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  1. Earthlinger

    Naval Battles!

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. Earthlinger

    Kethane Station Discussion

    I think he's just burned out (or something similar) and saturated from having to continuously produce videos. He might not pop up much so as to avoid our questions and so forth, but to be honest I'm sure most of us would understand if he just told us whether he's still interested in making more cinematics or whether he feels he should move on.
  3. Earthlinger

    Naval Battles!

    Revived? Revived. We have land AI now, and some people still seem interested (@Sidestrafe2462 hint hint). I'll update the OP and hopefully we'll get a slow trickle of activity back
  4.'s inching along slowly. It'll probably pass through various resurgences over time
  5. Earthlinger

    People working in the space industry, any advice?

    I've always been torn between choosing genetic engineering and the aerospace industry. It's one of the more unfortunate aspects of life that you can rarely pick two paths and handle them well. It's also hard to turn back once you settle :/ I'm in an IB school at the moment, but my subjects (Psych/Bio/Chem) are geared towards neuroscience and fields in biology. And I can't change them at this point, apparently. However, I've heard you can take AP tests for subjects even if you aren't enrolled in the class itself, and I plan to take physics on the side. Might end up being unmanageable, but at least I'll try :D I checked the website for UAH and it looks interesting. Unfortunately, applying to universities in the US is a little tricky for me due to financial issues, so I'd have to scrounge up information on scholarships and general aid :P
  6. Earthlinger

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    This thing called procrastination is being annoying again Halp
  7. Earthlinger

    What happened to awesome space movies?

    Wait, so am I the only one who really enjoyed LIfe (2017)?
  8. Earthlinger

    Kethane Station Discussion

    I love how clean pictures look when they're shot on the poles Also, has anyone actually heard from @HatBat? For all we know he could have died in an accident since he last visited in mid-August. His last post was almost a year ago, and, coincidentally, was in response to one of mine. ...
  9. Earthlinger

    Caldera Space Programm

    Oooo I love this ^ Looks very clean and modern, especially with that pattern of prisms/shapes on the bottom right
  10. Earthlinger

    Very cool music videos

    @NSEP Don't forget the 'How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster' video...
  11. Earthlinger


    This describes literally two-thirds of the player base. Welcome to the forums :)
  12. Earthlinger

    Kethane Station Discussion

    Yeh Yeh Mine too
  13. I woke up to twenty notifications today.

    You know what they were?

    ~ Status Updates ~

    And you know what those updates had?

    ~ Rep Counts and Post Milestones ~




    Just stahp it

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    2. Earthlinger


      Ha, yes, exactly :D

    3. ScaryTerry


      I wish I had reputation, should do some status updates about it sometimes

    4. Dman979
  14. Earthlinger

    I have an imgur account!

  15. ...Just like Naval Battles 'Tis the end of the military Triad. Duo. Thing.