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Kerbiting System: Revelation and closing of Thread

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Kerbiting System - Table of Contents


2nd Installment - A Visit to Space

3rd Installment - Its a Small World We Live in

4th Installment - Strapping a radar to the side of a rocket?!

5th Installment - Trial (with tourists) and Error

6th Installment - Is it that hard to get to Minmus?

7th Installment: Meet the Kraken

8th Installment - Into the Space of the Kraken

9th Installment: Minmus Orbital Outpost

10th Installment: The Epic of the Neptune Initiative Part 1- The Beginning

11th Installment: The Epic of the Neptune Initiative Part 2 - Failure

12th Installment: The Epic of Neptune Part 3 - Trauma

13th Installment: The Epic of Neptune Part 4 - Disaster

14th Installment: The Epic of Neptune Part 5 - A Bargain with the Damned

15th Installment: The Epic of Neptune Part 6 - Saving Private Ryan

16th Installment: Can Rockets Be Responsible Enough to Land Themselves?

17th Installment: The Responsibility From Messing Up

18th Installment: Being Second Never Hurt Anyone

19th Installment: Bring Him Home 

20th Installment: Home at Last

21th Installment: The Dres Program

22nd Installment: Back to Minmus

23rd Installment: An Unfortunate Series of Event Around Minmus.........

24th Installment: Why Do We Have To Keep Rescuing Our Kerbals!?

25th Installment: All the Science!

26th Installment: The Kerbal Manned Orbital Space Observatory and Station (KMOSOS)

27th Installment: Space Construction Begins

28th Installment: House-Keeping

29th Installment: Okay, I might need a little help

30th Installment: Just Stop Reverting My Flights!

31st Installment: A Short Break

32nd Installment: Back on Track

33rd Installment: Obberty Kerman

34th Installment: I'm a real Kerbonaut now

35th Installment: Returning Home

36th Installment: More Pretty Fireworks!

37th Installment: Meet Xerxes

38th Installment: 0% Reliability

39th Installment: Xerxes Heavy

40th Installment: In-Situ Module stealing, Sorry BORROWING

41st Installment - The story of Mr. Kerman - An Ultimatum

42nd Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - A plan

43rd Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - A Setback

44th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - My King

45th Installment: Meanwhile in orbit......

46th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - A Ghost

47th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - Insane or not?

48th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - The Conference of the Dead

49th Installment: The Actual Launch of the Transfer Stage

50th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - "This I Swear by the Stars!"

51st Installment: An Engine to the Stars

52nd Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - A Confrontation

53rd Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - The Lives of One / The Lives of Many

54th Installment: Dres

55th Installment: Death Claims All Heroes

56th Installment: Rondal's Shade

57th Installment: "Kerbals! We're Home!"

58th Installment: Back in the Game

59th Installment: First Part of Duna Enterprise

60th Installment: A Little Backtrack

61st Installment: Trident Base Core

62nd Installment - Mr. Kerman's Vengeance - Is this a Hero's Welcome?

63rd Installment: Explosions and Problemsolving

64th Installment - Mr. Kerman's Vengeance - "I believe I have met you before?"

65th Installment - Mr. Kerman's Vengeance - Explanations and Confessions

66th Installment - Mr. Kerman's Vengeance - Rondal vs. Roland

67th Installment: Back to Rocketry!

68th 1/2 Installment: Trident Base Alpha Crew Return


Flag of Completed Interplanetary Mission:


* This mission is completed. The flag will stay up here to mark the achievement. But, please read the "Story of Mr. Kerman" or Installments 41 through 57 to get the full tale. 


Flag(s) of Current Interplanetary Mission(s)







**The flags above was created by @cratercracker, an amazing flag designer. I recommend that if you want a flag, go to his thread and ask.

***The mod that stars in this thread is by @ApertureGamingwhich has been sitting under the radar for a couple of years. Glad to highlight this fascinating piece of work

Mod List


1. Kerbiting Systems

2. EVE

3. Stock Visual Enhancements 

4. Kerbal Alarm Clock

5. KW Rocketry

6. Tantares

7. Kerbal Engineer 

8. Portrait Stats

9. Texture Replacement

10.  Trajectories

11. Vessel Mover

12.  Strategia

13. Scatterer

14. Scan sat

15. Reentry Particle Effect

16. RealChute Parachute systems

17. RealPlume

18. Kopernicus 

19.  Kerbal Joint Reinforcement

20. Kerbal Attachment System + Kerbal Inventory System

21.  EVA fuel continued

22. Diverse Kerbal Heads

23. Cryogenic engines

24.  Cryogenic Tanks

25. USI Life Support

26. Kerbal Atomics

27. FMRS (Flight Manager For Reusable Stages

28. Stock-alike Station Parts Expansion Redux 

29. BetterTimeWarp

30. BetterBurnTime

31. DeepFreezeContinued



This universe, something strange has afflicted it...



I installed Kerbiting Systems, a mod which randomly reorganizes the solar system. Going to visit every planet in its new state. I'm a sucker for beauty shots so I have all the visual mods installed which I hope will improve the quality of this series. 

Yes, your eyes have not deceived you. Eve is on a similar trajectory as Eeloo, and Kerbin is in a higher orbit than Duna. 

Well anyway lets get down to business. A global corporation has peacefully gained the support of all nations on Kerbin and is starting up a space program from scratch. And their vice-president gains direct control of the program. To test Mortimer Kerman's new assignment, the president and staff have made things very difficult for the vice-president to get off the ground. 

But this will not defeat us!

Here is the Trashcan assembly-1!


It carries 4 mystery goos and has three stages of trash cans, which should send it into the upper atmosphere.


Up goes the Trashcan-assembly 1 or TCA. The valiant pilot Jebediah Kerman pilots the rocket, planing to become the first kerbal to break the sound barrier!.


The sound barrier is being broken by the TCA right now!


The first stage runs out of fuel, then the second stage ignites, destroying the first stage and propelling the rocket even higher!


Now the second stage has run out and the first stage sends the TCA up into the highest reaches of the atmosphere! Jeb looks outside into space, and into this make-believe camera which doesn't exist and shouldn't be transmitting pictures of the rocket because it is breaking all the laws of physics. How does that happen?!


There is the Apoapsis at 45 kilometers from the surface! Jebediah Kerman has gone higher than any other kerbal before him!


 After reaching the Apoapsis, Jeb returns to Kerbin by parachute.


As the TCA touches the ground, the trashcan underneath it explodes in a fiery ball of flame!

The explosion destroys the physics-breaking camera but we assure you that Jebediah survives to fly another day!

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Updated table of contents
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2nd Installment - A Visit to Space

After the stunning success of the TCA, the floundering Kerbal Space Program now looks up to the sky to test the atmospheric pressure of space! All our experts say that space will have an atmospheric pressure of 0, but still that non-value has value in science points.


Here is the Garbage Liquid-fueled Tower, or GLT. Jeb is piloting the rocket from the Mk1 command module, happy to be flying the first liquid fueled rocket in the history of Kerbalkind!


Jeb looks down at the islands off the KSC. His sharp eye picked out the old airport on the largest island. Our camera experts, who wear glasses, haven't spotted it yet.


Finally! we have reached space! Also, the pressure barometers are reading 0. Even when it was completely predicted, our scientists are now developing a new branch of vacuum engines based off of this non-value.


Alas, we come within at least 150 m/s of orbit. Next mission will see a Kerbal in Low Kerbin Orbit!


The command pod streaked through the atmosphere, the main rocket body careened ahead the skin of the fuel tanks flaking away in flames. The second physics-breaking camera burns up in reentry. But,  fearless Jebediah survives with a bounty of science collected at the landing. 


The reason I'm posting this so soon is because this week I'm going to be traveling so I want to see if I can't reach orbit before Thursday.


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Wow, that's an interesting system.  Never heard of Kerbiting before.  So, is Kerbin farther from the sun than in stock, or is Jool closer?  I'm just wondering about how well solar panels will work at Kerbin.

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Actually, as far as I can tell it is a completely randomized system creater. It gives a seed to use, or you can type in a seed of your choice, and then it spawns the planets in random parts of the solar system, all with custom, un-pronounceable names. I really am looking forward to continuing this series.

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Good stuff, glad to see this thread :) 

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WHAT! The Godly Kuzzter bends down to give his blessing to a fledgling post?!?!? I am honored, sir. Deeply honored

*bows low*

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3rd Installment - Its a Small World We Live in

Here is the tech tree for the series and our progress so far.


Now our scientists have come up with a pair of vacuum engines. One that run on mono-propellant and one that runs on ordinary liquid fuel. The liquid fueled engine is ready to be tested, while the mono-propellant engine needs to be tested in low Kerbin orbit. We designed a rocket which will have both engines, but since the mono-propellant engine is new technology, it has only a tenth of fuel it could have.


Val has taken control of the mission into LKO because Jeb has a bruise in a place which he doesn't want to talk about; therefore, he can't sit down properly. Just a side note, our engineers have designed a new physics-breaking camera which they grantee will not be destroyed by ascent or reentry. They also promise better, more dynamic pictures.


The Rubbish Liquid-Fueled Tower, or RLT is lifting off the launch pad.


We're just going to let the pictures do the talking for a little while.






In Orbit! We have accomplished our primary goal which was to orbit Kerbin. Val pumped her arms in glee, but then smashed her hands into the metal, bashing her knuckles. She screamed a variety of oaths into the microphone which was accidentally transmitted directly to Gene as a priory message. Gene suffered 30 seconds of Valetina's rage, and he still swears today that was the most traumatizing experience in his life. Apart when Jeb smashed his butt against his seat on splash-down. 

Val then tested the new engine and moved up the orbit's apoapsis to 300 km for high space science data. We haven't determined the difference between low and high space, but as we said 0 values on instruments can translate to large amounts of science points. Don't ask us why.

On the way up to apoapsis, Val's camera buddy caught this photo. Val reportedly said, "Wow, such a small world for all of Kerbalkind...." Deep words from a usually not so deep person.


(If you have a monitor not on full brightness, then turn it up)

At apoapsis Val burned retrograde and put the periapsis at 22 km.


Pay no attention to the nonsense at the top of the picture, just a graphics bug.......


Here is the beefed up command pod. Command pods in the future will be much more clean than this, hopefully. Also lets hope that all those items don't effect reentry.


RTL streaks across the sky in a blazing fire ball. Spectators on the ground watch the artificial meteor light up the day. This time the physic-breaker camera doesn't break.


 Parachutes deployed, the RTL floats down towards the sea.


Touch-down of Valentina Kerman! Now Mortimer is willing to take some risks with the cash acquired by this mission. Rumors say that he is to mount an expedition to Minmus to flush out the funding necessary to keep the space program running long enough before the colony ships to Jool start burning out of Kerbin's SOI. A brilliant future now made possible by this mission.

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4th Installment - Strapping a radar to the side of a rocket?!

The rumors are true! Mortimer Kerman has agreed to plant a flag on Minmus with huge fanfare which should increase the funding of the space program. Here is the Tech Tree right now.


Has you see, money is becoming scarce at the KSC. So we picked up some contracts, one of which saying to strap a radar to the side of a rocket, reach orbit, then turn it on until you have scanned 75% of Kerbin. Sounds easy.

We created a new rocket, who the engineering team has called Darned Easy Scanning Transport Into Near-space by Yeager(chief engineer) or DESTINY. The acronym created itself, our naming experts totally did not waste three hours to get it into this format......

In other news, our engineers have been told to turn up the brightness on the physics-breaking camera. Now pictures will be brighter than before!

DjYVXlB.jpg Now we're going to show the launch. Sit back and enjoy.





Now we are in LKO. We are carrying a Science Junior, but that is for high space where we will get the best results. It probably will be a non-value experiment, but who are we to argue with the scientists.

After boosting up the orbit to 250 km, Jeb turns on the radar strapped on the side.

*Beep*  *Boop*  *Beep*  *Boop*  *Beep*  *Boop*  *Beep*  *Boop*  *Beep*  *Boop*  *Beep*  *Boop*  *Beep*  *Boop*  *Beep*  *Boop*


"SHUT UP!" Jebediah's angry scream echoed through the mission control. A blanket of silence enveloped the normally noisy Mission Control.


Mission Control lapsed back into organized chaos, leaving Jeb with the beeping radar.

Jeb was fed up with the infernal machine, and he also was feeling hungry. (Did Mission Control expect him to stay up there for the planed ten orbits? Probably not)

So he de-orbited and hoped that the torture machine called a radar would burn up in the atmosphere.


It did not. And it caused the command pod flip over because of its drag. 

"OW! OW! OW! HOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTTT!!!!" yelped Jebediah as the heat seeped through the command pod burning him, "I'M NEVER FLYING WITH YOU EVER AGAIN! OW!"


Luckily the parachutes opened automaticaly and Jeb was returned to the surface carrying at least 80 science points.


Jeb instantly broke his threat to leave KSC once he heard of the Minmus Mission in the near future. He then was shocked when he heard the name of his partner, for with the 80 science they unlocked two-crewed command pods. Will Jeb be tortured by his companion? That is for the next installment to find out.......:)

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5th Installment - Trial (with tourists) and Error

Money now is lacking significantly, so what do we do about that? Complete testing contracts for companies of course.


Introducing the Rubbish Tester or RT. RT is launching to test a parachute and a decoupler as well as give Bill a fright.

*Bill screaming in the back ground*

We managed to test everything successfully, and the RT splashes down.


Then a group of six really really really rich tourists apply to go suborbital, then to get into orbit. We were going to turn them down, but then they showed their greenbacks and for some reason everything worked out in the end. 


Here is the Tourist Bus to Orbit, or the TBO. The TBO is waiting to launch with four of six tourists on board. Val is piloting because Jeb rage quit when he found out that Minmus missions were delayed. 


TBO takes off. Val notices a slight fuel leak in one of the tanks which forces her to close off that tank. They probably still would get to orbit, right?


Fuel is draining much more rapidly than expected. Val looks up the ISP of the engine in her manual, but it is inconsistent with rate of fuel dropping. 


Fuel is almost out. 


The first stage is decoupled, and something explodes rocking the 2cd stage. Something wasn't right.....


The little terrier engine fired up and tried to break the atmosphere but the thrust just isn't enough and it is too low in the atmosphere. We weren't going to space today. 


After decoupling the second stage, the command pods reenter into the atmosphere. They land safely somewhere where they were recovered. The tourists were upset that they didn't go to space, but we designed a new rocket which should work. Hopefully.


After buying a set of powerful engines and putting them on the bottom, the second TBO takes off. The new engine has massive amounts of thrust which propel the TBO out of the lower atmosphere. 


The first stage runs out of fuel and the second stage takes over. There wasn't enough fuel to reach orbit, that was certain. But there was still enough still sloshing around to reach an suborbital trajectory. 


Sub-orbital trajectory reached. The second stage runs out of fuel and is decoupled. The command pods prepare for reentry and the tourists buckle their seat-belts after floating for a few minutes. 



Parachutes open and the TBO splashes down in the ocean. A failure of the primary goal.


Now the board of engineers has been thinned out, and new blood added. The conclusion is that we don't have the tech to take five kerbals to space at once, but we do have the tech to get three kerbals into space.

The TBO Mk2 launches from the KSC.


The launch goes speedily, but it seems like orbit is attainable. But it will be close. The physics-breaking camera crew went on strike during the mission, so no pictures are available for the launch and entry into orbit. We do have a picture of the command pod parachuting into the evening side of Kerbin. The mission was success getting two tourists into LKO, and they paid handsomely. The board of fiance says that if we do three to four more of these missions we will have enough to upgrade the launchpad. Once the launch pad is upgraded, then we will go to Minmus.  


Here is the picture of the landing in Kerbin's deserts. ^

Tourist missions in the future will be skipped, so probably next chapter will be the Minmus mission itself. 


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I'm leaving now. Will be absent until Sunday at latest. Installment number 6 is going to have a lot of work put into it so it might come out Monday. Bye for now.

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Status update - How difficult can it be to invent solar panels?

We have been doing alot of tourist contracts. We completed about three of them by sending 5 TBOs into orbit and landing them. With the money gained we have upgraded the launch pad. I also gained a load of science from around the KSC, but I haven't finished that yet. Also messing around with airplane tech, hopefully sometime we can visit all the areas around the KSC.

Also, designs for mission are under way. The problem which we have to overcome is solar panels. As I am playing with USI life support, electricity is key. I probably will need to grind some science to unlock electrics. Would folks want to me to show my science and money grinding? Since this is hard mode, there is going to be alot of that. 

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6th Installment - Is it that hard to get to Minmus?

            YES! After hours of grinding, we have discovered the secret formula behind solar panels. Now with the ability to recharge batteries, we now turn to fly to Minmus. The design team have been working behind closed doors for several days, but then with the invention of solar panels they emerged from their den celebrating. The Fly-by Minmus Explorer-1a is constructed and launched up into space! But Bob is not going with them. Bob was tragically killed in an airplane accident, and is forever missing from our ranks. 

                Now just to get the funds for the mission, here is a quick reel of a tourist mission. 



By the end of that mission, we gained 60k funds! Now we can build the rocket to take us to Minmus!


Here is the Minmus Fly-by 1a on the launch pad. It has three stages, and it should be able to reach Minmus with ease.


It rockets into the air gracefully.


Oh, the first stage went quicker than expected. 


The engineers controlling the camera were to busy raging to take pics of the rocket until now. Lets just say we underestimated the Delta-V requirements......


Here is one mission which went completely right, then I physics-warped too much and crashed into the ground going at near light-speed. That is a KW Rocketry Solid Rocket booster strapped to the bottom of the vehicle, and it works perfectly.


After reaching orbit, I roughly approximated where I should get a Minmus encounter and fired up my engines. Only that I didn't. As far as I can tell, this mod is full of things that need to be worked out. Will contact mod maker.


This is after the maneuver. I have a 1,000 m/s a second left and 10 days of supplies to find Minmus' SOI. Anyway, it took 11 days and 800 m/s to finally encounter Minmus. It has a tiny SOI which I will need the tracking station upgrade to visit again. Then I de-orbited.


After pulling the parachutes, I physics-warped and then the KRAKEN destroyed the Minmus Fly-by. I rage quit. Not before I messed around in the settings and reverted the flight. I hope people will excuse me for this. If the Kraken resorts to cheats, I will as well no matter what others think.

Sorry this has taken ages to happen. RL gets in the way as well as the Kraken. Tomorrow I will post the successful mission to Minmus. Hopefully.

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7th Installment: Meet the Kraken

*After grinding for a couple of RL hours........*

There. Enough money to upgrade the tracking station. Whew. 


You don't know how happy I am because of this. This is thanks to all the tourists who have traveled to space with us, obviously. There, I said my part. Pay up.

Now the To Minmus Tower is on the launch pad ready to rocket! Get it, rock-it? Whatever.


Now the TMT is in orbit, the tracking station kicks into high gear to get the crew where it needs to go.


(Precise Maneuver node pop-up here. VERY USEFUL)

Two maneuvers are plotted. One to boost the TMT into a very elliptical orbit and the other to enter Minmus' SOI.


Here is the maneuver node completed. The TMT is now onto the terrier stage heading to Minmus.


Beauty shots galore.



Now, here things get weird. REALLY WEIRD. *Que ghostly, scary music*

For a start, since things got weird, the camera engineers forgot to take any photos. First, when we was supposed to enter Minmus' SOI, It showed that we in Kerbin's SOI. Then the map's representation of our future orbit flickered and flashed. Uncertainly. We sped down towards the moon. Then the Kraken awoke. 

It stayed silent, observing our burn made by the seat of our pants towards a non-collision course. Then it came. 

"Mission Control, do you read me?" Jeb's ordinarily arrogant voice quaked.

"Yes, yes we do."

"Minmus. Minmus has, teleported." Bill's screaming in terror echoed in the background.

 "What do you mean?" Silence filled the control room. Kerbals crossed themselves, pitifully attempting to protect against the Kraken. 

 "One minute it was on the left window. Now it is on the right window."

 Mission Control listened awestruck. 

Gene entered himself into the air-to-ground loop, "Get the heck out of there. NOW!" 

"If we burn prograde or retrograde, we're doomed. Minmus is in BOTH places at the same time."

"Burn down!" ordered Gene. 

Jeb flipped the rocket facing down and started firing up the terrier. 

The map flickered, and showed a intercept course with one Minmus. According to the map, he was only 20 kilometers away from destruction. He turned the space craft around again and fired anti-radial and down. 

Fuel drained from the spacecraft rapidly. Jeb shook his head. He looked out on the left side to see Minmus staring at him. 

"WE ARE DOOMED!" cried Bill, whimpering. He crossed himself.

"Not while I'm around." Jeb kept the engine firing, "Come at me Kraken. I know you, and I know that you are a coward."

The spacecraft vibrated with the Kraken's presence. The electric charge inside the rocket drained wildly. Blackness drew itself into the command pod, the lights on the keyboard flickered with lack of juice.

"You don't belong here." Jeb whispered.

As the flickering started, it stopped. They passed through the teleporting Minmus and into a different orbit. Finally in thirty minutes, the map stopped flickering. They preformed the deorbit burn, just making in a good aero-braking range. The camera engineers couldn't recover enough to take snap-shots of the reentry or the landing. What did happen is that 90 science points were gathered, as well as 600,000 funds. Thanks Minmus Program Initiative. ALOT. 

 The new science is to unlock new 2.5 meter fuel tanks, fuel lines, and struts while the 600,000 went towards upgrading the VAB, and hiring a new scientist to replace Bob. She will be introduced in the next installment promptly, as well as the next contract. 

The Journey To Visit Every Planet has just encountered its greatest enemy for the first time, as well as making its biggest leap yet for kerbal-kind.

Edited by Alpha 360
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2 hours ago, Alpha 360 said:

"Minmus. Minmus has, teleported." Bill's screaming in terror echoed in the background.

Glad you survived :wink:    I take it you were constantly flickering between being in and out of Minmus' SOI?  I've had that happen at other places but not Minmus.  It seems to happen only when you just barely reach the edge of the SOI at very nearly the same velocity as the target, like when you do a very efficient transfer.  Then, apparently due to the sequential movement of all game objects, in 1 step the SOI moves out from under you, the next you move back into it, but not far enough to keep it from moving back out from under you.  Very annoying.

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Yes, except a little bit more. What isn't mentioned is that how I found out that Minmus was in two places was when I time-warped and smashed into one Minmus when the other Minmus was around 100 km away. I raged, frothed at the mouth, then remembered that I had a small quicksave just before entering Minmus' SOI to fix up the map mode. I wouldn't have done this if I had crashed into a mountain because of incompetence, and as this was a Kraken attack, I F9ed and burned almost all the ever-living fuel out of my rocket. Then I de-orbited and everything went has it should. That's the full story.

Edited by Alpha 360

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That's bizarre.  Did you report this in the Kerbiting thread?  If this is a recurring problem, it would certainly put a damper on your adventures.

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8th Installment - Into the Space of the Kraken

Here is the latest look of the KSC! Isn't it beautiful?


The Kaltas-1 is ready to launch! On-board is a brave crew, willing to brave the Kraken and set up shop in his space. For this is a long-term station project to set up a outpost orbiting Minmus. 


On-board is Jeb, Val, and our new scientist Irfred. Bill has decided that doesn't want to come on this mission because he has Kraken-phobia. Or so he says. One special thing about this rocket is that the first stage is supposedly reusable. 


Okay. The first stage burnt up on reentry. That was 50 thousand funds we needed..... Well, in other news the second stage got the rest of the station into orbit, and then the second stage propelled them forward.


The Second Minmus Mission now flies towards Minmus! Now, the strangeness happens once more.


This is what happens when I get within 191 kilometers of Minmus. Yes, weird. The way to fix this is to use the nav-ball to get an encounter and not trust the map or visible modes. After achieving rendezvous, the strangest thing happened. As you see, Minmus is between me and the sun. Then once I really enter Minmus' SOI, this happens.


Minmus teleported between me and Kerbin. That is weird, isn't it? Now I will have to change the ways I do rendezvouses in Kerbiting Systems. Anyway, after this, nothing strange happened with Minmus and everything seemed fine.


Here we are in orbit. Going to lower the orbit into low space.


"I'm going outside." announced Jebediah. 

"Wait!" called Irfred from the crew compartment, "Be sure to write an EVA report on this! And don't forget to check the science experiments."

"Fine, fine." muttered Jeb as he de-pressurized his capsule. A button on the keyboard re-purposed as a control-board turned red. Jeb opened the hatch manually.

"Wow." He gazed around him at the icy moon below him. 

"This was what I signed up for." Jeb let go of the ladder to float a distance away. The sun floated in front of him, nearly blinding him if it wasn't for the darkened glass.

"Its beautiful." There was a pause on the radio, "I'm going to be the first kerbal on Minmus, if its the last thing I do." He swore to himself.


Stay tuned for the next missions to the new station around Minmus and the first crewed landing on another celestial body.

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The 9th Installment will come next week. Taking a long break for Christmas. See you all then! :)

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3 hours ago, Alpha 360 said:

The Second Minmus Mission now flies towards Minmus! Now, the strangeness happens once more.

I dunno.  Looking at the map, it all seems perfectly normal to me.  This sort of thing happens all the time due to the change of frame of reference when you cross an SOI boundary.



Anyway, glad things went OK :) Merry Christmas and we'll see you on the flipside.


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So much fun to see someone make a thread like this of my system. You do it in such a fun way and I really enjoy it. I am sorry for not being on this forum for so long. I'm back now. We have contact in private messages.

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Sorry for the long wait. Family takes the first priority, plus my computer charger cord died unexpectedly and have been too busy to buy a new one. I have finally ordered the cord so expect the 9th installment by Sunday. Glad to come back to the forums. :cool:

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My computer has gone kupht. Apparently it is dead as a stone. As a stone. Now without my laptop, I cannot fulfill my promise of putting up the 9th installment :mad:. I am raging inside as I am writing this. What happened? So where we live, the power isn't very good. The power fluctuation fried my computer from the inside out. I am getting a new computer soon, as I am writing this from my phone, but it will take a while to piece this post back together. Expect a month until I fully kick back into gear, but I hope to get the 9th installment out in the near future. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, Alpha360

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Aw, man. :( Just found this and it was getting really interesting with all the weirdness. Are your hard drives still ok from the old machine, so you can eventually continue? You'll want to be sure and add a good surge protector or even voltage regulator/battery backup when you get up and running again. They can be found pretty reasonably these days.

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23 hours ago, Alpha 360 said:

My computer has gone kupht.

Bummer :/  Very sorry to hear that.  Hope the HD is OK and that you invest in a decent UPS while you're getting the new rig.

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9th Installment: Minmus Orbital Outpost

Yes Kerbals, the Kerbiting System Play-through is back and ready for action! All the data was retrieved from the computer, and in the same stroke I upgrader to a stronger, faster, and better PC with more ram, and a better graphics. Are you ready for action?


Honestly, I am surprised at the attention my thread is getting. I can't believe that both the famous Geschosskopf and CatastrophicFailure have commented on this thread. Thank you KSP community, thank you for giving me a reason to continue this thread.


That's just Bill. He doesn't matter.

Anyway, here is a quick reel of the launch of the Katlas-2. It is launched on autopilot because Bill refused to pilot it after the Minmus debacle/success.




The Katlas-2 has a lower thrust-to-weight ratio than the earlier version. It is using KW Rocketry Engines which really steal your heart. I mean, there's no longer any reason to use stock engines, right?


Finally now that three quarters of the fuel is burned up, it is going at quite a pace.


Now the first stage runs out of fuel. The engineers running the physic-breaking camera failed to capture the moment, so they lost their bonuses. You got to be strict in business, especially one run by Mortimer.


The transfer stage boosts the payload into orbit, ready to take off towards Minmus.


This is the cargo. Ignore the apparent floating of the cargo from the transfer stage. The picture has been distorted by a solar flare which occurred after the launch.                                                                                                


There is loads of fuel still in the transfer stage so that it can rendezvous with the Minmus Mission 2. We still haven't told Jeb that he is going to do a docking maneuver, somebody should do that.........

"Bill! Go tell Jeb that he needs to do a docking maneuver!"

"But I'm busy writing the propaganda report about how well the space-program is going to change everything and nothing at the same time."

"Just do it."

"Alright, but I don't know how everything falls to me when Jeb's not here."


"Okay, on it already."

A minute passes, and then Bill mumbles something into the radio. Bill is then thrown back from the radio clutching his ear holes as Jeb and Val cry out in joy at the prospect of trying something new. dB0mzAF.png


After putting into a high polar orbit of Minmus, there have to be a few tweaks to get the rendezvous. The weirdness around Minmus happened once more, but it was much less dangerous than the first time. The Kraken was napping, but how much longer until it wakes?

Jeb was still thrilled to dock and rendezvous with the habitation section, more so now that Mission Control had told him that the Minmus Mission 2 was to preform the final approach and dock with the terrier engine.


Here is the habitation section coming into rendezvous. How it will be done is that the habitation section will slow down to 10 m/s relative velocity, and then the crew of the Minmus Mission will continue the process from there until the nodes meet and a station is born in Minmus orbit. Still ignore the apparent separation of the cargo and the second stage, that is completely a visual bug!


The docking has proceeded as planned. All the employees inside mission control are now cautioned to wear earmuffs to protect against the loud screams of delight from Jeb and Val. Some moaning has been noted of the scientist on board. It is hard to make it out, but it is steadily growing louder. No wonder Bill doesn't want to go on this mission......


Coming onto the final approach. The terrier is very good for maneuvering in, now the relative velocity is down to 5 m/s. The tensions are high. If something goes wrong, like the engine unexpectedly firing and sending the two spacecraft far away on different orbits. This DID NOT happen because Jeb accidently tapped spacebar and was not photographed because the engineers were rage quitting all over the place. That TOTALLY didn't happen........


It looks true. Jeb and Val have become hoarse and are gasping for air. Irfred has now taken control and is guiding the two spacecraft together.



And it happened. The Minmus Orbital Outpost is now constructed and Mission Control goes wild. Caps, hats and wigs are thrown into the air. This is the second big first around Minmus. The next mission the last great first, the greatest first, will be accomplished! WE WILL LAND ON MINMUS!


No quicksaves were used in this mission despite hinting that I had. That is just for fun and entertainment. I will mention at the bottom if a quicksave was used it will be justified by a report of a Kraken Attack.


Edited by Alpha 360
editing, editing, editing
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