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  1. Hi everyone.

    Just wanted to let you guys know I'm leaving the KSP Forums until further notice. It was nice knowing all of you, farewell in all your endeavors. My novels that I have not updated in God knows how long will be abandoned. Good day, good night, goodbye. 

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    2. LittleBitMore


      Goodbye. We'll miss you.

    3. Mikenike


      F to pay respects.

      You will be missed.

    4. Kernel Kraken

      Kernel Kraken

      Why? What's wrong? See ya, man. It was cool having you here!

  2. I made posters for the Project Essence crew and I can do some vector graphics, as well as photo editing and manipulation. I was the PR lead for Project Essence, and I made sure we were noticed.
  3. I left that server a while ago, but I might be up to helping with something like graphic design and Public Relations. Speaking of servers, I haven't seen you in EEDC in ages. Where ya been?
  4. Considering we are playing with a planet that is smaller than Earth and launching little green people into space, I'm not sure what you're getting at by "realism."
  5. What version of KSP and what quality of SVE do you have?
  6. If you see a sale for KSP 1, pick it up. Otherwise, wait for KSP 2 to come out in 2020 and compare the two later.
  7. Welcome back @Souper. You should hopefully find that the community has not changed at all in your absence, with everyone staying nice and friendly.
  8. How would it be dying? We just had another update released, and KSP 2 is still due for the spring.
  9. I have done things I cannot un-do. I have seen things I cannot un-see.