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[1.3] kOS Scriptable Autopilot System v1.1.3.0

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Uuups, missreaded info that he reverted back to  stable KSP 1.3.

On the other note, Access violation kind of error happens in one of those situations:

  • game try to access object that is not created yet
  • game try to access object that is already destroyed
  • game try to assign memory location for new object that have to be created but it fails due to lack of free RAM

So, either you have way too many mods, some might have memory leaks issues, some mods are in conflict with each other or simply faulty install of mods.
Attempt to do clean install of mods on stable KSP 1.3 and being careful to use mod version for correct KSP version is your best bet.


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I am trying kOS for the first time and am having an issue. I'm sure I'm just missing something, but, basically when I use ToolBar to open the kOS options menu, then hit "Choose Font" the menu to choose fonts goes off the screen and I can't select it. I can't seem to move the window around either. 

Am I missing something simple?

Edit: Nevermind. Helps if I read the instructions...

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Opening a new thread.

I will by trying to move this mod to a new thread here:

This is because of the aforementioned problem that I can't edit the first post of this thread, and thus can't keep its version number up to date.

I am hoping to have a release very soon now - but I had to make the new thread first because I need to know its URL so I can insert links to it into our documentation prior to release.

As soon as I type this post, I will be requesting the site moderators to lock this thread, but I cannot guarantee they will actually do so because its owner is not around.

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