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  1. Cause the last one was low quality and this one has more character in my opinion. A few people have told me they liked the old one better.
  2. My brain That is very odd. All I did was create a spoiler and not change anything.
  3. Would you mind checking out my thread and seeing if you get the problem there? I'll get a screenshot of my issue. Spoiler open. After about 2x this whitespace, the spoiler shows the proper content, but now it's a spoiler inside a spoiler.
  4. When I get time. Those on my Discord server can get their images done before the people on the Forum.
  5. So is this just the modern replacement of PlanetShine with some extra on the side?
  6. It's all very confusing. Take-Two, Squad, Star Theory, Private Division = KSP 2
  7. Minecraft has redstone. It would be cool to see something similar in KSP 2.
  8. It's the price of a good game. KSP is a good game. And with all the steam sales, that price will drop very often. There's a sale for every season and then some. Do what you like, but the devs have already confirmed no microtransactions, which just in itself is a selling point for me. I personally won't be buying it until a sale or if the game gets amazing reviews.
  9. Nice cover pic. Shuttle Discovery in Udvar Hazy?

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    2. Geonovast


      What got me was how there were so many cars when there were no gas stations and nowhere to park.

      We also ended up eating at The Liberty Tavern in Arlington.  I can't believe it's legal to charge that much for food.  Thank god I wasn't the one paying.

    3. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      What got me was how there were so many cars when there were no gas stations and nowhere to park.

      Yeah sounds about right. I don't know if you noticed, but I think patience level for drivers around this area is at a negative level. It's like they know when the light is about to turn green and honk accordingly.  

    4. Geonovast


      On some levels that could be better than it is here.  At least it keeps traffic moving.  One of the biggest problems where I am is that people don't freaking go when the light turns green.

      I have had to honk so many times.  I've had to honk at people going the other direction so I could turn left.

      Put.  Your.  Phone.  Down.