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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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My newest RSS/RO probe, the Sundiver, performing its lengthy sundiving burn. Over 30 km/s of delta-v at launch in order to get very close and personal with our star.


Edit: At periapsis:


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*sigh* :P


Here, have a new follower!

Everything was going good to rescue my first kerbal.


When the kerbal boarded, the ship stopped responding. The game crashed moments later and I restarted to see the damage. Came back to the ship (with the kerbal in it) and looks like the game stops responding when the ship is active. I guess he will stay there... forever or I will delete from the save. :mad:

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I love how far i can go when i use combat jets from the past as concept for my SSTO, Whit NEAR now its easier to achieve some nice looking and working vehicles

The Masinesky ME-262, Built as concept temporal satellite launcher to sub-orbit while Procedural Fairings was under repairs for .24 But really usntable due to the lack of atmosphere. Obviously based on the Messerschmitt Me 262 A Edit- It had a Flag sheet on the tail but was burned during return :P



And thea IS-40 Bolear V Built as prototype crew ferry for Laythe operations, This one took long to work and can achieve orbit. Its going to be expanded for increased amount of passengers and the FLTU ("Final Laythe Unmaned Test"). The IL-40 & 102 worked as inital concept



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Why did I read those Twitter things...

I may have died laughing on one of those.

Follow along, lots more funny to come, no doubt!

Here, have a new follower!


The Cira IV-002 Making her way through the upper atmosphere, with the first LRDSCS Long Range Orbiter on board.

Great shot, the way it's glowing through the clouds

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