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Kerbol++ is a very simple and lightweight planet mod. This mod is based on the idea of people like me with slightly lower-end computers being able to play with a unique Kerbol System without the headache of installation and 30 minute long loading sessions. It adds no new planets and contains zero new textures (besides for Jool rings, which can be removed without hurting anything if needed), but instead improves the orbits of existing ones (including getting rid of the unnaturally perfect orbits of certain bodies), among a few other minor changes to the world. This is designed to enhance the Kerbal exploration experience while not requiring save restarts, extra mods (besides kopernicus) or anything else, while being relatively interchangeable with stock KSP saves.

Only prerequisite is Kopernicus. While this is designed for 1.3.1, and will likely not be explicitly made for later versions, it probably will work fine with other versions.

** This mod is pretty new, so please report any bugs you encounter.

List of changes is as follows:

- One new, simplistic flag representing the mod

- Mun's gravity raised marginally, now orbits farther from Kerbin and has a somewhat eccentric orbit.

- Minmus now has a highly irregular and retrograde orbit around Kerbin, taken it both much closer and farther from Kerbin than previously. Could be used strategically, but also the difficulty to reach it hopefully encourages utilization of the Mun more.

- Jool is now four times as large and has considerably higher surface gravity. It is a gas giant, after all.

- Jool's moons have been revamped to accommodate the larger size. Read further for additional info.

- Vall is now the 'shephard' of Jool's rings, and the closest moon in and has much higher surface gravity. Laythe is next, which is no longer tidally locked, followed by Tylo, Pol, then Bop, all whose characteristics aside from orbiting farther out remain unchanged.

- Moho is now much closer to Kerbol and is tidally locked. Also slightly higher surface gravity.

- Kerbin now orbits roughly in Duna's previous location, and has 2.5x surface gravity.

- All planets further out than Kerbin are roughly twice as far out.

- If player has reached, asteroids will spawn near Jool and plummet into its SOI

- Moved KSC to the edge of the desert

- Eve, Gilly and Ike both remain completely undisturbed


Notice about transferring saves between unmodded and modded games:

While most of this pack is designed to be relatively interchangeable with stock KSP, the Joolean system may include complications, especially if you put anything too close to Jool before adding this mod (may cause said crafts to be instantly destroyed) or if you have anything orbiting too far away from Jool (crafts may just float off into space) before removing this mod. Worst case scenario, these kinds of situations are relatively easy to fix in the persistent file. And remember, always back up your saves.

Download link for 1.3.1: https://spacedock.info/mod/1732/Kerbol++?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E

If you're interested in donating to support this and my other planet packs, my only method to do so ATM is via bitcoin: 15nhma9mEYqhBE5hyCHa4bGUyrAfnaUrxd or PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/clockwork13. Donations will go to assist this and my other projects.

Additional Images:


The new KSC


The Joolean system


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3 hours ago, HebaruSan said:

"+" is not a valid character for a CKAN identifier, which has tied up your pull request for a bit.

Would you find "KerbolPlusPlus" to be an acceptable alternative? We can update it easily enough if that sounds OK.

Yeah, that works.

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