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  1. Help!!!

    MJ isn't 1 thing, it's a collection of separate apps. For launching, landing, flying in space, flying in the air, and driving on the ground. The one for general space flight is the Maneuver Planner. Just bring up the main MJ interface and select that, then select the specific type of maneuver you want to perform.
  2. I came to KSP in 0.20 back in the summer of 2013, after doing realistic space since the 1980s. Thus I was immediately stuck by the incredible lack of in-game instrumentation without mods, even for such basic things as your rocket's TWR and dV. How can anybody do space without such info? So after discovering this (and only killing 3 Kerbals in the process, in 1 flight), I immediately installed the then-current version of MJ. and went to Minmus and back on my 2nd flight, with help from a then-current Scott Manley tutorial.
  3. Help!!!

    MJ assumes you know what type of maneuver you need to do next. In its Maneuver Planner app, pick the option that fits your circumstance.
  4. Coffee is the universal solvent, it dissolves everything else. The difference between Texas and Louisiana coffee is as follows. In Texas, a horseshoe will float on coffee. In Louisiana, the horseshoe floats but dissolves in less than 30 seconds.
  5. Well, it's a strange thing..... I started with a totally clean, pristine stock install. Then I did the following: Added MM 3.0.1 Added all your part mods: DSEV, MOLE, and Buffalo/Pathfinder. Only issues noted were the aforesaid MM errors. Built a test ship with a DSEV Delta tank set to LF-only using the WBT "reconfigure storage" interface.. This remained LF-only through many loads, reloads, and scene changes. It was always LF-only whether in the VAB or on the pad, with the scene reloaded several times each to make sure. In my main game, it would have reverted to the default LFO, often while messing with it in the VAB. And if I had the tank set to LF-only in the VAB, it would revert to LFO when I hit the VAB "launch" button. Quit game, added B9PS, and loaded the test ship from #3 in the VAB. It was still LF-only and remained so both in the VAB and on the pad through many changes of scene. Quit the game and added IFS, with also includes Patch Manager. Did the same tests. The tank remained LF-only throughout. So, I must rule out both B9PS and IFS as the culprit, and even Patch Manager. It's something else. I'll keep adding mods to my test game to try to isolate the problem. And just to make sure we're on the same page, the problem I'm having in my main game is that tanks whose default setting is LFO revert to that continuously both in the VAB and later on in life.
  6. I have never had CryoFuels installed, even with various NFT mods installed. Yet this happens anyway.
  7. I'll wait for the next MM nothotfix (for which I wish there was a way to get notifications). The thing I'm trying to track down here is why, despite years of previous peaceful co-existence, I'm suddenly having apparently fuel-switching conflicts between your stuff and/or B9PS and/or IFS. IFS just updated to be compatible with MM 3.0.x so I'm wondering if the new version gets solves my main problem. IFS has become my primary suspect.
  8. @Angel-125: love the ring hab, I already have plans to build a torque-powered low-gravity rover using a pair of these for wheels In other news, I recently updated to ModuleManager 3.0.1 due to other-than-your mods. This new version of MM doesn't like a few things in DSEV. Here are the relevant excerpts from the log: [ERR 17:25:57.124] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WildBlueIndustries/DSEV/Parts/Science/D2Lab/@PART[WBI_D2Lab]:FOR[DSEV]:FINAL [ERR 17:25:57.126] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WildBlueIndustries/DSEV/Parts/Utility/D2Centrifuge/@PART[WBI_D2Centrifuge]:FOR[DSEV]:FINAL [ERR 17:25:57.128] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WildBlueIndustries/DSEV/Parts/Utility/D2Hab/@PART[WBI_D2Hab]:FOR[DSEV]:FINAL [ERR 17:25:57.129] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WildBlueIndustries/DSEV/Parts/Utility/D2Office/@PART[WBI_D2Office]:FOR[DSEV]:FINAL [ERR 17:25:57.130] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WildBlueIndustries/DSEV/Parts/Utility/StationParts/TranquilityHab/@PART[TranquilityHab]:FOR[DSEV]:FINAL [ERR 17:25:57.132] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WildBlueIndustries/MOLE/Parts/Utility/BOW/@PART [WBI_BOW]:FOR[MOLE]:FINAL [ERR 17:25:57.134] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: WildBlueIndustries/MOLE/Parts/Utility/MOH18/@PART[WBI_MOH18]:FOR[MOLE]:FINAL These were the only errors I got. The new MM seems to like Buffalo, MOLE, and Pathfinder.
  9. Ground friction (for non-wheel parts)

    Yeah, some Unity update back around 0.9 or 1.0 hosed up ground friction and it's never been right since. Sometimes, if the gravity is low enough and the slope is shallow enough, you can SOMETIMES stop a lander sliding by planting flags on the downhill side. Then the slide stops when it hits the flags. But this doesn't always work---sometimes the lander will just bulldoze the flags. And even when it works, it's often only temporary, especially if you reload physics on the lander. KAS/KIS and some base mods that use those things allow you to attach ships and bases to the ground in various ways. These USUALLY do the job, but I recommend disconnecting all such connections before shifty focus away from the ship/base. This is because reloading physics with such connections in place often causes undesirable explosions.
  10. Thanks for the update. Somehow I missed it until now. Anyway, just to be clear on this..... Do I need the stock configs for EVE as well as EVE itself, or just EVE?
  11. (Mostly) Solid Rocket Booster Grand Tour (Episode 1 - Eve)

    Hehehe, why bother going to other planets when you can make such pretty shows at Kerbin?
  12. Well, I'm pulling for him, too. I've spent a LOT of time preparing his reception and I'm already irked it's taken so long to get an ambassador even into Laythe orbit. But somehow I keep thinking of that lawyer in the 1st "Jurassic Park" movie
  13. Wow, that's an interesting system. Never heard of Kerbiting before. So, is Kerbin farther from the sun than in stock, or is Jool closer? I'm just wondering about how well solar panels will work at Kerbin.
  14. Welcome to (or back to) the madness BTW, I was sort of surprised you're not using the KASE mod, but then I saw you're using GPP, not the stock system.