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  1. None of that thread is any solid commitments except the next bugfix. The rest is just meaningless words to sound like they're being more open.
  2. Not entirely sure what performance was improved and bugs were fixed with the patch because i'm still running at 7-12 fps with rockets that wobble like a wet noodle.
  3. Flew Gamma Centaur/Centaur Jr. Cosine losses kinda sucked. Payload was a Vega 3rd Stage and Mariner B. Had enough Dv to get the Mariner B out to jool though.
  4. What do i need to do to the SLA config file to be able to close the doors in flight? That used to be possible with the old version and I use it for reasons.
  5. As of the latest apollo saturn revamp a previously loaded save is now missing the "OGO-OPEP.2" part. The OGO folder in extras is installed
  6. Not to pile on to the list of things to add for the Saturn revamp but any chance of a standalone SAF Skylab Shroud for launching things on a S-IVB? The SAF Skylab Airlock adapter works but is heavier than just a fairing base.
  7. Figured it out, I wasn't connecting the habitat to the hidden node correctly. Did that and everything is rock solid.
  8. It doesn't. Bounces around trying to attach to the low profile port but doesn't latch and camera switch.
  9. Algol motors in a tweak scaled structural tube, fins, SM decoupler, apollo CSM and LES. Thats how I did it when I wanted a little Joe.
  10. if the craft you are flying doesn't already have the roll axis disabled on the SSMEs at launch, do that. Just have an action group to toggle the roll, activate it after SRB sep. Also disable all of the aerosurfaces. Makes it so much easier to fly.
  11. What even is the point of this mod? Rescale for 1.3 works just fine.
  12. >Now that you've updated this mod are you gonna do the rest of them? I really wanna build the ISS! Habtech2 appears to work just fine in 1.73 and 1.81. Have not tried later versions.
  13. My station is on its 3rd type of Docking ports (MOL now) and its finally moved to EVA assembly, not launching modules. https://imgur.com/a/Bfxu4Hh.jpg
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