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What did you do in KSP today?


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Having finally unlocked the Atomic engines, I sent a probe to Jool! I'm sure my 12 minute long burn wasn't as efficient as it could have been. . . but. . . science!

Unfortunately I aimed to low with my aerobreaking, so rather than a tour of the Jool system I got to fall into the heart of a gas giant. But at least I managed to transmit back over a thousand science! And my next mission will be all the better for the parts I gained.

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*Blue Danube playing in background*

Pretty much :)

I built both craft after I watched 2001 again a couple of days ago. Then I found this great camera mod (hull cam) and created a teeny satellite with cameras in all directions, boosted it up on the spaceplane and used it to get the shot.

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I designed a heavier lander, then had to also design a more powerful booster to get it up there. Having done that, the mission was a go. Jeb was flying, naturally. Launch went great, more fuel was put into space than was originally expected. The booster had done a marvellous job. Trans-Munar injection went well, Jeb couldn't even be arsed to use nodes and just eyeballed it by burning prograde at LKO during munrise. When Jeb encountered the Mun, he circularized, waited until he had the sunlight and went in for the landing, not really aiming for anything, but also hoping it wouldn't be a crater wall or a mountainside. Jeb's professional expertise payed off once again as he landed softly on the Munar surface, after a single, continous retrograde burn.

Tests were carried out, science was made and finally it was the time to go for an EVA. The door didn't open though. "Kerbtown, we have a problem. I can't get out!", Jeb transmitted. It soon turned out that some stupid engineer had put a ladder on top of the hatch, and it couldn't be fixed. Jeb was not happy. What soon brightened him up though, was the news that thanks to the new lander model, much more fuel was still available. Jeb immediately decided to put that to good use, and blasted off the Munar surface.

Reaching a stable orbit, he inclined himself in relation to Minmus, got an encounter, and blasted off towards the small moon. Circularization and landing went well, but after all the science had been done Jeb noticed that the fuel gauge was dropping dangerously low.

Jeb realised that he had to use his brain. The thought intimidated him, but Jeb understood that if he didn't pull himself together, he would stay in that small tin can forever. He thought of a way to spend less fuel, and finally it came to him. He waited very patiently until his side of Minmus was facing Kerbin.

He then put his ship to max throttle, pointing straight up and burning fuel fast. Eventually Jeb escaped Minmus' SOI but he still had to deorbit. The final burn was done with exceptional precision, so as to not burn any more fuel than is needed. And it worked! Jeb's periapsis was just 20 km up and he knew he was saved.

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After several hours of research and stress-testing...


The Xacktar Aerospace Corporation completed a flip-resistant rover!



The only way to stop the frustration of unwanted rover-flipping is to make it work for you! That's right, with the XAC patented DepDep Rover you can ride in style, right-side up or upside down!

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Migrated my 0.21 savegame over to 0.22. Lost the Echidna 7 parked on the Mun from my Gemini mission in an attempt to get its landing legs deployed again (successful gravity hack but the legs pushed it off the Munar surface before I could unhack gravity again, and it tipped over. Oh well - I never really liked the Echidna anyway. Will need to do the same for the Castle Romeo descent stage and the Tranquility Base lander, no doubt.

Had my first successful Minmus landing in 0.22 career mode. 625 science for the trip. Finally have all the tech I need to recreate the Apocalypse 7 lander, so the Mun's next.

Anybody know if you get any additional science for taking samples near an anomaly?

Hacked KER to make it work with 0.22. Surprisingly, KER is still taking a break in the VAB just like it was doing in 0.21. Makes me wonder if my install has been corrupted.

Designed the habitat lander for the Constellation Program Challenge. Now that I've gotten comfortable with 0.22, I'll be picking that up again soon. Got my pressurized rover saved as a subassembly, so now the issue is getting that nine tonne monstrosity attached to the lander...

Drove the pressurized rover around the new KSC. Only ran into one building. Found out it floated pretty well.

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I did mission 5 and 6 in my careermode today.

Mission 5 was getting a probe in mun orbit, but I used a very bad lifter design, and ended up crashing into the mun instead of orbiting, valuable data was gotten anyway!

Mission six was planned to bring a probe into minmus orbit, I redesigned my lifter and made it there with no problem, and since I had a ton of fuel left, I landed the probe on minmus, though it wasn't really designed for that. It still has a lot of fuel, so now I am thinking of bringing it to mun, so it can do what mission 5 was supposed to achieve.

Mission 7 will get Jeb on the mun, or Minmus. Lander is gtg, still working on a new lifter design.

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I sent a three-kerbal pod to the mun two days ago; it used a poodle, and while I raided the polar and the farside crater with it, I realized I couldn't get back to kerbin, or even to orbit!

So, I did the following:

http://imgur.com/a/z8yyt (Haven't figured out how to make an album show up)

I used the original ship, which I had thrown a clamp-o-tron on for good measure, to build a refueling rover that would roll over the top of the stranded science base. I managed to land 7.7 km away, the closest landing I've ever done, and drove the rest of the way, braking constantly. I refueled, launched, and got everything home safe and sound.

I love career mode. I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of the game, and with science to drive my interest in getting out there and making sure I can come back, I'm learning about the true possibilities of parts because the mainsail isn't available, and really having to work on launch efficiency. Soon, I'll be doing orbital refueling missions, since I managed to put a full rockomax half-tank on the mun, showing I can definitely do it.

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Well redesigned my Mün lander. Added fuel transfer lines and legs to it even though the legs are slightly worthlesss as is. Re did my refuelers and extra fuel cans for my landers/crafts. Had fun improving upon my rocket plane:


This plane reached almost reached 24km up on just rocket fuel alone. Now if it had drop tanks it might have made it up even higher maybe.

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For the past few days, it's mostly probes to Eve and Gilly, for science points, and then also to Duna and Ike (mix of manned and unmanned) for more science.

I feel weird that I keep expecting getting a lot of science points from Eve or Duna, simply because there is a sense of accomplishment to actually get there and explore around, yet I know that I am skipping a lot of science points by not visiting the Mun's (or Kerbin's) biomes. Perhaps this is only because of that fact--that the other worlds don't have multi-biomes yet.

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I was going to shoot for a manned mun landing today, but not having a ladder is really hindering my mojo with what I'm able to send.

Sure I could fall head first to the ground and jetpack back, but 0.22 deserves a much more elegant first mun landing. We're Kerbinauts, not savages.

So I sent a probe to Minmus to collect more science, the ground looked like mint which apparently made me hungry.

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Landed on Mun once again, this is the 3rd time in total, 2nd successful landing, 1st time on max settings. I think I have the hang of this. Maybe I should push the envelope and try for Minmus. I also really need to make my own flag.


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This design from a Mun orbiter is now launching deep space probes;


One launch was sent to solar orbit.


The other went voyager.


Both are yielding lots of science even at 20% transmission of data.

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Today, I was working on some mun landings.

The results:

of 7 attempts:

1 Complete destruction of craft

5 landings with "tip-overs"

1 Successful landing, but without enough fuel to return to Kerbin, and no transmitter for my science.

Luckily, the were all unmanned.

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