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  1. no It's-a me Uh @dundun92 Are you still alive
  2. And so it was that at this moment the leaders and generals of the enemy forces uttered a simultaneous cry of 'hol' up.'
  3. @Sidestrafe2462 I suspect we'll see some more activity with the launch of KSP 2 But I'm glad to see you're still interested in it :) Though unfortunately I literally do not have the time nowadays ;-;
  4. It's still a compliment, if you think about it :D
  5. To summarize: <snip> XD As in, the vulcans? I haven't caught up with updates since my computer decided to stop using its battery (it's at the point where it overheats on long YouTube videos and shuts down)
  6. Today's most frequently asked question of 2019 that was never asked is, "Are you dead?"

    Answer: Not yet.




    Well, at least online, apparently ;-;

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    2. Kernel Kraken

      Kernel Kraken

      How did you know!?

    3. Earthlinger


      Ack! We've been discovered!

    4. Sidestrafe2462


      <pew pew> Now you are! I was right he is dead I HAVE BEHEADED AXON! NOW SIDEA WILL RULE THE SEAS

  7. Great Saint Baloney O__o I'd like to see this loaded with oerlikons on the bottom ..... You're using ramjets. On a boat (well, ship). Those engines are made for high altitudes at supersonic speeds, not 30 m/s. They're great on faster airplanes but at sea level you're just trading 35% extra thrust for 330% higher fuel consumption. At sea level, panthers have the exact same stats with the afterburner switched on and have a greater gimbal range. Use the panthers XD
  8. - Oh dear squiggly doodles ack *hides*
  9. Yep :D It's aesthetically sleek, fast for its size, and those guns :O Though, since Tweakscale is allowed, you should perhaps consider armoring the landing deck. Though I guess those massive MK3 parts already have pretty high impact tolerances... Well you seem to have an entire book thought out there. You should write a mini series or fanfic based on that lore....if you haven't already ;)
  10. I wonder how many parts an actual supercomputer would be able to run... O_O
  11. Earthlinger


    Psh. Don't be ridiculous - it's obviously @kerbiloid's immortal dinosaur :D
  12. I just noticed on this thread that @Just Jim's profile picture changed O_O My world has been upended