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The Common Journey - International Cooperation (Alternis Kerbol x2.5)

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The Common Journey



It is Year 0. After the Lukewarm War, the great powers of Kerbin have banded together to rebuild their world. The United Nations has been entrusted with the goal of bringing Kerbalkind to prosperity and peace.

At the tip of the spear, the United Nations Kerbal Space Program has begun investing into the distant future.


The Kerbal Space Program has only three contributing members so far : the United States, the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom. As the program grows, other countries and organizations are expected to join.


The first foray into space exploration has been mandated to the Russian Federation. Its "Sputnik" spacecraft will be the first test to determine the viability of orbital flight, as suborbital flight had been already achieved during the War.


Soyuz rocket on the launchpad



Launch !



Beautiful view of Jool. All systems nominal.



Boosters have been separated.



Fairings have opened, and the payload has been released.



*beep beep* Sputnik 1 is online ! Mission control erupts into joy and excitement !

Supplementary images in dedicated mission album : https://imgur.com/a/QWSFce5


The rudimentary satellite will continue to transmit for several days, but it has just shown the entire world that space travel is indeed feasible. Festivities run wild from Moscow to London to Washington DC, as Kerbalkind just entered a new age, the Space Age.

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Manned and Rendez-vous mission


As soon as the celebrations ended, the Space Program got back to work. NASA has been mandated to put a man in low Kerbin orbit.

The Titan-II launcher will carry Alan and Anthony Kerman and in a Gemini capsule to a stable 105 km orbit.


However, a bold proposal emerged from the British Space Agency : a transponder probe could be sent for the Gemini to rendez-vous with, thus simultaneously testing the feasibility of manned missions, and orbital rendez-vous.

Thus, the Orb Transponder will be launched ahead of time to guide the Gemini capsule.



Supplementary pictures in dedicated mission album : https://imgur.com/a/c1gasYL



As the Orb Transponder reaches orbit, the Titan II wastes no time to complete launch procedures.





Orbit has been reached ! Alan and Anthony Kerman just became the first Kerbals to orbit the beautiful blue planet.

The world cheers yet again, and UN Secretary-General Dag Kerman personally calls the crew to congratulate them on their achievement.


The mission is not yet over though, and careful orbital maneuvers close the gap between the transponder and the capsule.



Alan Kerman makes a close examination of the transponder, as he marks the first Kerbal EVA session.



After an unpleasant but uneventful reentry, Alan and Anthony Kerman are to be recovered soon, for some Slippist Root Beer !

Supplementary pictures in dedicated mission album : https://imgur.com/a/7lurNT1

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What's this? An Alternis Kerbol game? Fantastic!

I liked the Slippist Root Beer reference. I hated the flat flags. I love the use of historical rockets. Looking forward to Apollo and exploration of Laythe and the other planets. 

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