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  1. It's been two years since I've last been to the forums properly (very long hiatus, I know) and, ah....are you the guy that used to have the tardigrade profile picture?

    1. adsii1970


      Nope, that would be @Snark:)  Before this one, mine was an inchworm.

    2. Earthlinger


      Ah! Yes I remember now.

      It's really been too long lol

    3. adsii1970


      @Earthlinger - Yes, it has been too long. That should teach you to stick around more. :)

  2. I agree that time-based degradation would be weird. Kerbals themselves are essentially ageless so it wouldn't fit. If there were dust storms on Duna....or freezing temperatures on Eeloo that require heaters... That would be interesting
  3. Currently learning a third language. Would like to complain about how terrible Google Translate is. It's so bad. So bad it's gone past annoying, past hilarious and is now floating somewhere in just plain irritating. It's terrible.
  4. Egad, I've been gone far too long. That looks right up my alley. On a side note, two years later I now have a marginally better laptop...
  5. I have never heard of such a man. @Ultimate Steve Do you still live?
  6. Why am I your only follower

    You deserve so much more

    I will put out flowers for you

  7. Dude I just realized....ants are kinda small, no?
  8. A fellow polandball fan

  9. no It's-a me Uh @dundun92 Are you still alive
  10. And so it was that at this moment the leaders and generals of the enemy forces uttered a simultaneous cry of 'hol' up.'
  11. @Sidestrafe2462 I suspect we'll see some more activity with the launch of KSP 2 But I'm glad to see you're still interested in it :) Though unfortunately I literally do not have the time nowadays ;-;
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