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[1.8.1] Galaxies Unbound: Nova Kirbani [1.2.3-1] [08 February 2020]

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16 hours ago, Space Nerd said:

Apparently I got infinite loading screen with opm, is there anyway to fix that?

Edit:do I need to post logs?

Galaxies Unbound has not been tested with any other planet packs, so opm might be incompatible.

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1 hour ago, StarCrusher96 said:


explain me this reference please :D

The person in the image is a youtuber named JonTron, and this is an image taken from his Goosebumps part two video. this is the clip. it is usually used in memes when something bad or scary might happen. That might not be the best of explanations, but i did my best.


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