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No pilot control


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15 minutes ago, JickJesdy said:

I dont know how to used EAS-1 to put a pilot into my boat , i can launch it but i can't driver it... Can you tell me how can i create a pilot into boat??

If you are using mods, then install TakeCommand.

If not, then attach some sort of command pod to the side with a decoupler, launch with the pilot in that and then decouple the pod once you get the pilot out

Another way would be to launch the pilot in a small rover (again, using a command pod), drive the rover away from the runway, launch the boat, then drive the rover back.

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My usual go-to... not as elegant as linuxgurugamer's solutions, but practical... is to create a "ship" in both the VAB and SPH that's just a Mk1 command pod (I usually save it as 'Command Pod Mockup' or something like that), and boom!  Kerbal on the loose!   Take them EVA from either the pad to the runway or the runway to the pad, wherever your other contraption is starting.

There's also a mod called "Walkabout" that lets a Kerbal start from the doorway of one of KSC's buildings.

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