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  1. Hello? 

    Anyone alive?

    1. Geonovast


      I think, therefore I am.

    2. Piatzin


      @Geonovast But is the thing that does the thinking the same thing that is conscious of the thinking?

  2. Looks awesome. Fits really well with the stock aesthetic.
  3. Hey all. 

    Been a while. Just checking in to see if all of you are doing well during this strange time in world history. I've kinda strayed away from Kerbal Space Program and haven't played it in a long time, which is unfortunate but I suppose a sign of the times. I've been really busy with career stuff, trying to support myself, and overall life things. 

    I really do miss this community, though. Really helped me to get through some weird times. Lot of great memories here. 

    Have a good one.


    1. adsii1970


      You can always check in more often. You're always welcomed here.

    2. Kernel Kraken

      Kernel Kraken

      I've been away for a while, too. It's cool having a group of people you can talk to where politics isn't allowed. It's great to just get away from it. I hope you're doing good dude.

  4. HELL YEAH! Time for me to grab a coke and settle in, gonna be a good evening.
  5. (snip) - Every KSP Forum moderator ever
  6. I just find the realistic page creases and stains to be very convincing and well-done. Excellent work.
  7. Bro I've been working on Oskenia for a looooong time.
  8. 0/10 Never saw you before this thread
  9. Well here's mine: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=oskenia
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