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  1. That's what it looks like. THAT GUY IS A MILE AHEAD! (No offense, @The Dressian Exploder, but you're kinda a close second)
  2. HMMMMMMMM... I cannot but notice that it says HAPPY HALLOWEEN... could this all be but an elaborate hoax, just like the Mun landings?
  3. It ain't dead, just retired. It's going to live out the rest of its life in the fine grassy plains of Kerbin's Lowlands.
  4. Woot woot! New chapter! okay, I gotta admit... I love Aisling's perky personality! I can understand why her enthusiasm would be infectious!
  5. *splat* nice. I can visualize the sound effects. now to add some *quack*s and some *fzzzt*s
  6. the OH NO NOT AGAIN and 42... those are Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy references aren't they? Can I suggest that the next one be named Ford?
  7. Me, personally, I think it's exactly what we need right now. We need someone to point out exactly how *GOSH DANG STUPID* our country is for electing that *GOSH DANG IDIOT* to be President. No, I'm not a Democrat. I just... no...
  8. It's ion-powered @Norcalplanner it's all fine those things have too much dV as is