to the left of her, and landed on a grassy spot near Juliet. A man in a suit flanked by two armed men hopped out. Juliet noted that they were extremely short, except for the suited gentleman, who was now removing his glasses. "Welcome to Kerbin!" Said the man in a thick American southern accent. Juliet could only crook her head at the man and smile slightly.
  6. Hi my peeps! Check out your messages!

  7. Lo Var Lachland

    Project Seeker - A KSP fan-fiction novel + YouTube series

    My sister read that book and I flipped through it in like 30 minutes. A fun but quick read.
  8. Lo Var Lachland

    KSC Air And Car Show. [9-17 UPDATE]

    @Dark Lion @doggonemess @HB Stratos @Ozelui @Andetch Your craft are in. I would do more but I got things to do today and I'm on a tight schedule. More updates coming soon and then the save file. Thanks all!
  9. Lo Var Lachland

    Lo var's KSP artwork (Mission patch update!)

    Why thank you kind sir.
  10. Lo Var Lachland

    Project Seeker - A KSP fan-fiction novel + YouTube series

    The word at the beginning of the chapter reminds me of the quotes I used to put in "Jeb's Journal." I like it!
  11. Holy crap man 50 followers? That's ridiculous. 

  12. Lo Var Lachland

    Lo var's KSP artwork (Mission patch update!)

  13. Lo Var Lachland

    Lo var's KSP artwork (Mission patch update!)

    I have different styles. Look at them and tell me your favorite.
  14. Lo Var Lachland

    Lo var's KSP artwork (Mission patch update!)

    Hmmm. Which one?
  15. Lo Var Lachland

    Lo var's KSP artwork (Mission patch update!)

    Wowza. That's a cool one. What do you want me to do to it?