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  1. Update: Sorry for the necro! This is being restarted. I've gotten a new setup. Along with new skills and the development of mods that are insane. I'm going to be working on a new trailer and start production. The story remains largely the same.
  2. A demo video. Getting OBS, Flowframes, and Resolve to work took like 2 hours. (New PC) I still have to work on Reshade configurations.
  3. KSP 1 blows everything out of the water in graphics now. Everything you could want. I'm having a field day with visual configs.
  4. Scattering looks very stocky. The clouds are a definite improvement but look... Strange. Water is good though. I was hoping for a better physics engine but I don't see much. I think it will be improved eventually past KSP 1. With those high part count vessels coming in I think part welding is going to be a very necessary thing.
  5. Sadly not, a few V-2 rockets could destroy most of not all of the building. How do I pass Spanish?
  6. Cities may be a real next step, I know there is a city mod but Its been a long time. I remember needing a config for a planet.
  7. Eve redux volumetric and foliage from parallax. This is what I've been waiting for! I wonder what else could even be developed before we hit a wall. I've got that itch for cinematics again.
  8. Half-life 3 x Ksp 2. In all seriousness, this will be the space game that me and many more will play for a long time.
  9. Your able to run ksp with mods and without lag but its locked at 0.1 fps. I wish for wishes to wish wishes.
  10. Banned for generic space satellite pfp.
  11. Banned for being a non-geometric shape.
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