Naval Battle League 2016-2018

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On 5/20/2019 at 8:55 AM, ShadowGoat said:

Okay no those rules aren’t going to fly. 800000 tons is still way too much. Also no limit on the number of ships is completely absurd.

I agree, i just checked a few old ships i have hanging around from the old days (when ships tended to be alot heavier in the 1st place), and ive come to the conclusion that the most we can reasonably fight with (without making everyone use straight dreadnoughts) is ~1000 tons for ~10 ships, or ~100 tons per ship.  This is fairly fair since it allows one to have variety, but restricts anyone from spamming excessively heavy vessels during the fight.  90% of ships fall between 40 and 200t, and 1000 is a good number as it makes you pick and choose what you want, ~10 average warships, or perhaps 2-3 very heavys with the rest as starfighters or very light support craft.


That and vessels need to be hard limited to a absolute maximum of 10 per person, any more and the fights will be so drawn out itll be doubtful that anyone has the time to finish them.  Id even suggest something akin to no more then half your fleet can be any single vessel (or a variant of a single vessel) just so that we dont end up getting into the most mindnumbingly lame battle possible (who wants to kill 10 of the exact same thing over and over).

Finally, which im personally ok either way, i would like to see some sort of limit of how many ships (of the 10ish max) are allowed to carry weapons over 1.25m.  1.25m is the sweet spot for capital ships since you can actually defend against at least 1-2, while a 2.5m warhead may as well be the equivalent of ramming the enemy with a unarmed vessel thats mostly autokilling the target (most of those things are over 30t, and personally i dont consider anything over 20t a weapon since its basically a scaled down warship at that point just with nothing but engines, fuel and a warhead instead of weapons of its own).  Perhaps allow 2 superships (which can use any weapon period), but limit the rest to 1.25m and limit starfighters to 0.6m (as its really not very fun to face a fighter that is almost 100% guaranteed to kill your much larger and much heavier capital ships).

Other then that, im defenetely in (provided you guys are ok with me being around not every single day).  Just fixed my aurora (which is a beautiful sight imo) and ive started on a redesigned regulator (which i plan to make into a assault carrier and will probably just not arm it since we dont want carriers acting as normal warships).


So pretty....  Only thing i still am not a fan of is how far the SRMs stick out of the front, but there was no way to more the nose gun backwards without compromising something or making it look even worse then it does now.


Armed with 2SRM-4 (generic), 4 kinetic drone (anti-fighter), and 4 G9s heavy torpedoes (anti-ship/ground).  Its not crazy well armed for a ship of its weight, but i sorta cared more about its looks then its guns\ and there was no way to add any more heavy ordinance without making it look like garbage (not that the aurora-I was that bad, but its entire load of G9s was bolted onto the bottom and sides and stood out like a sore thumb, and it carried way too many drones which id never realistically use before the ship either killed everything in sight or was shot apart).


And its actually got a armored bridge in the nose (not that id want to be inside that easily crumpled tin can like at all if the ship is being shot at).


And as usual, after a minor redesign of the G9 (hence the G9s or small), its still plenty lethal and finally fits in a mk2 weapons bay.  This is whats left of a CV-4 supercarrier after 2 direct hits (1st shot took out some armor panels, fuel, and 2 of the bridges, 2nd shot cut it in half).

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With that tonnage I might as well just make a huge ball of played with an engine and a few essentials inside. I think his tournament is being put on by someone who has no understanding of how this works.

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The Tournament will delayed indefinitely. Updates will come in the following few weeks. Thank you for your consideration.

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@AlexanderTeaH, i dont even want to know what the part count of that thing is.


Still, i really like the back of it and how you shaped the engines, must look amazing with the engines turned on and puking blue glow out the rear...

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