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R.A.R.V. (Ridiculous Atmospheric Reentry Vehicle)

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Greetings all, 

So after a bit of hiatus I built a thing. The thing I built is a top secret rover which is rather bulky and weighs 73 tons. Dropping it onto the surface of Duna and Eve presented some technical issues. 

So I built another thing, which I have called the R.A.R.V. (Ridiculous Atmospheric Reentry Vehicle). Here it is in action:









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22 hours ago, Yellowburn10 said:

This is honestly one of the best looking large re-entry vehicles I've ever seen. And it's actually aerodynamically stable? That's better than most other large re-entry vehicles I've made.

Thanks! Yes, that's why it has the second shield on the tail. Without the tail it tumbles. My payload is asymmetrical so it maintains a slightly off center angle of attack which is ok. Once it's out of reentry and falling vertically, the front shield is jettisoned, then the fairing deploys and both front and end are separated  from the payload by sepratron rockets (to prevent collision). The payload is then free to deploy chutes to descend.

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